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Any ladders, regardless of its location provides b With the help of the rail can be made more secure ladderUse the handrail can make a ladder safer pretensioners and comfortable movement of people. That is why all its components - steps, platforms, fences, handrails, etc. must comply with safety requirements, as well as being durable and comfortable to use. Handrails for stairs, as an integral component of the construction of these structures, provide comfort and safety of movement.

Handrail for stairs: purpose and types

Handrails for staircases are part fences (or handrails) ladder and serve for support when climbing or descending. Usually, handrails installed on the staircase railing. Thus, depending on the location of the handrail, the handrail fastening is carried out or to the wall or to the supporting ladder uprights - pillars and balusters. In addition to the space between the balusters and handrail stairs still divided and filled with special filler element performing the enclosing function.

Depending on the type of ladder and its functionality is possible to produce handrails of the following materials:

  • wood;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • PVC and others.

Furthermore, since the rails - it is the supporting elements, the material from which they are made, must possess certain properties.

Handrail not only gives the ladder functionality, but also improves its aesthetic qualitiesHandrail not only gives the ladder functionality, but also improves its aesthetic qualities


  1. The surface of the rail should be flat, solid, smooth or slightly rough, without burrs, cracks, sharp edges, so as not to traumatize the skin.
  2. handrail material should not accumulate static electricity.
  3. Handrails should be pleasant to the touch.

Generally, it is treated suitably wooden rails have such characteristics and are optimal for manufacture of handrails.

In addition to the manufacture of the material, handrails, as the ladder element, ensuring the safety of movement, must meet a number of regulatory requirements.

The height of the handrail on the stairs: regulations

Regulatory requirements for enclosures for stairways, which are part of the rail and, subject to certain regulations, such as building codes and regulations for residential multi-family and single-family residential homes.

Handrails should be in harmony with the main part of the ladderHandrails should be in harmony with the main part of the ladder

According to the requirements of SNIP and GOST barriers should have such size and design:

  • The height of not less than 1.2 m - in residential apartment buildings;
  • Height of at least 0.9 m (including fences for spiral stairs), if the single-family residential house;
  • Be continuous and fitted with handrails;
  • It is designed to withstand horizontal loads of at least 0.3 kN / m.

Also, for the ladder width greater than 1.25 m fences must be installed on both sides. It should be noted that these rules do not apply to these types of ladders as inventory, ladders, etc.

Thus, stair railings with handrails must comply with regulatory requirements - this ensures their safety and roadworthiness.

fences The device of ladders with handrails in different styles of interior

Staircase in a multilevel apartment, house or apartment building - is an integral part of the interior, at times, even his peculiarity. Of course, all elements of the ladder - whether steps, balusters and handrails - should be made in the same style.

Wooden handrails with a glossy surface fit perfectly into the interior, designed in the style of hi-techWooden handrails with a glossy surface fit perfectly into the interior, designed in the style of hi-tech

Most often, for design of indoor interiors such kinds of protections are used in a variety of styles:

  1. Metal staircase with wrought iron railings and fillers - for classical, Victorian, Mediterranean style and the style of Provence.
  2. Fences from strict simple form of the metal, which complement the wall decorations - for the country style, retro, loft, etc.
  3. Stainless steel and glass stair fences fit perfectly into the most avant-garde modern styles. In addition, stainless steel is durable and practical in use.
  4. Carved wooden fence with golden decor are organically combined with the ambient environment in the Baroque and Rococo style.
  5. Massive wood railing, whose surface is subjected to minimal processing, look great in a rustic style. But the thin wooden fences complement the room in the style of Provence, country, sea, etc.
  6. Railings made of various kinds of plastics are versatile and allow you to create the most bizarre forms, and are not susceptible to moisture and temperature changes. Therefore, it is advisable to install plastic fences in street stairs.

Grab bars must conform to the design of the stairs and at the same time to perform its primary function of the support. Optimal combination - solid metal fence and comfortable wooden handrails.

Original staircases fence railings

It should be noted, that in a multilevel apartment or house interior highlight often act stairs. With the help of ladders is possible to emphasize the main features of a particular style of interior.

The original solution is to use handrails, simulating tree rootsThe original solution is to use handrails, simulating tree roots

In addition, the stairs in the interior can perform the following functions:

  • Visually increase the room (particularly plastic ladders or ladders of glass);
  • Become a center of visual perception through catchy decor;
  • Make a pleasant variety of colors in the design, etc.

In the design of stairs should choose this option the design execution that would harmoniously combined with the interior premises.

Wooden handrails for stairs: how to make and install their own hands

In the case of a wooden ladder installing wooden handrails and balusters with his hands held in several stages.

Before starting the installation of handrails worth watching training videosBefore starting the installation of handrails worth watching training videos


  1. Initially held attachment posts and balusters. A pillar attached to the reverse stage side is removed at stage. To install the column using screws 10 * 80 mm, which is attracted to the pole stage. Further, these elements together are installed in its place, then the stage is fixed with screws. The spirit level is checked post installation verticality. After that set the balusters. The distance between the railing and fencing aggregates must take into account the operation of the ladder small children, etc. Thus, this value should exclude accidental injury to a small child.
  2. Balusters are attached to the screws 6 * 80 mm. When installing balusters used washers. balusters installation control level. For temporary fixing to the top of the balusters rail clamps used. Vertical installation balusters level checked. Next to the rail with a pencil marked locations balusters mounting, and on themselves balusters marked line along which baluster will be cut off at an angle. Thereafter the elements disassembled and made using markup trimmed end saw. Balusters to trim is best to use the saw end, because only when using it you can get a smooth cut surface.
  3. After trimming baluster again mounted on the stage by means of screws and rack, which is fastened to the upper part of the balusters. Correctness of installation of vertical balusters again controlled level. Further podperilnaya mounted strap, to which the rail is installed.
  4. Handrails are attached to a bracket podperilnoy screws from the back side by means of screws. The gap between the handrail and the bar is not allowed.

During the installation of the wooden staircase railings, special attention should be paid to regular control of vertical installation elements.

Convenient handrails for stairs (video)

Handrails stairs - is an integral part of the ladder, which provides safety and comfort of movement. They must comply with the regulatory requirements of safety and interior design.

Details: handrails for stairs made of wood (photo examples)

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