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Sofa should be selected based on the size and design of the living roomSofa should be selected based on the size and design of the central units gostinoyOdnim any living room sofa is considered. It is he who gives the room a stage and an additional gloss. To properly pick up the sofa in the living room, it is imperative to take into account the size of the room, as well as the design of its interior and do not forget about personal preferences. In 2017, given the advantage of sofas manufactured in styles: rococo, high-tech, Baroque, eco.

The sofa in the living room in 2017: what are the trends

The first place among the sofas occupy models made in eco-style. The main features are associated with the fact that involved in the production of only the natural elements and softened and bright shades used for upholstery.

It is important to remember that the choice of such a model, it is necessary to pay attention to the upholstery, fabric and texture should resemble burlap. All lines should be proportionate and straight.

Is not inferior to its popularity and such luxury options like the style of Provence. Carefully chosen details give this antique couch and make living more bohemian.

The best shades for design in the current year the room:

  • Purple shades;
  • Reddish color;
  • Flower paint.

Modern in 2016 is considered to be a sofa, made of natural materials in light colorsModern in 2016 is considered to be a sofa, made of natural materials in light colors

In order to choose the right bed, you should know exactly its purpose. This may be a sofa in the living room for relaxing and watching movies, may also be in the kitchen and bedroom, including a nursery.

How to choose a sofa in the living room: Important Tips

According to its size and shape is most often spread sofas length of 2 m, calculated on 3 places.

For large families and for meeting a large number of friends, it is best to choose a sofa angular shape, which provides for 5 or 6 people. Its main advantage is the extra bed.

Also a good option is to choose a semi-circular shape of the sofa, which can be placed in the center of the room near the home theater, thus will create additional comfort.

Selection method for unfolding sofa

To pick up a sofa to relax, you need to take into account the specifics of the transformation mechanism. To date, there is a wide selection of furniture from manufacturers of various factories.

By the method of folding, sofas conventionally divided into two types:

  1. Sleeping area is located parallel to the wall;
  2. The headboard is located at the back of the sofa.

To save space, you can choose a sofa that becomes a practical and functional element in the living roomTo save space, you can choose a sofa that becomes a practical and functional element in the living room

Particular attention should be paid to the frame by means of which is held upholstery and other mechanisms. It should not sag under the weight of people and be a solid support. The best material will serve as a timber of wood, metal bonded. Cheap models are made of chipboard or plywood attraction. One of the cheapest options for filling a foam, and the seat of a sofa eventually bend and sleep is difficult.

The choice of upholstery material

Select the material for sofa upholstery is worth taking into account the frequency of use, the presence of pets and small children. Best-resistant and durable material - leather. Leather sofa made in a dark color permanently retain its strength. Upholstery fabrics are divided into different categories, the most inexpensive considered first, the price increases in ascending order of the category.

The cheapest options are:

  • folk;
  • Velours;
  • Tapestry;
  • Various substitutes for leather and suede;
  • Jacquard.

Please be aware that the folk very low wear resistance and the quality of the sofa will suffer after 1 - 2 years.

Stylish sofas in the living room: Modern Trends

According to style specifics, sofas can be divided into the following types.

To your living room look modern and stylish sofa must match the interior designTo your living room look modern and stylish sofa must match the interior design


  • Modern, which are characterized by a wide variety of colors and different forms;
  • Minimalist, suggesting the lack of armrests, as well as their design includes ascetic design and various forms, mostly rectangular;
  • Classic with soft lines, a plurality of various buttons and draperies;
  • Baroque, with intricate patterns on the material fabric, high-rise on legs and arms carved.

It is important to consider when choosing the couch style of the room itself. If in doubt, it is better to leave the choice of a neutral sofa models, with the complement interior with various pillows, and covers.

Sofas in the interior of the living room: the model and location

Very often popular large sofas, but the room can be located in the Khrushchev.

Large sofas, must meet the following specifications:

  1. They should be well cleaned and have a moisture-resistant surface. An excellent choice is the sofa, made of leather.
  2. Be comfortable. The model should have a soft armrests and must be comfortable when placed on them.
  3. With different functions, but it all depends on personal preference.

If your living room is small, then the best option for her would be a sofa, which saves spaceIf your living room is small, then the best option for her would be a sofa, which saves space

Huge, decorative sofas and custom dimensions visually conceal the size of the living room. Therefore it is best placed in a corner room sofa, which is not conceals space.

Small double sofas are selected for a small living room. For such sofas is necessary to choose the right chair or footstools. When choosing colors of the sofa, it is better to give preference to lighter shades.

Good advice will - to put a sofa near the window. At the same time to fill the space, which is rarely used. In the middle it would look not so.

For the living room, which has large, very nice, chic choice - to place two sofas around the table or perpendicular to each other. Dull shades should be selected at this form may be represented by different models (oval or rectangular).

Cheap sofas for the living room: the narrow economy options

Sofa - is the most expensive and luxurious piece of furniture. Its cost depends on many factors, up to the size of the producing countries. Price of the most inexpensive upholstery, such as folk, foam filler, up to 2 m, and the folding model, is considered an average of 6 thousand rubles. Simple is not convertible sofas radius - 13 or 20 thousand rubles.

You should not skimp on buying a sofa, from its quality will depend on the comfort and relaxation, as well as the atmosphere in the room.

Corner sofa perfect for small livingCorner sofa perfect for small living

One of the low-cost model is considered to be a modular sofa, which is 2 types:

  • Breeding, wherein the blocks are attached firmly to each other;
  • Convertible accordingly it blocks easily detached, with their help people can give free rein to their imagination, and a relaxation area will be much more pleasant.

Such models easily attached to different bending back of the sofa can be high and low. Niche of the sofa can serve as a bench, and on top put a curtain that can be drawn by hand. Thus no extra finances, you can change the shape of the sofa.

You can select and folding a comfortable sofa. It may be straight, have a U or L-shaped, beautiful corners, comfortable armrests.

Living room with sofa bed and how to pick up and arrange the furniture

When selecting a sofa for the living room with a sleeping place, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room, so as not to have to sleep on the floor.

To increase the number of beds in the living room, many owners put a bed and a sofaTo increase the number of beds in the living room, many owners put a bed and a sofa

Sofas with built-in mechanisms for the bed, there are:

  1. Evroknizhka. At the same time the seat is pulled out in advance, and the back is substituted in its place. This is the best way for everyday use. It can be used as a bed.
  2. Dolphin, the device appeared relatively recently. For this method, the main characteristic of the seat integrity, sleeper is pulled out from under it. It can be used instead of a bed. At first it will be difficult to use it, but people get used to over time. Small drawback is the absence of section for bed linen.
  3. The easiest, comfortable and low-cost options - withdrawable mechanism. The bottom of the sofa design goes forward, and the resulting space is placed a mattress and cushions included in its package. To avoid damaging the carpet casters, they should be replaced by silicone.

design room with a bed and a sofa (video)

The choice of the sofa in the living room - a very important decision and it should be approached correctly. It is necessary to consider not only personal preferences and fashion trends, but also the specifics of the most living, and quality of the basic characteristics of the furniture. Most manufacturers can offer a large set of different quality sofas (convertible or not) and any cost. New sofa will give the interior a living definition of luxury and comfort.

The sofa in the living room (photo)

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