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many factors to consider in choosing a small living room designIn the choice of a small living room design should take into account many faktorovVariantov interior design small living room can be a huge amount, but to select a particular idea worth considering different nuances, such as the shape of the room, dimensions, purpose living room, presumably style.

The interior of the small-sized area of ​​the room can be made comfortable and attractive, if you try very well. Naturally the main difficulty - is a rational use of space, which in the case of small rooms up to 15 m2.

Ideas for a small living room, photo

The idea of ​​a small living room in the apartment need to initially be applied to the paper and to make the so-called project. That it repair the premises will be carried out.

Good lighting to visually enlarge a small sitting roomGood lighting to visually enlarge a small sitting room

The plan drawn up in stages and in all conditions:

  1. In small rooms the problem is always the same and from the need to try to get rid of in the first place. Even allowing for such unsightly feature should arrange home furnishings so that it is at least 80 centimeters between them. This avoids clutter and form piles.
  2. It is necessary to choose the right color scheme, and not only for the walls and ceiling, but also for everything else. For accessories, furniture and even curtains. It is worth noting that the more the gloss, the more spacious rooms. Also in the room must be present in the predominantly white surface.
  3. The room is small in size must be such subjects that will take the attention of visitors. An example can be anything, such as an aquarium, a fireplace, a large statue and the like.
  4. It is strictly not allowed the presence of dim lighting. It is by means of light, wherein both main and additional possible to extend the room visually.
  5. Excellent design solution to increase the space, is to use a suspended ceiling with a glossy finish, or with two or three levels.
  6. In the living room, the size of which does not exceed 16m2, it is desirable to leave the middle of the blank. As decoration there may be a mini-pad, but not tables and chairs.
  7. To increase the room, you can set a high mirror in height. Basically such mirrors decorate closets or Hanging module wall.

The interior of a small living room

In recent years, designers prefer to zone small in size, and it is this way is perfect for larger rooms and to make it fresh and stylish. Zoning makes it possible to divide the room into several parts without having to install bulky interior wall or at all. Each part of the living room will be used for its specific purpose. For example, it is possible to divide the room into the office and reception area, or the living room and the bedroom.

Zoning of premises - a good design method for a small living roomZoning of premises - a good design method for a small living room

To do this, you should use certain rules and guidelines:

  1. It is necessary for each part of the room to use different colors or shades of one color. The peculiarity of this rule is that the room will be visually divided into as many parts as required. The colors should go perfectly with the overall interior and does not conflict with the chosen style.
  2. Isolation zone can be done by highlighting. Mainly for this method is used spotlights, which are ideally suited for any interior, they are sold in a large range and quite affordable prices. lighting devices should choose compact in size, as well as the brightness of the light function selector.
  3. A good choice for the separation of the room on the ceiling space is to use a multi-level and backlit. Thus, the space will be divided, and at the same time remain attractive and stylish.
  4. Do not spoil the view the living room curtains. Can use a variety of tissues as a drape, and a normal organza. A feature of such partitioning is that it is possible to push and replaced if necessary. It is worth noting that during the day, preferably leave the curtains half open, so as not concealed by a space.

Ideas for a small living room

A very demanding job - is to draw the coating of walls and ceilings in the living room. In a small room, you can use a variety of techniques. For example, the wallpaper with stripes, both vertical and horizontal.

There are several recommendations, following which will make the room pleasant to look at and very comfortable:

  1. The color of the walls and ceiling should be light.
  2. Ceilings are preferably coated with a glossy.
  3. The ceiling lights to be emphasized or by lighting.
  4. Making the walls and ceiling can be very different in color and should give preference to the zoning by shades.

For the living room is better to choose small size glossy ceilingFor the living room is better to choose small size glossy ceiling

If the living room is on planning some features, such as niches, projections and similar configuration, you should not make their disadvantages and advantages of the room. Making a living in the house pass the process is not easy. But it is necessary to pay attention to the furniture from designers, as well as small-sized interior, capable of improving the room and not worsen it.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because a certain choice of a new and unusual may be the right move.

illusion effect

Modern Company for the production of furniture can offer thousands of interesting developments, such as IKEA is a famous factory that produces original and modern interior. Now it is very fashionable in the small living room to create the illusion effect, by which the ceiling is raised and extended the walls. The use of smooth, soft and bright colors makes it possible to achieve the very expansion of space, as well as using a glossy surface.

The alignment of objects in the room should be done so that no one, even the smallest accessory does not interfere with the perception of the interior.

Designers are advised to not clutter the space, but do not leave it too empty, so as a kind of operating not create a comfortable atmosphere and a bad impression. In such rooms should be kept open curtains, as well as possible should stick wallpapers, which will be the image of the horizon, the forest or the ocean. The size of such a picture, it is desirable to choose in size wall opposite the window.

Design a small living room in the interior (video)

Possibilities sea. But the most important thing is not to overload the room, not to put too much greenery, accessories, as well as frames, figurines and other similar items.

I wish you success!

Design a small living room in the interior (photo)


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