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The rack allows you to make the living room more functional and practicalThe rack allows you to make the living room more functional and practical Long gone are the days when the racks were needed only to store a variety of small items. Now this is a very handy item for zoning premises without the aid of complex structures made of plasterboard. And rack in the living room - this is another space to accommodate books, favorite movies, souvenirs and gifts. We can say that it is the most practical part of the furniture throughout the apartment.

Style solutions: shelving in the living room interior

Shelving for the apartment is very comfortable and functional system for storing different things. It is universal and suitable for any interior: how to classical and modern.

There are several types of racks:

  1. No rear wall. This is the easiest-through view of the rack, which consists only of the shelves. Since it does not have walls and doors, he does not take up much space, and creates a sense of airiness in the interior. It is suitable for minimalist design lounge;
  2. Closed type. Available there is a blank back wall, reminiscent of an ordinary closet, but no doors. Especially original look open model with classical design and details of the rack closed type (with retractable drawers, with opaque doors that cover part of shelves, pallet or the bottom cabinets).

The rack is designed for storing household items and decor elements that enhance the aesthetic quality of the living roomThe rack is designed for storing household items and decor elements that enhance the aesthetic quality of the living room

Kinds of shelves for zoning can be arranged both stationary and be mobile. There is a light model with wheels, thanks to them, you can change the interior of the room and space, as they can serve as a kind of screen. With them you can make a zoning area: separate area for eating from the recreation area in the living room or zone for games from sleeping area in the children's bedroom.

Racks are also different placement (floor, wall), shape (linear and angular), design (placement shelves on racks, sets of sections, panels, boiserie) and design.

You can find the original versions in the Leroy Merlin or Ikea, which are suitable for any interior and will make a nice change to the design of the room.

Corner shelves in the living room - a difficult choice

Rack in the interior of the room - a very important attribute. It helps to save space, to complement the design and visually increase the yardage. In Russia, the angular furniture widespread recently, and already many have been able to assess all its advantages.

Among its advantages are:

  1. You can save space. The unused area may be conveniently occupied by the rack or other corner furniture. In a small apartment it would be a great advantage;
  2. Big size. Typically, such models are bulkier and can accommodate many things and small things;
  3. Ability separation space. If everything is correctly think, corner shelves can be a wonderful element of the separation of the room into zones;
  4. Wide range of models. Now on sale, you can find a huge amount of angular shelves with a variety of styles and designs.

Due to its compactness, corner rack is perfect for small livingDue to its compactness, corner rack is perfect for small living

The main plus of such furniture in compactness. Increased capacity and practicality, combined with the right design solution whereby bulky furniture becomes almost invisible in the room - the indisputable advantages of such models.

Very important serial production model: it will allow to add regularly new racks in the room that will fit under the existing ones.

When choosing a corner shelf, should be taken into account:

  1. Height;
  2. Depth;
  3. The form;
  4. seriality;
  5. Material.

Making corner shelf with his own hands as possible, it will be more expensive, but the resulting design can be fit into the most original interior.

Furniture and shelving for the living room: The materials and dimensions

Choosing a rack, you should always pay attention to the material from which it is made, so that it successfully entered into the existing environment, it looked beautiful as long as possible and able to serve.


  1. Of metal. Widespread because of its durability and can be used for art.
  2. Wood. Easy to install and can be conveniently located. In such constructions successfully built shelves.
  3. Plastic. Comfortable and unpretentious. Ideal for a child's room.
  4. From glass. The room in which such racks are placed, is expanded visually.
  5. Open model. They help to organize a home library, and the strength of the structure will keep everything in integrity.

The rack can act as a partition between different living areasThe rack can act as a partition between different living areas

Very common modular shelving, for example, white will look elegant and noble. Bookcase is a universal design, suitable for any room.

Choosing how racks and drawers, you need to take into account the main selection criteria:

  1. height;
  2. width;
  3. depth;
  4. The distance between shelves;
  5. Material.

Best is considered the height of 1.8 m, the rest is a personal choice of the buyer. Optimum width - 90 cm, and depth - 45 cm, from the racks for books it should not exceed 30 cm.

Racks, shelves which are of different lengths and are positioned at different heights, looks very original, and open shelves, combined with closed doors and cells added convenience and practicality of the design.

Practical rack for utensils in the living room

Cupboards just created for the living room, because it can set a beautiful set, place the cutlery in the drawers, to store alcohol and tablecloths on the special day. Usually such cases produce a total collection with other furniture for living rooms, therefore, engaged in design, you can easily pick up a rack for dishes, not a loose existing interior.

Shelving for dishes chosen, not only because of its functionality, but also to decorate the room: dishes for a transparent cabinet door adds some zest to the space of the room.

The dish racks are often kept beautiful sets and various decorative elementsThe dish racks are often kept beautiful sets and various decorative elements

To make the interior a cozy living room, you must carefully choose the dish racks:

  1. You need to decide to find a cupboard in the room. For dishes and cutlery suitable sideboard. He has additional practical cabinets and shelves made of wood that can withstand a lot of weight. For expensive dishes and the service should be taken case-mart;
  2. It is necessary to look at the number of dishes and the size of the rack. For a small room suitable elongated corner cupboard, he almost will not be evident, but will bring many benefits;
  3. To rack did not pick up too much space, you need to choose a model with a mirrored wall and an impressive glass doors;
  4. There should be appropriate style, for example, in a classic living room suit shelves of Italian classic collection of fine wood;
  5. Do not take a glass version of the rack, if the family has children. Also, choosing a cabinet with glass, you need to pay attention to the strength of the glass.

Stylish shelf in the living room (video)

Rack - simple and useful piece of furniture. It can be used as a dividing wall, and as a separator zone can be composed of tables, shelves and many variations of drawers, cabinets and compartments. The main task of the rack - the replacement of the huge volume of cases and other furniture with which he excels, conquering a growing number of customers year after year.

Examples of the racks in the living room (photo interiors)


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