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Floor hangers are excellent devices for storing clothes, which differ in shape, type of material and priceFloor hangers are excellent devices for storing clothes, which differ in shape, type of material and the price of hanger in the hall will be a very useful acquisition. First of all it should be stable, durable and suitable design to the interior. Current models, models made of wood and metal to meet all these requirements. It should consider such options that will stand the most heavy loads, such as the bulk winter clothes.

Hanger floor for clothes in the hall: a variety of options

Variety floor hangers can not be surprised. Different material, performance, functionality and, of course, design - the choice is huge.

Wooden hangers are treated with a special solution and paints, so they have a long service lifeWooden hangers are treated with a special solution and paints, so they have a long service life

The material hangers differ by:

  1. wood - the most common variant. Wood is durable material, so this hanger will last for many years. Wooden hangers types made from various types of wood. This design fits perfectly in a classic interior, is now a popular loft and will be a great addition to country style. This type of hanger is desirable to acquire hallway of natural materials;
  2. metal - it has an impressive weight, very stable. It is made of chromed aluminum painted in different colors. It has a capacity makes it possible to place a large amount of clothing, even heavy top. This option is suitable for those who often takes a lot of guests or a large family;
  3. wrought - is in itself a great decoration for any hallway. In no way inferior to the metal models. Combines the stability, comfort and practicality;
  4. plastic - it has a light weight, is cheap. By cons include poor stability: a lot of things this hanger will not stand.

Hanger floor is better to choose, with a spacious room. It is convenient because it can be easily moved to the most appropriate place, there are also models in which there is a separate location for an umbrella or walking stick.

Models and differences: a hanger for the hall floor

Such a thing as a hanger, includes a large number of models in this part of the interior. It is this diversity helps to choose the most suitable option for the existing design.

If a large family, then in the hallway should put a few hangersIf a large family, then in the hallway should put a few hangers

Varieties include:

  1. Tripod - consists of a tripod on top of which there are hooks, often have extra for bags, as well as horizontal hoop for an umbrella. The base has the form of a stable tripod or flat shape;
  2. Basket - similar to the previous model, but at its base there is a drawer or a semblance of baskets for storage of umbrellas. It can also be used to accommodate the home of footwear, bags or shoe care products. The only disadvantage of this model is that it takes a lot of space;
  3. Chair - This hanger has some similarity with a chair with a high back. The seat can serve as a place for pereobuvaniya, and under it is usually placed shoe shelf. Above are strip, on which there are hooks for clothes. This option is ideal for the elderly or for families with children. There are models that fold up and can be hung in the closet;
  4. Rack - it is in the form of the letter P. On the top rung of this model are the hooks, and on it you can store clothes on hangers. Plus, this hanger is that the clothes will always have a perfect appearance and pomnetsya. In the hallways of such models are not placed due to overly large size and lack of aesthetics. Dressing is more suitable as a placement;
  5. Costume option hangers - useful for placing trousers and jackets. One model is designed for one set of clothes, more expensive may include several. This hanger perfectly complements the study and is suitable to accommodate the female wardrobe items, such as scarves, coats and so on;
  6. Hangers custom models - combine functionality and elegance. Usually this is design ideas embodied in the form of a tree with branches, a stack of pencils or a robot with a lot of hands. Such models have become popular over 40 years ago in Italy. These trees will look great in front of the room, especially if you put more than one piece. There are models that change the height, models of different geometric shapes, hangers on castors.

By purchasing a hanger, it is necessary to take into account its location. Easy option is quite suitable for a bedroom or bathroom, the more massive are put into the hallway.

Beauty and grace: wrought iron hangers floor hallway

Wrought iron furniture has always been a sign of individuality and good taste. Very practical and functional wrought iron hangers have always been in the spotlight and meet the most demanding customers.

Forged hanger blends harmoniously into the hall, made in the style of the countryForged hanger blends harmoniously into the hall, made in the style of the country

Their main advantages are:

  1. They are very durable and reliable in use;
  2. Long serve. Such structures can be called virtually forever;
  3. Have artistic value and aesthetic appearance;
  4. Large selection of types of structures;
  5. Good value for money and quality hangers.

Forged hanger must necessarily have a reliable support that prevents a fall. Usually it is made to order and has a unique design. With the help of forged hangers, you can create a special atmosphere, bring to the interior spirit of noble estates.

If used correctly all the elements of decor, wrought iron coat rack suitable for any design project, for example, to classics, Baroque or minimalist.

Change the interior: Hanger floor with cupboard in the hallway

Not every hall boasts capacity. It often happens that there is no space for the cabinet. However, there are little things that need to be hidden from the eyes: gloves, bags, same shoes, which is a place out of sight.

Hanger with a cupboard to store not only clothes, but also shoesHanger with a cupboard to store not only clothes, but also shoes

In this case it is very helps hanger pedestal closed. It will help to efficiently use space and to focus on the taste of the owners of the apartment. If you choose correctly, it can become not only a place of storage, but the decoration of the hall.

When space allows the hallway, there is every reason to buy a coat hanger with a large pedestal. There are models with wide banquettes, placed on top of tables, there are models with mirrors, has a obuvnitsey. Choice is vast.

Floor models hangers pedestal differ:

  1. The model, which is an element of modular hallway. The upper portion is a hanger bar and the hook has a hat shelf. Pedestals may be two or more;
  2. Hanger as a cabinet without doors. The top and bottom of the cabinet there is at the closed cabinet, and in the middle - the panel on which the hooks;
  3. Hanger in the form of the king's throne. Typically, the basis for such models are mahogany and eco-leather, it has a very beautiful arched feet, back of a soft material and banquette, which is the top most tables.

Compact rack in the hall: floor model (video)

A subject that the first thing catches the eye of visitors - is, of course, a hanger. Therefore, it should be not only practical in use but also be kind of decoration, which will create the first impression about the apartment and its hosts. Therefore it is better not to hurry with the choice, and the approach to the process thoroughly, then the purchased option will please many years.

Details: Floor hangers for clothes in the hall (photo)


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