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there are many variations of chairs today for the living roomToday, there are many variations of chairs for gostinoyGostinaya room is the most versatile space in the apartment. The interior room chairs affect the appearance and provides additional comfort for the recreation area. Chairs for the living room, made in a certain style, and can serve as a decorative part of the overall design.

Soft chairs for the living room

For use in the living room you can pick up chairs with different variants of the seat and backrest.

Popular are soft chairs for the living room, upholstery for them can be varied. The basis of the chair is a hard frame and soft upholstery gives various fillers.

Soft stools can be called only one in which the seat is used springs, chairs without springs are called semi-soft.

Soft chairs for the living room are classic and foldingSoft chairs for the living room are classic and folding

All soft stools can be divided into two groups:

  • folding;
  • Classic.

Folding chairs are very soft space saving living. Their body can be easily folded in the form of scissors or chairs, as in the theater. Classic chairs do not fold, details securely bolted. Also, the chairs can be with armrests and without them, take the form of a throne, half-chair or a classic look. Different chairs and seat upholstery. Most often the choice of upholstery material gets to the living room decor.

Chair-chair for the living room and the room in the house

Chair-chair for the living room is very comfortable for the reception of guests. This type of chair may have a different form, the mandatory components for chairs stools are soft armrests and backrest. From the chair of such a chair is not very different and absolutely not suitable for constant permutation.

Semi-chair often considered a living decoration of the interior, they can serve as a basis for different materials:

  • Tree;
  • Plastic;
  • Metal.

Chairs made of solid wood is very durable, made of solid wood - oak, alder, beech. Plastic products are beautiful, but do not differ in strength and increasingly serving as interior decoration.

Rocking-chair for seating may be made from different materialsRocking-chair for seating may be made from different materials

Covering for seats depends directly on the functional use and may be made of leather or imitation leather, suede, floc, tapestries and other materials.

The selection of materials should take into account their properties to repel moisture and the ability to care for the upholstery surface. The important is to pay attention to the resistance to fading and deformation of the product.

Chairs for the living room with armrests

Chairs for the living room with armrests are indispensable in the interior, they complement the composition of the selected style. The selection criteria should be based not only on the style.

An important aspect is still convenience. Optimum seat depth of 40 - 45 cm, width models with armrests can be selected individually. backrest is usually vertical, but there are models with shock-absorbing back.

In many ways, the chairs are distinguished style in which they are made:

  • Forged frame used for an Italian-style chairs;
  • Carved back, elegant legs and armrests solid characterize the style of the Empire;
  • Rough, uncouth chairs with colorful upholstery are country style;
  • Chairs in Provence style is very elegant and beautiful, delicate flowers with wooden trim;
  • Woven rattan chairs executed in the Japanese style.

Chairs with armrests can pick almost any interiorChairs with armrests can pick almost any interior

Such a variety of choices of chairs with armrests can satisfy any design ideas. In addition, with armrests can find chairs without upholstery and decorate their own decorative pillows. For the living room, where a dining area chairs are an integral part of the interior.

It is worth remembering that for a chair with armrests seat in countertops must be greater than without them.

Beautiful chairs for the living room made of solid wood

Natural materials are extraordinarily beautiful. For interior decoration living room made of solid wood chairs are ideal. Charcoal drawing looks just fine, creating an image of luxury and uniqueness. Beautiful chairs for the living room made from different types of wood will be interesting to emphasize the interior design. Quality chairs made of solid produced in Belarus and Russia, using wood of birch and oak.

Types of chairs made of solid varied:

  • With padded seat and backrest;
  • Melt carved elements;
  • Chair-chair;
  • With padded seat and backrest carved solid;
  • Soft with hard armrests.

Chairs made of wood looks very rich and luxuriousChairs made of wood looks very rich and luxurious

Chairs made of wood can be made to order, in this case it is necessary to know how to choose fabric for upholstery products.

For the interior in the style of Provence fabric necessary to choose life and better if the colors are bright.

For high-tech style is characteristic of furniture with strict geometric shapes, the chair is no exception. Chairs antique typically carved and heavy, soft seat can be made of rough material. Color chairs depends on the wood used to make and can be very different shades. Oak wood can be from red-brown to gray-shade green. Dried alder wood has a soft light shade.

White chairs for the living room

White color in the interior is widely used to visually expand the space. White chairs for the living room is combined with a large massive table. Such equipment is well in harmony with the interior of dark color highlighting dining area.

White chairs can be made of different materials:

  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • Metal.

White chairs for the living room can be used for the purpose of increasing the visual spaceWhite chairs for the living room can be used for the purpose of increasing the visual space

Just chairs can have a variety of seating:

  • solid;
  • Semi-soft;
  • Soft.

Upholstery soft and semi-soft chairs must comply with a chair, have a white or approximate to the white color. Often white furniture used for decoration of dishes.

The choice of chairs for the living room: the main criteria

The living room is facing the apartment, it is assigned to a variety of functions ranging from receiving guests and ending with the dining room. Furniture in the living room should be not only beautiful and functional. It is important that it was primarily a convenient and reliable.

Some of the criteria that should be guided in the selection of chairs:

  • Materials chairs must comply with the certificate of quality;
  • When sitting down on the chair should be no scratches design;
  • The dimensions of the chair should be balanced against the body's own bundle;
  • In chairs with hard seat edges should be rounded.

In addition to the security you need to pay attention to the upholstery, upholstery often it indicates a chair belonging to a particular style.

Choosing chairs, guided by the quality and convenienceChoosing chairs, guided by the quality and convenience


  • If the seat cover is made of matting, the chair is likely relates to the village style;
  • Chair, chipped microfiber or imitation leather, belongs to high-tech;
  • The presence of silk, jacquard or leather upholstered chair points to art nouveau;
  • Soft plush fabrics, satin, velvet present in the upholstery of chairs in the Baroque style;
  • The classic style can be seen in the chairs with tapestry and jacquard upholstery.

Very interesting look chairs, made in the same style with different upholstery, or vice versa different types with the same upholstery of chairs. Any design solution it is possible to realize, most importantly do not be afraid to experiment.

How to choose the chairs for the living room (video)

The chairs in the living room will look great if you choose them according to style and color scheme of the rest of the furniture. Quality chairs will not harm health and are long enough to decorate the interior.

Examples of chairs in a living room (photo interiors)

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