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Fastening drywall screws using a power screwdriver is the most common wayFastening drywall screws using the screwdriver is the most common sposobomKrepezhnye system is extremely important to work with plasterboard. Remember that the FCL - a rather fragile material, should be handled with utmost care to retain its integrity and strength. For fixing plasterboard sheets used screws, anchors and screws. The first type of fixtures is perhaps the most common, as with screws is easy and convenient to operate when you have a hand screwdriver.

What are the screws for gypsum boards

Plasterboard work is never made without creating a frame, which is carried out and fastening the drywall sheets. Since GCR itself is very fragile material, then flash it will not be difficult, even a cobbler's awl. But the frame can cause difficulties for the wrong screw.

Kind of self-tapping screws for fastening drywall depends on the type of frameKind of self-tapping screws for fastening drywall depends on the type of frame

What type of frame used for covering plasterboard:

  • Wood;
  • Metal.

Thus, the selection of screws occurs on the basis of frame type to which will be fixing plasterboard sheets.

For wooden and metal frames suit different types of screws.

Screws for attaching drywall to wood frame

If you have the opportunity to use a wooden base for its plasterboard wall or any other structure, then you will need the appropriate screws.

Screws for gypsum board on a wooden skeleton are more rare threadScrews for gypsum board on a wooden skeleton are more rare thread

What is the difference screws for wood frame:

  1. Thread frequency. For self-tapping screws for wood carving is characterized by a more rare than the model for the metal profile.
  2. For a wooden frame with screws require large projection.

Screws for wood and metal can not substitute: a model for the tree is not suitable for attachment to the metal GCR profile and vice versa.

Pick up screw Metal Drywall

For a metal frame that is used most often when working with sheets of drywall, appropriate screws. Their selection is determined by the number of layers that have to be bolted to the frame.

The length of the metal screws for plasterboard depends on the number of layersThe length of the metal screws for plasterboard depends on the number of layers

Which screws are needed when installing the FCL on a metal frame:

  • If it is necessary to fasten one sheet of material would be required for metal screws 25 mm in length. This optimum length for a single layer coating.
  • If you decide to create a more robust construction of the 2 layers of drywall, you will need longer screws Model 35 mm.

If your work is needed to make a two-layer coating, the need to purchase longer screws.

Screws for plasterboard Profile: how to choose a high-quality material

Inexperienced artists can easily cheat in order to sell low-quality goods. To be sure that before truly reliable screws that do not let you down in construction work, familiarize yourself with what should be the quality of metal screws.

Quality screws of the same shape and size throughout the batchQuality screws of the same shape and size throughout the batch

Signs of good self-tapping screws:

  1. Identity. All the screws from one party must be exactly the same. Not allowed even the slightest differences in the thickness of the screw and the thread. All sellers assurances about the insignificance of the differences should be ignored: quality products are a perfect resemblance to each other.
  2. Cross to the bits on the screw the cap can also tell us a lot about the quality of the product. At the top screws cut is strictly in the middle and does not have any shape deformations. From this recess it depends not only on the quality of work, but also the safety of the screwdriver.
  3. Dark graphite coating samoreza says that before you fit the product as a plating protects the metal from corrosion. Make sure that the coating is uniform without gaps.

Substandard screws often are awarded for worthy products. Check a few screws from the party to ensure their suitability.

What screws fasten drywall to profile: select material

the screw material is chosen in connection with the financial capabilities, as well as the features of the room where operation of plasterboard construction will occur.

The color of the product is easy to determine what material is made screwThe color of the product is easy to determine what material is made screw

Externally screws of different materials differ in color:

  • Screws made of brass or galvanized steel are white.
  • Yellow screws made of stainless steel.
  • The strongest and expensive self-tapping screws are black. They are made of oxidized steel.

Do not skimp on the screws, because the rust and then take away the troubles you have more money and power than the advance purchase of expensive products.

What kinds of screws: drywall for guides or for other purposes

In fact, when working with GCR used many different types of screws, as drywall sheets are attached to the frame, which is also collected by means of screws.

Screw is adjusted for the size of dowelsScrew is adjusted for the size of dowels

What types of screws are useful for all the work on the creation of drywall constructions:

  1. To attach the suspension to the surface of the base, it is necessary to use dowels. Screws should be selected accordingly by the appropriate plug.
  2. Short screws with drill used for strong connections between the guides and the profiles themselves.
  3. To be fixed directly drywall need a long screw.

Consult on the choice of self-tapping screws with a specialist, talking about all their plans and ideas. The only way possible to find suitable screws to those who have not previously had experience with them.

Drywall Screws: The sizes and applications

Dimensions screws affect the scope of their application. For various purposes models are used from 10 to 150 mm in length and from 3.5 to 5 mm in diameter. With the spread of wonder to wonder how to choose the right size of the screw for your particular case.

To attach the GCR long screws used to the frameTo attach the GCR long screws used to the frame

In accordance with the sizes of screws are available in the following tasks:

  • The smallest screws used for crosslinking of the metal frame.
  • Self-tapping screws are used to attach more metal sheets to the frame. In some industries, such a procedure is necessary.
  • The longest are used for attaching sheets of drywall to the frame. Of this group, shorter screws used to fasten the plasterboard layer 1.
  • 2 attached GCR layer thicker and long screws, which are able to keep the two layers of gypsum boards.

Pay attention to the size, when you choose a self-tapping screws. Even small errors can affect the quality of repairs.

Last question: How many screws on a sheet of drywall

All who have taken up the practice of fastening GKL on a user's profile, wondering what is the best step for fixing. To make a correct calculation, it is necessary to remember some features of working with GCR.

Step screwed screws is between 10 to 30 cmStep screwed screws is between 10 to 30 cm

How to calculate the number of screws on the sheet GKL:

  1. The average strength of the design has a pitch of 30 cm.
  2. If you want to enhance your drywall constructions, it is possible to reduce the step up to 10cm.
  3. Keep the screw to the edge of the GCR closer than 1 cm. It can make him crack.

If you have 2 sheets of drywall, use a different step to fixing so that the screws do not coincide in the same locations.

How to choose the screw (video)

And metal and wood require high-quality fasteners for gypsum boards. For a good installation and good materials are needed! Material consumption will be repaid with interest, when the robust design will show their best side.

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