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Beautiful and original pouf perfectly fit the interior of any bedroomBeautiful and original pouf perfectly fit the interior of any spalniPuf Bedroom fits perfectly into any room space completely, regardless of stylistic solutions and helps to significantly transform the interior. Various models of such items occupy a special place in the apartment. At the foot of the bed will look great ottoman, designed as a bench, and about the dressing table can comfortably sit on the ottoman in a cube or rounded pufe. In the living room ottoman can be used as a dressing table.

Stylish functional ottoman Bedroom

At its core, this piece of furniture is a certain pillow, which is inside the frame made of wood or plywood, although they may meet and frameless models.

Ottoman much lower than the chair and he does not have:

  • Back;
  • legs;
  • Pens.

Ottoman is quite interesting and stylish piece of furniture that helps to bring into the house of a certain style and originality. Before buying an ottoman, you must first decide on its location in the bedroom. The most successful of the home to the interior of the object is considered to be the foot of the bed, where the ottoman will perform the function of the seat.

Stylish ottoman not only decorate your bedroom, but adds some unique roomStylish ottoman not only decorate your bedroom, but adds some unique room

The main advantages of padded stools is:

  • comfort;
  • small size;
  • Beauty.

It is a functional piece of furniture, which can be folded blanket, shot out of bed. Ottoman is very convenient, easy and, if necessary, it can be very easy to move to the desired location. If you already have in the bedroom chair, then poof it is possible to use as a comfortable footrest, for a comfortable stay in the chair. Ottoman bedroom is not only a functional piece of furniture, but additionally is a unique home decoration.

There are a variety of models of poufs that can give the exclusivity and individuality of the interior of the house.

The original pouf convertible sleeper

For small apartments, many convenient pick up and roll-away furniture. Pretty interesting option is a pouf convertible sleeper. Folded - small in size, ottoman cube-shaped, so it fits easily into any space, even in the smallest room. Even folded ottoman can function as a place for relaxing, reading, footrest. Because ottomans are comfortable and light, that they might well be moved from one room to another. In addition, we should mention the product and on wheels, because they can be quickly and easily moved around the apartment.

For small rooms is better to choose an original pouf-transformer, which can easily become an extra bedFor small rooms is better to choose an original pouf-transformer, which can easily become an extra bed

Important! When choosing a padded stools for the bedroom, it is necessary to consider not only the size or characteristic of the product itself, but also pay attention to his style, so he is perfectly fit into the interior of the apartment.

Unique ottoman sofa sleeper

Frameless folding ottoman is particularly in demand in households where there are small children and a small apartment on the square. These furniture products reliable, comfortable and compact, help give the room a special unique style and save space. The versatility of folding pouf is the ability to turn this piece of furniture in a compact single or double. To solve the problem and convenience of all guests can now be very simple, just make a few movements.

Buy unusual folding ottoman can be in specialized furniture storesBuy unusual folding ottoman can be in specialized furniture stores

Ottoman folding is easy enough, therefore it is possible to very easily move from one room to another.

A wide range of these pieces of furniture will help to fully satisfy all customer requests. Folding ottomans are attractive not only folded, but can take several different forms, depending on the needs. Such an ottoman can very simply be transformed into a sofa, an armchair or a comfortable full sleeper.

How to choose a poof sleeper

Puffs rollaway sleeper perfect for any interior completely, because different colors and variety of forms. When choosing a padded stools in the bedroom, keep in mind that it should be in harmony with the shade of color covers or floor covering to be able to create a unique ensemble. Beautiful ottomans with unusual designs help significantly diversify the room and make the environment more interesting and original.

For those who prefer to experiment and create unique interiors, ideal combination of several shades. Pouf upholstery can be quite different, however, as long as it is well in harmony with the interior, but if the ottoman for the seat, it is best to pick up the product in the leather upholstery. In addition, the skin will give pufu special refinement and luxury.

Picking up a stylish ottoman for your bedroom, consider the quality and practicalityPicking up a stylish ottoman for your bedroom, consider the quality and practicality

Velvet and velor upholstery padded stools will help to create a unique atmosphere in the bedroom of warmth and comfort. Well-chosen ottoman bedroom will bring into this room items finesse, personality and originality. Thus, we can make room for relaxation with warm, solid and strong, it all depends on personal preference.

If you want to focus just on the ottoman, you should pick up the upholstery in bright colors that will not blend in with any room element.

Contemporary pouf interior

Modern original ottoman in the interior will help diversify its few, most importantly correctly to choose the desired model. Ottomans bedroom can be made in a variety of styles. Originality and uniqueness can look ottoman, designed in Moroccan style. Such a product is suitable for any interior, regardless of its style, and help to bring into the room a piece of the East.

Ottoman, made in patchwork style, reminiscent of a quilt is perfect for a country house, and positioned near a fireplace for relaxing.

For a room in a classic style should choose a nice puff in discreet shadesFor a room in a classic style should choose a nice puff in discreet shades

Classic ottoman made in discreet shades, perfectly fit into the interior of the apartment, made in the English style. Classic models do not have the back and are made in a strict geometric form. Creative modern products can have back, somewhat reminiscent of the chair, and with a lot of different advantages, because they can be transformed into a comfortable sofa or even a full bed. The back will give great comfort ottoman. The comfort of this ottoman can rest, watch TV, read the newspaper or even use it for a night's sleep.

Ottoman in the interior of the house (video)

Ottomans pleased with its functionality and convenience of a special, thanks to the built-in drawers because they are able to replace the other pieces of furniture, such as a coffee table or nightstand. Ottoman Bedroom - excellent soft furnishings, which will help to provide a certain comfort in the house.

Ottoman in the bedroom interior (photo)


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