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Dressing Table is ideal for the bedroom as a child and an adultDressing Table is ideal for the bedroom as a child, and for many years vzroslomuUzhe dressing table is considered an integral part of the bedroom, unless it is a bedroom bachelor or a child. Once this table was a place where there was a bowl for washing and pitcher. But over time its scope expanded, but the essence was to ensure that women at this table comfortably brush up, apply make-up or, conversely, to remove makeup. And this causes the fact that this furniture should be comfortable and practical.

Dressing table Bedroom: if a small bedroom

In this case, it is not necessary to take the model with a mirror. Only a table and a mirror buy separately and hang over the table itself. And on this table should be left alone all the essentials. Remove everything else in the closet, in drawers, etc.

You can use the following solution - dressing table instead of bedside tables. you can put a small table on the side of the bed where the woman is sleeping. In the same place a small chair, and, as already mentioned, on the wall, hang the mirror.

For a small bedroom there is a huge selection of small dressing table, which perfectly fit into the interiorFor a small bedroom there is a huge selection of small dressing table, which perfectly fit into the interior

Obuyutit to this area, mini boudoir, pick up the original table lamp and a chair, lay down fluffy cloth or even a real fur. Loop the thread through the mirror of pearl beads, paying tribute to the already vintage traditions.

Instead of bulky armchairs can take ottomans and stools. Transparent fashion plastic chairs - also a good option for visual space saving. Puffs are convenient in that they can be hidden under the table.

Dressing tables in the bedroom: the dimensions and features

The dimensions of the standard table - at least 100 cm long and slightly lower in height. Width - 50-60 cm But the main thing is not clear the traditional size, design and functionality.. Given that today is a special demand model "slim" dressing table on curved legs, vintage, seemed to be made at the beginning of the last century, the size is not important here. It prevails design that just makes fall in love with this thing.

In order to diversify interior of the bedroom, you can choose a custom vanity tableIn order to diversify interior of the bedroom, you can choose a custom vanity table

Domestic production does not lag behind the declared import models, and in the Moscow region today make tables, which will be interesting to watch in the modern stylish interior. So not only sets the tone for Ikea.

Well, if you have the opportunity to place a table by the window. It is a rare decision, but it is the right thing. There's more natural light. The small rooms are used as so-called "dead zone" - the angle of the wall, or corner of the window and the wall that is not occupied by other furniture.

Corner dressing tables for bedroom: the solution for a small room

Corner dressing table really comfortable in a small bedroom. It is usually complemented by a mirror, and it also has a positive effect on the visual perception of the room. The reflective properties of the mirrors allow them to be an additional source of light.

Corner dressing table suitable for small rooms because it does not take much spaceCorner dressing table suitable for small rooms because it does not take much space

In general, when choosing a table, be guided by the following:

  • Determine the exact use of the dressing table - sometimes it is strictly decorative role, but put the spirits to put a book, etc .;
  • Design table should be in harmony with the overall style of the bedroom - but if the table is very bright, it can be accent;
  • Form table for every taste - round, square, oval, with curved tops or straight / curved legs;
  • By itself, the table is decorated with the material from which it is made - the best table from precious wood is hard to find.

Today, often together with a dressing table stool is sold. That is, it is included. As an option - ottoman. The main thing to suit your height, and do not create problems for your back. But if you want to spend at this table a long time, do not stint on mini chair.

How to decorate the dresser

Firstly, its main accessory can become a source of light. Pick a beautiful, original lamp. But at the same brightness and unusual subject matter you should not become boring to you.

Small decorative vase - also another standard, but they are not less right decision. Statues, figures, various trinkets, of course, can stand on the table, but do not overload them his.

Garnish with a dressing table can be beautiful pictures, lamps and accessoriesGarnish with a dressing table can be beautiful pictures, lamps and accessories

What else can decorate the table:

  • Pictures - yes, they are now fashionable to put even on the floor, but even more so on the table;
  • Interesting candlesticks;
  • Beautiful jewelry boxes;
  • Flowers in pots;
  • Clock;
  • Tanks for the storage of cosmetics.

And remember that the table - a corner of charm, beauty, tenderness. Many of us will remember all my life with bottle of perfume my mother's table, a beautiful casket and its contents, a small bowl. It is worth to try and make a special and this area. On the table, leave only what you use very often, remove the rest in shelves and drawers.

Dressing table in the bedroom (video)

Revise gallery, check your favorite options, consider what would really bring to life. And remember that the best - the enemy of good, do not overload the overall composition. Let the beauty of the furniture come to the fore, just find something that you can emphasize it.

Good luck in your choice!

Examples dressing tables for bedroom (photo interior)


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