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Important in ladder - structural strength and quality of the materialImportant in ladder - structural strength and quality materialaLestnitsy ladders may be, but is mainly applied foldable design. Most importantly, the product was high quality and durable, to avoid an emergency situation.


Though home, although construction folding ladders, may be used for any field of activity, as it is a universal product.

Basically, they are used for:

  • Painting and decorating;
  • Assembly of structures;
  • For placing objects such as flower pots or curtains on the curtains.

  The scope of the use of ladders, stepladders very extensiveThe scope of the use of ladders, stepladders very extensive

Often the use of ladders is carried out when the repair is carried out, or in trade, because most of the shelves are above human growth, and to place or remove the item, you need a special device - a ladder.

Retractable telescopic ladder is extremely useful in everyday life, but because every family man seeks to have set in the master such a device.

It is worth noting that ladders, especially metal transformers, much stronger than the usual simple steps. They can easily be expanded and folded, as well as use. In addition, the design is very compact, so that it can, if necessary, put in a closet or behind a door.

Telescopic Ladder

Telescopic ladder, mostly metal, in particular steel. Possible to use aluminum, but only in the form of an alloy with the steel.

That's what creates a ladder:

  • Robust;
  • stable;
  • Reliable.

The telescopic ladder is popular at home because of its lightness and strengthThe telescopic ladder is popular at home because of its lightness and strength

Typically, a device such as a sliding aluminum ladder is used in everyday life, as these models are lighter, they are more mobile and comfortable to use. In aluminum there is a remarkable characteristic, as the wear resistance, so it does not deteriorate under the influence of atmospheric phenomena, not erased, it does not bend under the weight of a person, and do not corrode. It is because these types of ladders are called universal.

It is worth noting that steel stairs are heavy, but they used it in the production work. In addition, they are more durable and resistant.

Catches on both models are manufactured from highly durable metal alloy to increase strength.

Telescopic ladder - it is an ideal option that you should choose for houses and apartments. Some use them as garden products for access to high trees and crops.

Description telescopic ladders allows you to see what exactly these products are considered to be, no doubt, compact, comfortable and durable. Some manufacturers, in addition to the product, sell special cases, to the stairs storage was better and had no effect on the technical specifications.

Species ladders with a platform

Stairs, which has steps to the platform - a mobile structure. Almost every plant for the production of ladders necessarily pays attention to the development of such a product.

Typically, if the device size is too large, then they set the wheels and attached them to the shoes to be able to move the ladder and lock onto a specific location.

Some ladders, ladders playground is located at the topSome ladders, ladders playground is located at the top

Such a staircase height can reach several meters, to be exact, that include from 3-10 degrees. Typically, such a two-sided staircase, and on both sides of the rail mounted sure, but there are also one-sided.

There are different types of such a structure, each of which has its distinctive features:

  1. Hinge-convertible. The mechanism of this ladder is very simple. Apply them as ordinary stepladder, because they have drawers. Climb on them is not difficult, even at high altitudes. The upper part of the ladder necessarily supply the platform, where to put the tools you need for the job.
  2. Two-sided stepladder is more like the letter L. Manufacturers platform also placed on the top of the steps.
  3. There are driving industrial stairs in the form of letters, they are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees. The model is particularly stable, durable and supplied as wheels and brakes.
  4. Scaffold. This stair who are nominated by means of wheels and have at the top of a convenient and large area. It can accommodate 2-3 people at once.

Wooden stairs, ladders

Hardly somewhere you can meet fiberglass stepladder, as this material absolutely not suitable for such designs. However, the most popular designs - wood.

They are used in places such as:

  • pharmacy;
  • offices;
  • Hotels and the like.

The secret of such products is very simple. They are made of highly durable wood forests, their value is small, the weight of a small, but the party only quality.

One of the most species-populyanyh ladders ladders made of woodOne of the most species-populyanyh ladders ladders made of wood

Any technology developer will be able to say that the wooden structure is particularly strong, stable, and even aesthetic in appearance. Such articles can maintain stability without the presence of additional supports, and does not slide on the surface leaning against. The man standing on a ladder is safe, if he will comply with the rules of operation.

Wooden ladder isolated, or, to be more precise, it is covered with a special compound, whereby she waxed not old, and does not degrade its performance. When manufacturing use only massive bearing bowstring, and make only 3-5 degrees, eliminating the presence of a large weight.

What you need to consider when choosing a folding ladder-staircase

At present, there are many manufacturers that provide the opportunity to purchase high-quality ladder, for example, Hailo, Ikea, Zalger, Krause, Scalissima, Svelt, Nick Sibiny, Eiffel Tower, and the LPC model VHR. Every product sold by these manufacturers, has its own drawing, the approved plan and scheme, instruction and certificate of compliance with GOST.

When choosing a stair-ladder should pay attention to its lack of chips and other defectsWhen choosing a stair-ladder should pay attention to its lack of chips and other defects

Buying a product from one of these providers, you should pay attention to a number of characteristics not to be mistaken with a choice:

  • The quality of the material;
  • sustainability;
  • Ease of use;
  • Mobility;
  • The level of security.

Insulating coating should be smooth and even. Categorically exclude the presence of defects such as chips, burrs, cracks, especially sharp corners and edges. All this can cause an accident with serious consequences enough.

If the site is located 150 cm above the floor, then it must necessarily be fenced handrails. Step each stage should not exceed 2.5 cm. It means a lot weight of the product. Qualitative ladders should not weigh too much.

Characteristics stepladder

On sale you can find a variety of options ladders ladders.


  • 3x10;
  • 3h11;
  • 4x4;
  • 3x7.

The most convenient to use step-ladder with wide serrated stepsThe most convenient to use step-ladder with wide serrated steps

Exactly how to interpret this option? Presumably, some believe that this is the designation of the length of the ladder surface of the upper level of the floor. In fact, the maximum height of any ladder is considered as the average height of a man + ladder size. It is the ratio of these two parameters, such as height and size of the area - this is the working height.

Ladders manufactured abroad, calculated in another method. Namely, the level of the upper-stage step is taken, located at a height of 120 cm, a maximum width between such parts of the ladder, as the upper side rails of the ladder, is 11.5 inches or 29.21 cm.

Absolutely all ladders must be equipped with metal struts and locking devices to prevent unfolding of the operation. Steps must be grooved.

By width of the platform should be 45-60 cm, the leg was stable on the surface.


Regardless of what is purchased ladders, be it the size of 3x10 or 3x7, it is necessary to look not at the cost of, and external data.

Before buying a stepladder verify that all parts and sealsBefore buying a stepladder verify that all parts and seals

More specifically, on:

  • The presence of all components;
  • The presence of a certificate of GOST;
  • Labeling and seals from the manufacturer on the packaging and the attachment points.

The only way to be sure that the product is high quality and will not bring problems in the operation of, or will not lead to an accident.

Stairs, ladders transformers

There are stairs, ladders transformers, which are folding and the combined type.


  1. Flip design - this serial connection section 4 by use of hinges. Transformation is carried out through the expansion sections in accordance with the instruction, and also fixing in locations where the product is bent. This creates the scaffold, or to be more precise, the foldable ladder-transformer.
  2. Combined, or in other words, the telescopic ladder - a product in which the pivotably-telescopic connection. One part of the sections can be pulled out and fastened special pin. Use such constructions where uneven floor surface, as well as where you can not install a conventional ladder.

One of the types of ladders - stepladders-tranformerOne of the types of ladders - stepladders-tranformer

 Ladders-transformers can be ladders in which each successive element extends in length, and the upper part is applied to the surface of the building wall. The lower part is attached to the wall, and it is desirable to use the additional insurance in the operation.

Ladders with consoles are characterized in that their top hat section resembles the letter H. In this position ladder is considerably inferior adjustment previous designs, but it is more stable and reliable.

Scaffolding ladders have external section installed, as a support, and two internal departments horizontal sectional form, which creates a working platform.

Repair-ladders ladders

Absolutely any ladder can fail, even if it is of the highest quality and was taken for rent.

Before you start, check the quality of the fixtures of the stairs, laddersBefore you start, check the quality of the fixtures of the stairs, ladders

It is worth noting that during the operation, it is necessary before each use, inspect the product to:

  • sustainability;
  • Strength;
  • Reliability;
  • Fortress locks;
  • Free from defects that may interfere with work;
  • The presence of rickety joints.

Wooden stepladder (video)

There are special services, which can apply for repair of stairs, ladders. It is important to remember that it is extremely dangerous and not to the situation occurred COC, should advance to provide all kinds of emergency cases. In other words, repair ladder, no matter have the skills to work with such products or not, should be handled by experts.

Details: stepladder (photo examples)

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