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Tiles should combine quality, aesthetics, comfort and affordable priceTiles should combine quality, aesthetics, comfort and accessibility tsenuV century emerging technologies have not gone unnoticed building and finishing materials. Abundance on the market of finishing materials allow you to choose granite, with characteristics corresponding to the requirements of buyers. For most perfect finishing tile should be qualitative, aesthetic, comfortable operation and affordability.

Spectacular floor in the kitchen: granite tiles

The kitchen is always the most visited room in the house. But the houses are often under the kitchen there is a small area. For this reason, the question remains: how to choose coverage that it is strong and durable?

The properties of granite are similar to granite and marbleThe properties of granite are similar to granite and marble

 Notice the granite. He is considered to be a tile of "premium" class. According to its properties and appearance, it is in line with the strength of granite and marble. This material is not only beautiful, but also has unique characteristics.

Product Benefits

Resistance to moisture and dirt - the main advantage of porcelain tilesResistance to moisture and dirt - the main advantage of porcelain tiles

The advantages of granite are:

  • Resistance to moisture and dirt;
  • Strength;
  • Uniformity of color and texture;
  • The variety of choice of colors and designs;
  • High fire resistance;
  • Durability of operation.

Despite so many advantages, it is necessary to know about the shortcomings of this flooring. What exactly needs to be taken into account?


First of all:

  1. Cold coating uncomfortable to walk barefoot;
  2. Tile, especially glossy, slides;
  3. The connecting seams look very impressive, but quite time consuming to clean them;
  4. High price.

Tile - the material cool but correct this deficiency can install underfloor heatingTile - the material cool but correct this deficiency can install underfloor heating

Disadvantages easily neutralized using a system of warm floors, the choice of texture tiles and so on. As you can see, the advantages are more obvious. The density and wear resistance make this material resistant to external influences, clarity sections reduces the number of joints when laying the floor. All this together improves the appearance of the floor and increases performance.

Porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor - beautiful, durable and easy to care for coat.

Despite the obvious advantages already available, tile production technology improved, creating new features that improve the quality and to allow designers to extend the possibility of using granite.

Using one kind of porcelain or a combination of several harmonic help create a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen. Such a floor - the perfect choice for kitchens. He will serve for a long time and retain an excellent appearance.

Choose granite for the kitchen on the floor

If you are going to do another repair in the kitchen, most people think much about how to choose flooring: laminate or linoleum, ceramic tile or granite. Some listen to reviews of relatives and friends, the second turning to the services of designers, and others rely on intuition.

Porcelain tiles - a very durable material. Plus, now you can pick up coloring for virtually any interiorPorcelain tiles - a very durable material. Plus, now you can pick up coloring for virtually any interior

But before you purchase one or other finishing material decide the selection criteria.

Great find for the kitchen floor - granite. With this material you can realize any design idea: to recreate the classic idyll or make rebellious note in the kitchen design.

Floor of granite - harmonious combination of all the advantages of floor coverings.

designers Tips

When choosing tiles of granite into account not only its technical characteristics, but also the interior of the premises. What you need to consider that not only can visually enlarge the space of the kitchen, but also impart inexpressible glamor using tiles?

White tile will visually enlarge the roomWhite tile will visually enlarge the room

Use design tips:

  • The method of laying tiles will help visually expand the space to raise the ceiling:
  • In small rooms is better to use tiles with a shiny surface;
  • In a large kitchen, use dark colors;
  • Use granite as a floor.

Ceramic granite tiled floor provides strength and stability of the floor covering, allows you to select from a variety of options for style, color and texture making it the one that fits your requirements imposed on the floor tiles.

Such different granite kitchen to the floor pattern and color

Among the variety of stoneware tiles available on the market can pick up the one that will emphasize all the advantages of the kitchen.

Today, you can buy any tile to give the kitchen a special charm. Choose from more than rich.

Keramogranit may be either matt or glossyKeramogranit may be either matt or glossy

Ceramic granite is divided into:

  1. Technical. It resembles natural granite.
  2. Glazed. Figure glaze is applied as a ceramic tile.
  3. Polished. Processed with abrasive materials, which reduces performance.
  4. Matt. No treatment. In the market of building materials it is the most solid and extremely affordable.
  5. semi-polished obtained by cutting and polishing the surface of the matte.
  6. Satin only used as a decorative element, due to production technology, it can not withstand strong loads;
  7. Structured. Has a relief surface, it makes it possible to mimic other materials and finishes.
  8. Rectified. It allows you to create a monolithic floor.
  9. Rustic. It represents one of the types of structured ceramic granite tiles. Ideal also suitable for stairs and hallway.
  10. Mosaic. Generally performed under the order, it gives the interior originality and glamor.

The majority of firms - manufacturers produce not only monochromatic matte stoneware tiles, but also stylized natural materials. Depending on the design of a kitchen you can choose ceramic, imitating the color, pattern and texture of stone, wood flooring, wood, marble, leather and many other finishing materials.

Stylized stoneware tiles accentuate the individuality of the kitchen interior.

To meet the needs of the most demanding customers granite produces several types and rainbow color palette. This allows matching tiles not only the design space, but also the necessary performance.

How to care for granite kitchen

Choosing a floor covering on a granite kitchen, remember that, despite its simplicity, there are certain rules of care to stoneware tiles as long as possible has retained its appeal.

When mopping note that abrasives are not suitable as they may mar the surfaceWhen mopping note that abrasives are not suitable as they may mar the surface

This robust and beautiful floor with proper care will last you a very long time.

Direct daily care of tiles in the kitchen reduced to wet cleaning with a weak solution of soda. This will soften the water. You can add detergent. But there are several "no".

These include:

  • Tools based on the acid will damage the seams;
  • Abrasive cleaners break surface polished and glazed floor;
  • Do not use mechanical devices with metal brushes.

Stoneware floor unpretentious in care. But despite his best strength to follow the rules of care specified in the instructions. Give tile extra shine by treating it with wax. In addition the gloss is means further protects the floor.

Laying porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor (video)

The strength and durability of granite is so high that a floor is replaced, you think about it only when there is a need to change the decor and color. Be sure - once well chosen and well laid stoneware tiles can go to your grandchildren inherited.

Options granite floor in the kitchen (Picture combinations)


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