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Suspended ceiling - it's a great opportunity to stylishly transform the hallSuspended ceiling - it's a great opportunity to stylishly transform prihozhuyuZachastuyu ceilings in the hallway low, as well as throughout the apartment - this is a significant part of our old housing stock, and hardly anyone wants to ceiling in this case, the already small room became even lower - in this case we are talking about false ceilings, as the most widespread phenomenon of our time.

Suspended ceiling, for example, takes a lot of problems, which comprises a ceiling base: roughness, curvature, various defects slabs, etc. Of course, the presence of the ceiling does not deny other types of finishes.

The ceiling in the entrance hall of plasterboard

The apartments are, as a rule, do not always have a smooth ceiling.

In order to align the ceiling in the hallway, there are many ways. One of the most popular - the suspended ceiling of plasterboard.

This method of finishing has a number of advantages over other types.

Oil paint coating will hide all the irregularities and defects of the old ceilingOil paint coating will hide all the irregularities and defects of the old ceiling


  • Ability to remove all the defects of the base ceiling;
  • The ability to hide different communications: wiring, pipes, ducts;
  • Easy installation;
  • The simplicity of design;
  • Reasonable price for the material and components;
  • The ceiling can be painted, and do it as many times;
  • This ceiling takes only a few centimeters from the base of the ceiling.

Based on the above, it can be concluded that this method is the most common today.

The ceiling in the entrance hall: how to do better

The ceiling in the hallway, everyone wants to do, at least not worse than the rest of the rooms of his house.

The ceiling in the hallway should not reduce the size of the room optically.

Options for finishing ceilings in the hallway abound.

There are plenty of options for finishing ceilings in the hall, which differ in cost and complexityThere are plenty of options for finishing ceilings in the hall, which differ in cost and complexity

Main options:

  1. The false ceiling of gypsum plasterboard;
  2. Suspended ceiling;
  3. Cement ceiling;
  4. PVC ceiling panels;
  5. Foam ceiling tiles.

Any of these options deserve your attention and has a right to exist. Well, and what is still better - you decide.

ceiling ideas in modern hallway

The presence of multiple ceiling finishes, sometimes confusing homeowners.

There are different ideas, and what exactly you do the ceiling in the hallway to design it fit into the overall interior of the apartment, you need to decide after examining the photographic and video material on the subject.

You can simplify things to a minimum, gluing foam tile, and you can make beautiful two-level ceilings, unless, of course, allows the height of the base ceiling.

Decorate the hall can be stylish ceiling light fixtures and other decor elementsDecorate the hall can be stylish ceiling light fixtures and other decor elements


  • Minimalism. Budget trimming is permitted in any room, and the hallway is no exception. At the same time, it can be all very decent, and without big expenses. For a small entrance hall, suitable for low ceilings, such as trim panels made of plastic or foam plates - it does not take the height, but will remove most of the flaws of the ceiling, with the exception of particularly large curvatures.
  • Maximalism. To this species is attributed 3d ceiling, which is hardly appropriate in every hallway, or ceilings with a "starry sky", a glossy stretch ceiling with photo printing, etc.
  • Lighting. This aspect is also quite big, and it is possible to apply LED suspension and spotlights, for example.
  • Innovation. This style is generally infinite as the universe. Here, printing, for example, can be combined with the ceiling, such as red, etc.

In short, a lot of ideas, and any of them can please you.

Hallway: interior ceiling will not spoil

Beautiful ceiling does not spoil, and decorates the interior.

Beautiful ceiling - the perfect complement to the design of your home.

To the ceiling in the hallway is not irritated, in the future, you or your friends or relatives, you need to think over from the beginning, that is, before you started to hold your ceiling.

Availability of beautiful ceiling in the entrance hall will complement the interior of your apartmentAvailability of beautiful ceiling in the entrance hall will complement the interior of your apartment

So, consider:

  1. Ceiling height. If the ceiling is too low, you should forget about the multi-level ceilings, for example. Should not hang too bulky chandelier.
  2. The area of ​​the hall. With too little squaring not necessary to arrange, for example, "Starry Sky", or the so-called "wave".
  3. The width of the hallway. When a small width is not necessary to arrange too dark ceiling, in order to avoid becoming a hallway in the very very narrow corridor.

Thus, considering all the mentioned, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your hallway, and even increase it visually.

How to make the ceiling in the hallway: choose tensioning

Stretch ceiling is one of the most popular types of finishing among consumers in recent years.

Suspended ceiling, like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages - in a different way just does not happen.

Stretch ceilings have recently become cheaper than a few years ago, which is explained quite simply - the competition. Especially, the acceptable price also plays a crucial role.

Stretch ceilings are the most popular and in demand among consumersStretch ceilings are the most popular and in demand among consumers

Thus, the advantages:

  • Gorgeous appearance;
  • Loss of height ceilings, after installation, is extremely low;
  • Moisture resistance. Such a ceiling is able to retain large amounts of water in the event of leakage from the upper floors.
  • There is a possibility of the combined device and multi-level ceilings.
  • The design is inexpensive.
  • The ceiling does not need to paint the entire period of operation.
  • These ceilings are durable.
  • Materials are environmentally friendly.

As can be seen, the merits - abound.


  1. Coverage can not be called stable. It can even damage the children playing, or else you can break by moving the high furniture, or moving long objects.
  2. If low-quality, non-professional installation, the water will not be retained on the surface tension of the web.

So, considering all the pros and cons of suspended ceilings, you can say with certainty that the benefits clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Proper operation of a tension ceiling will help to preserve its integrity.

Thus, the suspended ceiling is one of the top priorities for decoration your hallway.

Tension ceilings: ready designs facilitate repair

If you have finished construction, the work of installers greatly simplified, and the case was significantly accelerated.

Use ready-made design is possible and necessary, in order to avoid errors when cutting and purchasing of components.

By purchasing the finished design, you will not only simplify the repair process, but also significantly improves the quality of work performed.

Availability of ready-speed design will quickly install a stretch ceilingAvailability of ready-speed design will quickly install a stretch ceiling

What you need for installation:

  • The stepped profile;
  • Elements for covert illumination;
  • Connecting profiles;
  • Profiles for curved structures nadpilami. This will save you time, freeing you from the routine work using a "grinder".

Especially when needed series standard device tiered ceiling, or particularly complex, structurally, ceilings.

Suspended ceiling in the entrance hall: design options (video)

In conclusion, I would like to sum up the results of all the above. The choice of design ceiling in the entrance hall is as big as the choice of any other premises. There are many ways to finish, and almost all of them are also suitable for the hall. Entrance hall, as a rule, in a small apartment, and therefore the cost of it, as well as the complexity and small. From this perspective, it is possible to arrange in the hallway as the suspended ceiling and gypsum board, for example, but you can do to limit the tiles from foam or plastic panels. The choice is for homeowners, that is, for you. 

Original ceilings in the entrance hall (photo)

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