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Ceiling with lighting placed on the perimeter, looks very impressive and harmoniousCeiling with lighting placed on the perimeter, looks very impressive and garmonichnoPotolok illuminated around the perimeter - a very original solution that looks much more attractive than the ceiling without illumination. This design solution is simple and quite inexpensive. In addition, such lighting can make yourself, with your own hands, without resorting to mercenary brigade, which, by the way, is quite expensive.

LEDs have been embraced by no means accidental, because LED lighting is not just a lamp, but a very deliberate design decision, which, together with the main light, the light creates a harmonious ensemble.

How to make a ceiling with lighting on the perimeter with their hands

Nowadays, the continual crises in fashion began repairs budget, which, by the way, there are even more spectacular expensive, at far less cost.

This simple design is LED lighting, can be arranged, practically anyone.

Perhaps we should consider one of the most common methods where the LED strip is placed in a box with plasterboard.

Its advantages:

  • Since the box is placed in the second level, it seems that the light comes out of nowhere;
  • The light does not hurt the eyes, and it is uniformly flow around the perimeter of the ceiling.

Zakarniznaya light gives a pleasant light glow, allows you to create an atmosphere of pacification in the roomZakarniznaya light gives a pleasant light glow, allows you to create an atmosphere of pacification in the room

Installation of the box, of course, requires some effort and cost in terms of installation. However, there are much simpler methods.

LED lighting on the perimeter of the ceiling: in the baseboard of the foam

Alternatively, the LED strip is used which is placed in a wide ceiling Styrofoam baseboard made with imitation manual stucco. Plinth mounted on the wall at its lower edge.

Between the ceiling and the skirting, leave a gap on the order of 5-7 cm E, and the formed pocket and hides LED strip.

This ceiling LED tape also is widely used.


  1. Much cheaper than a box of drywall;
  2. It is much easier to install.

The main advantages of LED strip - a diverse color palette and low costThe main advantages of LED strip - a diverse color palette and low cost

These two qualities of the ceiling unit with backlight is greatly simplified.

Materials needed for the LED backlight device

Materials for LED lighting devices do not need so much, and the materials themselves are inexpensive.

What do you need:

  • Electrically conductive tape with LEDs. Tapes are waterproof (white) and RGB (multicolored). Weatherproof tape housed in a white silicone tube. They are more expensive, but at the same time, have a reliable insulation against possible leakage from the upper floors.
  • Step-down transformer that is connected to a diode tape. It is inserted into a gap between the switch and the lights.

The inclusion of LED strip by a separate switch.

It is not recommended to arrange the backlight together with the main light, wherein the inclusion is performed by one switch.

Illumination lose all effectively, to interrupt the primary illumination.

We have already mentioned that there is a belt which issue multicolored backlighting (RGB). In this case, besides the transformer there is a need in the controller, in order to be able to control the brightness. Switching the light is carried out by the program.

To determine the appropriate length of LED strip, it is necessary to make measurements of the perimeter of the ceilingTo determine the appropriate length of LED strip, it is necessary to make measurements of the perimeter of the ceiling

Feeds are different, in terms of power and frequency of location of the LEDs. The most common tape having a density of 30, 60 and 120 LEDs per meter. The greater the density, the greater the brightness.

Ceilings with LED ribbon under baseboards

You can, of course, a long time rummaging through the internet killing time and doubting the correctness of his actions, but you can just make the right calculation, in order to understand the benefits of the event.

LED strips are a very reliable source of lighting, lamp change is extremely rare - the tape is very reliable and durable.

In order to arrange everything properly, you will need the most basic knowledge, plus a simple action.


  1. We need precise measurements of the perimeter of your room;
  2. The obtained result is multiplied by the power of one meter of tape LED;
  3. In order not to doubt the power, need to consult with the seller before you buy;
  4. Based on these data, it is necessary to choose the power supply and controller.

Mount LED strip on the ceiling produced using double-sided tapeMount LED strip on the ceiling produced using double-sided tape

If the ceiling is a multi-level, the LED lights perfectly combined with a beautiful chandelier. By the way, the backlight can be made not a single tape, and its fragments.

The correct connection and installation

To lights turned without flaws and defects, to consider some of the rules.


  • Tape is sold in five-meter reels, and, if necessary, it is cut and soldered to the desired size;
  • Carefully cut the tape exclusively on marking;
  • Pieces of tape soldered scheme;
  • In order to secure the LED strip, use double-sided tape, or tape, self-adhesive. Before mounting surface degreased, the protective layer is removed, and the tape itself is pressed to the desired site.

Mounting tape on the baseboard is different from the mounting tape on the wall. Both options are used by the consumer.

The plinth is glued directly to the ceiling, and below five centimeters, and ten below, in the case of gluing to the plinth.

The sequence of connecting LED stripThe sequence of connecting LED strip

It happens that the power supply is sold without cord. Then you need to purchase and cord.

How to solder:

  1. Plus-minus, when the tape of the same color;
  2. If the ribbon color (RGB), it is necessary to solder contacts V +, R, G and B.

After the tape was obtained the desired size, it is necessary to connect the transformer and a controller.

We can not allow overheating during soldering tape! It is impossible to braze than three coils in series - a track, in such a case can not withstand the load.

At all stages of the main principle - accuracy, thoroughness and caution. bend radius - not less than 2 cm Lanes not be bent more than 90 °..

How to connect RGB LED tape (video)

Finally, we should note the following. On the ceiling of originality with LED backlighting are worth mentioning because it is so obviously. In addition, one of the advantages of such a ceiling is the fact that the installation of lighting - it is not something prohibitively difficult, requiring intervention specialists with special training - it is you can do it yourself. The good news is also the fact that such a backlight can be arranged both on the plasterboard ceiling and the tensioning. In short, examining the articles on this theme by viewing photo and video materials, as follows, to consider how it will look like, buy the necessary materials, and roll up your sleeves, get down to business.

Ceiling with lighting on the perimeter (photo)


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