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With a properly sized lighting can visually enlarge the hallWith a properly sized lighting can visually enlarge prihozhuyuPrihozhaya - this is a room that can not be avoided any guest. It is for this room, the first impression of the house and it is characterized by an entrance hall the apartment owners. Therefore it is necessary to approach the process of registration of the hall with all the responsibility. One of the major elements of the decor, which is able to radically change the look of the room is lighting. What features does the lighting in the hallway, how to select and arrange the lighting in the lobby - read the article.

Entrance hall: ceiling lighting

Ceiling lighting in the hall depends on many factors among which are the parameters of the room, the type of finishing the ceiling, the style of the hall.

So, you can choose a long decorative lamps, and small corridors to a spacious hallway with a high ceiling - lamps, which are mounted as close to the ceiling (so the room will seem more harmonious, and you do not inadvertently chandelier hook when changing).

For painted ceilings and plasterboard fit any size and light weight, but the suspension coatings have a number of restrictions on the installation of lighting. Most often, the spot light is chosen for the suspended structures.

  Lighting in the hall should be selected depending on the style in which it is formedLighting in the hall should be selected depending on the style in which it is formed

As for style, the modern styles, for example, a loft, you can select open, pendant lights for a few rounds, spotlights, lamps in metal frames in the form of geometric shapes, track systems and lighting spots. For classical hallways ideal option would be a lamp with wrought iron and wooden elements, soft light, crystal pendants.

Also, do not forget that the lighting - it is, for the most part, a practical element. The light in the hallway should be enough so that you can get dressed without any problems, see in the mirror every detail of the image. Therefore, one main lamp may be insufficient. Especially important is the extra light in large hallways and rooms of irregular shape.

Especially in light of long hallways

If the selection of lamps, depending on the height of the room, everything is logical and clear, the selection and arrangement of lighting in long hallways sometimes raises many questions.

In order to correct the shape of a narrow hallway, to make room cozy and comfortable, you should follow these tips:

  1. Better use of point lights. The optimal arrangement of fixtures are: multiple devices over the front door and one lamp at the same distance along the ceiling
  2. Effective and practical solution would be placing on the wardrobe mirror in the hallway or spot lamps.
  3. Visually correct elongated shape of the room will help to set into the ceiling of the square structure with a covered light.
  4. Do not use the backlight on the perimeter of the room: she only emphasize its narrow shape. Instead it is possible to issue via the backlight semicircular elements duplex drywall ceilings.
  5. Too long hallways can be equipped with independent groups of lamps to be switched on separately: this will help save energy and will allow maximum coverage area of ​​the entire room. At the same time, switches better positioned as we move, and not in one place.
  6. Do not place all along the ceiling, at the same distance, the big lights in the form of hemispheres: in this way you can easily create an image of the hospital corridor, especially if the walls in the hallway are white and light - cold.

If the hallway is long, the lights should be installed along the ceilingIf the hallway is long, the lights should be installed along the ceiling

Interestingly will look in a narrow hallway spherical lamps on the legs or cables of different lengths along the entire ceiling: they will become a central decorative element and distract from the non-ideal shape of the room.

How to choose a lamp on the ceiling in the hallway

Selecting the lamp in the corridor - this important event, because a properly selected light can hide the bad moments plan. Lighting options myriad: from individual luminaires to deliberate suspended structures.

When choosing lighting in the corridor should be taken into account such nuances:

  1. The lamp must be of the same intensity and for the same "temperature" glow lighting adjoining rooms. With this transition from one room to another will be comfortable for the eyes, because part of the corridor in the apartment is a walk-through.
  2. The light should be dim, because it will not only interfere with the guests to look around in the corridor, but also become an unpleasant moment in finding the right wardrobe item.
  3. The lighting should not be too active and focused in one place: a bright light spot can easily mislead the porch after dark or twilight on the street. In addition, white bright light will emphasize all the flaws of the room decoration, the joints of ceiling tiles, uneven walls.
  4. Better to use the corridor diffused light. To achieve this effect, you can use the indoor ceiling light.

If the hallway is a wardrobe, then a great option is the location of fixtures next to itIf the hallway is a wardrobe, then a great option is the location of fixtures next to it

Thus, in the corridor lighting should be uniform in the degree of intensity and distribution of light. Evenly distribute light across the perimeter of the corridor is possible by means of the ceiling lights.

The ceiling in the hallway with light

Ceiling with lighting - a stylish solution that can visually make the ceiling in the hall above, and the room itself is lighter and more spacious. In addition, a lighting element has a practical solution: thanks to the even light to find things anywhere in the hall will be much easier.

There are several design options ceiling with the help of illumination:

  1. Diode lighting advantageous to look in tandem with the suspended structures, polished, capable to reflect and scatter light, making the room lighter and more visually. Set the backlight can be along the ceiling moldings.
  2. Construction of plasterboard allow you to use more creative lighting. Thus, illumination can be positioned around the perimeter shaped recesses in the ceiling of the main light lines and catwalks with spotlights.
  3. Backlight can be not only on the perimeter of the room and ceiling elements made of plasterboard. Very unusual looks hidden behind a white plastic ceiling lights. Often, such a structure is placed in the middle of the corridor. Illumination can be either flush with the ceiling or placed on suspension settings.

Ceiling with lighting looks good in the hallway, executed in modern style or high-techCeiling with lighting looks good in the hallway, executed in modern style or high-tech

Backlight color can be anything: from cold blue to warm yellow. The most popular option - cold white glow that perfectly blends in with any interior design solutions. Most advantageous ceilings with lighting will look in the hallways, decorated in the style of hi-tech, minimalism, futurism.

Stylish ceiling lighting in the hallway (video)

The lighting in the hallway - it is an important element, which depends entirely on the perception of the room, its level of comfort. Inspired by the ideas of lighting in the hallway, and create their own unique, comfortable and attractive interiors!

Details: ceiling lighting in the corridor (photo examples)

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