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Today, even the old houses can be made on modern styleToday, even the old houses can be made on modern stilyuNa streets of the former Soviet countries is quite common to see a reminder of antiquity, which resemble the inhabitants of the cities of their past - the Soviet Union. In many cities, especially in the periphery of these homes make up the majority. Therefore, many people have a question: "How to decorate your Khrushchev and make it more modern?". First of all, the repair should start with the ceiling - it will be an excellent basis for the walls, floors and other surfaces in the house.

Ceiling height in the Khrushchev: photo and design of a modern house

One of the main problems in the Khrushchev - is too low ceiling. A height of 2.5-2.6 meters quite often can not be missed, even ordinary people. This issue affects most of the houses that were built in the Soviet Union on this issue facing the people and the so-called "stalinok" - houses built during the reign of Iosifa Stalina.

What are the views of different people about Khrushchev:

  • Too low ceilings. This problem is most common because it is more or less tall man can reach ceiling, just standing on your toes. In Khrushchev impossible to put too high cupboard or refrigerator, which limits the inhabitants of these houses.
  • In addition to the height of the ceilings, the very area of ​​the apartments, it is a fairly small rooms. Especially this problem concerns kitchens: Soviet architects clearly "regret" for the space of the room.

Low ceilings in old buildings are not a problem to create a new designLow ceilings in old buildings are not a problem to create a new design

How to make so that the ceiling does not seem so low

How to deal with the problem of low ceilings?

There are several ways:

  • As you know, dark colors can increase the height of the room. But there is one drawback - they visually reduce its area and width. If your room is too small, then this option will not work for you.
  • You can not use plain wallpaper. The top wall may be dark, while their bottom - light. This solution is suitable for owners of low ceilings in rooms with a small area.
  • Vertical lines. This method is very popular not only in construction and design: It is recommended to wear clothes with vertical lines to people of small stature. For homes best suited wallpaper with a pattern, they visually make the room high.
  • The use of mirrors. As is known, the mirror surface can increase the space and make the room above. This option is the most versatile: it is suitable for all rooms.
  • The rounded ceiling. This method of finishing the ceiling can make your room more visually high.

Small rooms require a careful approach to the design of the ceiling designSmall rooms require a careful approach to the design of the ceiling design

It should be noted that these methods of increasing the room does not actually add a centimeter to the total area of ​​the dwelling, they just solve the problem of people who are ashamed to low ceilings: tall people will still feel uncomfortable in such homes.

It is necessary to eliminate the use of too bright parts in the interior: the wallpaper or furniture bright colors can draw attention to the overall dimensions of the room.

If you have a small room, you should stick to minimalism: the furniture should be neutral hues. Its size should be small.

Two-level ceilings in the Khrushchev: The Benefits

There are several opinions regarding this issue.

Of the advantages of the two-level ceiling can be noted:

  • Quick installation.
  • It is not necessary to align the surface of the ceiling.
  • Excellent aesthetic appearance.
  • It will look good in any room: in the hall, in the hall, in the hallway and in the bathroom.

The disadvantages of two-level stretch ceilings in the Khrushchev

Naturally, fans of suspended ceilings in old houses there are opponents.

Why not use two-level ceilings in the Khrushchev:

  • Suitable only for large rooms. this should not be installed in the ceiling of the brick Khrushchev.
  • High cost of materials for the ceiling and to set it.
  • Further reduce the height of ceilings.

Two-level ceilings do not recommend to install in the Khrushchev, as they are expensive and make the room more lowTwo-level ceilings do not recommend to install in the Khrushchev, as they are expensive and make the room more low

If we consider the last argument, it should be noted that the ceilings "take away" the height of the ceiling is not only visually, but actually reduce it. Most experts do not recommend to use two-level ceilings, because they are expensive and make the problem of low ceilings more explicit. Of course, you can try to take the risk, you should not set this kind of ceiling with his hands: it is better to entrust to specialists who will do everything more efficiently.

Prepare the ceiling for its installation

Repair - a complex process, so before doing repair work should thoroughly prepare and study the necessary information.

First of all, we should make the layout of your ceiling.

This should be done as follows:

  • At the lowest point of the main ceiling is necessary to put a point, and then, with the help of the water level should be transferred to it in all the corners.
  • Between the marks you need to fill a line with your choklayna.
  • Then should mark the surface of the CD profiles. Labels should be applied every 50 cm.
  • On the opposite wall should apply exactly the same mark.

How to make the ceiling in the Khrushchev with his own hands: the installation frame

Sam ceiling installation process is quite complex.

Setting the frame includes the following items:

  • Installation UD profile.
  • Installing anchors dummy.
  • Attaching the U-shaped hanger, which will be attached CD profiles.
  • After cutting the CD profiles, they must be inserted into the UD profiles, but they should not be screwed to the ceiling.
  • Under CD profiles need to fasten screws and pull the nylon thread.
  • During the penultimate stage should be to tie all the profiles: need to focus on a nylon thread that was previously stretched.
  • At the end of the electric wire should be protected by a bellows.

The next stage - the installation of gypsum boards. This is the final stage, so the job should run more cleanly as possible.

Installation of the frame to the ceiling requires a certain amount of effort, time and skillsInstallation of the frame to the ceiling requires a certain amount of effort, time and skills

Installation of gypsum boards

This process is more complicated, so without the help of friends and acquaintances you can not do.

Algorithm execution drywall sheets:

  • The work itself should perform two or three of the same. If the work will be carried out by one person, it would be a huge risk, because you can break the GCR.
  • Gypsum board should be installed using screws. Their length should be 25mm. On one sheet of spent approximately 60 screws. The distance between them should be at least 30 cm.
  • In order that the sheets were not able to break, it is better to use a special plasterboard nozzle.
  • Apply sheets need to butt one sheet is to be joined with another half.
  • During the installation of gypsum boards need to bring the wires for future fixtures.
  • The joints should be sealed fugenfyullerom and screws themselves - putty.

Installation of drywall sheets on the ceiling (video)

Despite its poor condition, Khrushchev - a work of art, which tells us about the past. This is a real wealth of knowledge about the Soviet Union, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. For Khrushchev should be treated with respect, as an elderly person. If you respect your home and treat him as his relative, then Khrushchev responds to you in return, and your apartment will look amazing.

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