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Cassette ceiling - a finish that is resistant to the action of aggressive media, moisture, light and available for installationCassette ceiling - a finish that is resistant to the action of aggressive media, moisture, light and affordable for montazhaBlagodarya many of its advantages over other types of suspended ceilings, this type is very popular due to a variety of reasons, which induce the consumer to purchase and installation thereof. Suspended cassette ceilings are widely used in a variety of areas, from industrial facilities and healthcare facilities, to restaurants and homes. These ceilings fully meet fire safety requirements, as well as hygiene. Easy installation and maintenance of the ceiling, as well as its relatively low price, made the ceiling so popular for customers.

Advantages of cluster suspended ceilings

Mounting false ceiling cassette is carried on a previously prepared frame.

Such ceilings are choosing more and more consumers, the reasons for the same is not accidental.

Reason for selection:

  • Easy to assemble. Quick installation, a minimum of dust and dirt. If necessary, in the future - easy replacement of panels.
  • Durable. As the base material - galvanized steel or aluminum, neither of which corrosion, discoloration, and deterioration of the ceiling of temperature changes, can not be considered. The term of service of the ceiling is not confined to just one decade.
  • Hygienic. The panel does not stick dust and does not absorb moisture. Quite possible the formation of mold and mildew, which allows the use of this type of ceiling at medical facilities and in all kinds of laboratories.
  • Moisture-proof. Metallic ceiling, as already mentioned, does not rust because it has bimetallic or galvanized coating. Such a ceiling is indispensable for bathroom or kitchen.
  • Fireproof. Meets the high requirements of fire safety.

Metal cassette ceiling does not require any particularly complicated care. To support the purity of a fairly simple wet cloth.

Wet cleaning - a necessary stage of effective care for ceiling cassetteWet cleaning - a necessary stage of effective care for ceiling cassette

Thanks to the ceiling material in the room can be installed air-conditioners, humidifiers. In addition, you can install any fixtures, ceilings without fear of overheating.

Thus, it is apparent benefits of these ceilings to ceilings where other materials are used.

Suspended cassette ceilings with concealed grid: beautifully and solidly

Cassette ceilings with concealed grid system, different from the other using a stringer guide BT-600 and the relevant tapes. That is why, invisible suspension system.

Cassettes aluminum or galvanized metal.

Features of cassettes:

  1. Painted, as well as metallized;
  2. With or without perforations;
  3. Overall dimensions of 600 × 600.

Panel cassette ceiling, made in different colors, provide a high-quality finish of the rooms in a residential areaPanel cassette ceiling, made in different colors, provide a high-quality finish of the rooms in a residential area

Great choice of these tapes on the edge type, color. Due to this, and it is very easy to find the right solution, connected with the choice of the ceiling.

Cassette ceiling with this suspension system is easy to install.

The cassettes are very easy to remove if necessary, and equally easy to install in place.

These ceilings are suitable for absolutely any interior, from trading floors, finishing production facilities.

The simplicity of form and functionality allow to mount the ceiling without sacrificing design and interior, even when the room has projections, recesses, or irregular shape ceiling.

Magazine for a suspended ceiling: steel or aluminum

Cassettes for false ceiling are of different sizes, the most Chassis cassette has a size of 600 × 600.

Material cassettes:

  • Aluminum. Bi-metal coating is applied to the surface. In addition, this material can be subjected to chemical polishing, so that the surface becomes not just brilliant and mirror tone. The material thickness varies from 0.32 to 0.4 mm.
  • Metal. In this case, the metal cap is made of galvanized steel. Applied to the surface of a special powder paint that has a high resistance to abrasion.

The ceiling is assembled is a grid system, with the studs on the frame panels.

Suspension system consists of guides, suspensions (regulated) and corners.

The popularity of such suspension systems is undeniable, and therefore has a long, flawlessly, history.

Driving coffered ceiling mountingDriving coffered ceiling mounting

Alternatively, you can use the company Albes ceiling, whose quality is at the level, and the price is slightly lower global brands.

Select aluminum or galvanized ceiling

Consumers often ask this question: what is still better than the ceiling - made of aluminum or galvanized rolled?

Each of these materials has a right to exist, but, nevertheless, there are some significant differences. Perhaps we should show the differences in the ceilings example, let's say, Grilyato

Aluminum cassette: characteristics of the material

  1. Perfect specular surface;
  2. Manufacturer's Warranty - 30 years;
  3. The widely used devices for street ceilings: Vol visors, arches, etc. The impact of atmospheric phenomena on a ceiling is practically no effect.
  4. Complete preservation of the geometrical shape claim throughout life.
  5. The relatively high price.
  6. Easier galvanized.

High performance aluminum ceilings allow to use them for decoration with high humidityHigh performance aluminum ceilings allow to use them for decoration with high humidity

Aluminum is certainly softer than steel, and is sometimes a negative impact during transportation.

The main disadvantage of aluminum ceiling is its fairly high price.

However, given the advantages of aluminum, this point is not so basic.

Galvanized cassette: the distinctive characteristics

  • A little more difficult to install. Cutting harder than aluminum.
  • The incision site may be subject to corrosion.
  • Low price.
  • Heavier than aluminum.
  • High resistance to abrasion.

Therefore, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", you need to make the right choice. Often, it is the price and is the only choice when it comes to a limited budget.

Installation of suspended coffered ceiling (video)

In conclusion, it should be noted that these ceilings are the most reasonable and rational choice of the consumer, as mentioned above their undeniable merits, of course, clearly outweigh the not so mega cost of acquisition and installation. Durability and aesthetics suspended coffered ceiling impresses a potential client who is well aware that the next repair the ceiling he would have to go back just a few decades, but the painting client can forget the whole period coffered ceiling service. Based on the foregoing, you are likely to choose exactly the ceiling, and the choice will be made right! 

Suspended cassette ceilings (photo)

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