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Built-dressing is the most modern and the best option for storage of clothes and shoesBuilt-in wardrobe is the most modern and the best option for storing clothes and obuviEsli in your house is empty niches, you can fill them with built-in wardrobes. Then you will not only get a place to store things, but also save a bit of space. In addition, the dressing system built into a niche - a modern version of the interior, which means that you will not keep up with fashion.

Built-in wardrobe in the hall: how to place

Most often wardrobe system is placed in the hall room. To do this properly you need to follow some guidelines.

How to place the dressing room in the hall:

  1. The air in your hallway should be as dry as possible, as the wet adversely affects the clothes;
  2. For dressing the best place to be a corner, empty niche and similar corners of the room;
  3. Make sure that in your dressing room was a place for hangers (to hang up jackets, coats, etc.), and for the shelves;

In the dressing must necessarily be ventilationIn the dressing must necessarily be ventilation

In order to maximize space saving shelves do in your wardrobe up to the ceiling. The uppermost shelf fold less used in clothes this season (in the summer, for example, there can be put winter shoes) and as needed - substitute chair.

Where are the built-in wardrobe

In fact, the best place for the built-in wardrobes will be in any empty corner of the room. Space two by two meters would be sufficient in order to fit it in the dressing room for the whole family. The main thing is to take place up to the ceiling.

Sometimes a walk-in wardrobe space is allocated in the old storage room, on the balcony or loggia. In general, choose the place that you have in the house is empty.

Built-in wardrobe can be installed in absolutely any roomBuilt-in wardrobe can be installed in absolutely any room

By the way, at the competent planning of the room design, built-in wardrobe can be as a highlight of the room and blend with the walls, so it was not visible. Come here is to personal preferences and room nuances.

How to choose a built-in wardrobe design

As is the case with conventional cabinets, the modern market offers the customer a wide range of built-in wardrobe, excellent both in size and design.

What to consider when choosing a built-in wardrobe:

  1. Colour. He must combine, join, or vice versa, to create a contrast with the rest of the decor of your room.
  2. Facade dressing. In the case of built-in dressing room, you see only a facade that can be made of glass, wood, plastic or mirrors. The last option is the most popular, since it will increase the space in the room, not only due to the fact that the built-in type closet, but also visually, using a mirror.
  3. Inner space. Location sections, shelves, their size, number and location (in modern versions often occur randomly arranged shelves, while in the more traditional - all exactly to each other). Do you also take into account, will hang garments in the wardrobe, and if so, take care that the space was enough hangers for clothes your entire family.

Selecting only on your own preferences of color options will depend dressingSelecting only on your own preferences of color options will depend dressing

These three points are the main design in the dressing room. Another important parameter in the selection is the cost of wardrobe. It depends primarily on the design and size of the cabinet.

Before you proceed to the selection of wardrobes, accurately measure the space allotted to him, and already choose from these options.

Wardrobes built into a niche: the benefits

If the architecture of your home provided a niche, it's even better for wardrobes: have not occupy a balcony or an extra corner of the room.

Note that when installed in a niche the main parameters of the choice of dressing would dimensions of the niche. Ideally, the cabinet must accurately enter in the allotted space.

Dressing Room, located in a niche, it will not take up much space and will save a significant portion of the area of ​​the dwellingDressing Room, located in a niche, it will not take up much space and will save a significant portion of the area of ​​the dwelling

So if you have at home there is a niche - then adjust it to the built-in wardrobe. Small niches are not suitable for dressing as their content will occur very quickly.

Built-in wardrobe system: how to transform the closet with his hands

Another popular place to walk-in closet system is unnecessary storage room, on the adaptation which leaves very little time.

How to alter storage room in the dressing room:

  1. Remove from the pantry all the excess and clean it from possible dirt and dust;
  2. If the walls in the closet do not differ smooth surface, which often happens in practice, then align them;
  3. Also align the floor, and then it Cover the parquet, linoleum or coated;
  4. Tidy ceiling. This can be done with the help of wallpaper, paneling or plastic.
  5. Now you can break to the arrangement of dressing.

Even from a small storage room can get a lovely dressingEven from a small storage room can get a lovely dressing

If storeroom was wide enough, then the future will be even dressing change, so take care of quality floor.

Built-in wardrobes and dressing rooms: how to save space

If you select a built-in dressing room, to save space in the room, then you should know a number of nuances that will help visually expand more and your bedroom.

Setting a mirror on the facade of the dressing room, you are not only visually expand a room, but also get practical thingSetting a mirror on the facade of the dressing room, you are not only visually expand a room, but also get practical thing

How to save space using the dressing room:

  1. The mirrors on the wardrobe doors. The most versatile way to visually expand the room.
  2. Stained glass inserts. Not suitable for every interior, but the correct approach looks elegant.
  3. Glass facades with wrought on their photo printing. It is also considered to be the modern version, suitable for any interior.

Convenient option: built-in wardrobes (video)

As you can see, walk-in closet - it is not only modern, but also cost-effective arrangement of the apartment. In these wardrobes can be placed furniture. A wide variety of options offered by the market, will allow you to find the best option for you.

Design embedded closets (photo examples)


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