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Make a corridor can be beautiful and comfortable with the help of interior design in bright colorsMake a corridor can be beautiful and comfortable with the help of interior design in bright tonahPrihozhaya in bright colors conjures up thoughts of good rest and a sleek taste hosts. Calm color palette is the best fit for the dark corridor. Such an inlay gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, is able to expand the space visually.

Little bright entrance hall with signature tricks

A small entrance hall - it is a problem for the owners of the residential area. If you engage in redevelopment long, tedious and expensive, you can try to visually transform the space.

An excellent solution for a small hallway will be built-in furnitureAn excellent solution for a small hallway will be built-in furniture

Designers offer a huge number of receptions:

  • The abundance of mirrors;
  • Built in furniture;
  • Glossy surface;
  • Additional light sources;
  • The required minimum of furniture;
  • Built-in storage system.

The most famous design method - bright colors. And this applies not only to the walls and ceiling, but also the furniture. Most popular colors - pure natural. Shades of wood, stone, sky and grass peculiar nature itself. The same applies to the invoice, for example, furniture with a pronounced pattern of wood.

In the hallway there is rarely a window, which means that the room is not enough natural light sources. Bulky chandelier here to anything: will only interfere. The ideal solution, if lights or LED ribbon will be built into the suspended ceiling.

But if for some reason this is not possible, the light can be built into furniture or added sconces on the wall. And you can also choose the minimalist design of the chandelier, adjacent to the ceiling.

Compact bright lobby in the corridor

The main color palette is set furniture. Her best selection hallway is very important. Among the most popular options: imitation texture dark ash - Shimo dark or light color. Contrasting combination gives an amazing experience.

Stylish furniture bright colors perfectly complement the interior corridorStylish furniture bright colors perfectly complement the interior corridor

Also on the list:

  • Galiano;
  • wenge;
  • Ramuh;
  • Arborvitae, Thuja light, Thuja dark.

The most common is shades of Wenge, ie all the noble shades of brown. Contrasting combination with light walls decorated with incredibly corridor. Standard and aristocratic good taste is considered a bright hall "Mont Blanc". However, the performance palette is quite large, so you can choose the color on any, even the most pretentious taste, from light beige to chocolate.

In this hall, "Mont Blanc" is functional and has a reasonable price and high quality.

The furniture in the hallway should not take up too much space. If the maneuver in a private home space is more than enough, the city apartment such an advantage can not boast. Unexpected planning can greatly complicate the maintenance and continued use of the room. That is why you need to take into account not only the attractive appearance of the furniture, but also the size and layout of the corridor.

How to make the hall bright and welcoming: photo

Each person has their own ideas of comfort and beauty. And it is necessary to pick up the interior to personal taste preferences: to live somewhere in the apartment guests. Hallway should be not only beautiful but also convenient. Here, the modular furniture is coming to the rescue of the owners are not very well oriented rooms. In fact, the modular furniture - a designer.

Making the hall, be sure to consider how your own preferences and interests of all members of the familyMaking the hall, be sure to consider how your own preferences and interests of all members of the family

And so it has many advantages:

  • compactness;
  • The ability to add new elements;
  • Easy permutation;
  • Possibility of selecting the furniture for a specific room;
  • The possibility of his own composition.

Modular elements can be the same color or of different colors, which will help create a unique style. Do not forget about the fact that dear to the heart - a variety of accessories in the hallway, too, have a place to be. Picture, favorite photos, original timepieces. You can select a small corner and make it your collection, for example, dishes from different cities.

Furniture, too, can be decorated. To help paint and brush. But if there is no artistic talent, you can buy ready-made images. It can be flowers, original patterns or inscriptions.

Add comfort room and indoor plants. They can be placed directly on the floor or to pick up a stylish plant pots. Fresh flowers on the bedside table can be replaced with artificial, but only the highest quality with a good study of details. Not only the color plays an important role in the visual perception of the hall. If there is no light, no light, even the color will not save the situation. Help to fix the position of the glossy surface (e.g., on a stretch ceiling) and mirrors.

A large mirror can be not only on the cabinet. Originally looks mirrored wall, but not with a solid material web, and as if composed of different pieces.

To achieve a complete change in perception, you can use an optical illusion: put a mirror in front of the mirror. If the corridor is narrow and long, then such a device will be able to expand the space.

A bright hallway

If the bright hallway design seems very boring, you can always add more bright colors.

Make a creative and unusual interior is possible by means of finishing the walls a bright colorMake a creative and unusual interior is possible by means of finishing the walls a bright color

It is not necessary to repaint the walls, because you can just change the details:

  • Bright stool;
  • Design mirror;
  • The original coat hooks;
  • Vintage umbrella stand;
  • Photo printing on the ceiling;
  • Bright abstract paintings.

Photo printing on walls is not as popular as before, but just abandon such acceptance is not necessary. However, it should avoid the huge figures. But the nature theme in the trend - it is perfectly correlated with the texture of the furniture.

Convenient bench in a hallway is necessary to subject. You can comfortably sit down and tying your shoes, or relax after a lift to the fifth floor without a lift. Banquette can dilute the interior bright accent using unusual color upholstery.

Mirrors can decorate their own, such as artificial flowers. Either choose a mirror with an unusual amalgam and wear out. To do this, dry brush with a small amount of paint you need to go through the terrain. Another unusual solution - moldings at the junction of wall and ceiling. You can choose the shade that is different from the walls or furniture in tone. Do not forget about the front door. It can be decorated with a bas-relief of polyurethane cute, photo print, or reflective surface. Doorknob can pick up separately. The doors to the other rooms, too, need to correct the decor - they can be made in the same style or under and purpose of the room. Solid doors to put not necessarily - frosted glass with an interesting pattern looks no less beautiful, but opaque glass firmly hide what is behind the door.

Construction of a bright entrance hall (video)

The bright entrance hall makes the house more comfortable. When choosing colors, it is worth remembering that the owners live in the house, so the colors should be pleasing to the eye. It is not necessary to add too many colors - it is not conducive to comfort. A few bright accents, and the entrance hall will be totally unforgettable.

hall design in bright colors (interior photo)


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