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Borders for wallpapers are available in a wide range, and their choice will not give you much difficultyBorders for wallpapers are available in a wide range, and their choice will not give you much trudaPomoschi special lane for the walls is not difficult to successfully decorate the room, creating in it a comfortable, homely atmosphere of completeness. Wallpaper border is used to delineate and expand and also reduce the room. For example, if it must be stressed ceiling, such a strip is glued on top of the junction between the ceiling and the wallpapered. If the room is used several kinds of wallpaper material, with its help it is possible to easily separate the different zones, creating an unusual atmosphere in the interior.

What is the decorative border wallpaper

Such an element of decor is used to distinguish between the walls in different rooms of the house. For example, without it is impossible to do if there is a need to take care of the play area in the nursery. Children's border - colorful and bright material with drawings of your favorite heroes. Bedroom, living room or kitchen there are many options for such a material, so will not be difficult to choose the appropriate colors.

Children's borders is very beautiful, bright and you can choose different patternsChildren's borders is very beautiful, bright and you can choose different patterns

Key features of the location of the curb on the wall:

  1. The upper part of the wall. The band is represented as a decorative edge, which creates a comfortable indoor atmosphere.
  2. ceiling perimeter. Here the border is the separator and the resonator.
  3. At the floor. It is considered a great way to hide flaws wallpapering.

Some owners paste wallpaper border vertically. So unable to separate a specific area. Sometimes such application is necessary to frame the doors, windows or mirrors.

Borders for wallpapers: self-adhesive and other materials

Today, many manufacturers produce wallpaper border with identical pictures, but they have differences in size and material.

The following are types of borders for walls, which are divided into:

  1. To size. The width of the curb may differ materially. It ranges from a few centimeters up to a meter. The standard roll fits 5-10 meters of material.
  2. In color. Some products are solid, others also plotted drawings.
  3. On mounting type. There are self-adhesive borders - is a special borders, which are coated with a special adhesive. In such products there is a special protective film, so the material is easy to use even for a beginner. When glueing other models sufficiently moisten the material with water (glue applied to them during manufacturing). Other types of necessary process designed for this purpose glue.
  4. In texture. Some products are smooth, while others have a variety of stamping.
  5. According to the external features. There are simple borders for wallpapers (normal pattern or a holographic image), as well as miniature models (lace or covered with gold leaf).
  6. By category. For a particular room (kitchen or children's) in the house are the most appropriate model, with appropriate drawings.

In addition to the above characteristics, curbstones for wallpaper pictures differ.


Refer to the budget category, they are easy to use. However, this material is short-lived and can not be washed.

Paper borders the most simple, cheap and easily adhesivePaper borders the most simple, cheap and easily adhesive


Considered of higher quality, which are easily cleaned and glued. These decorative items will last for years to come. This type of baguettes recommended for use in rooms with high pollution (kitchen, bathroom or dressing room). They have a porous body that allows the walls to "breathe."


Borders of this material is of high quality and have many positive characteristics. Here, on the surface of the strip bear special acrylic emulsion.

How to make a border for the wallpaper with your own hands

Some owners prefer to prepare themselves for the border wall. The most common method is the use of other wallpapers. It should be noted in advance the desired width line and carefully cut strip thereon.

Interesting! To make an unusual border wallpaper you can use a variety of custom-made materials and decorative plaster.

The easiest way to curb their own hands - to use the old wallpaperThe easiest way to curb their own hands - to use the old wallpaper

But there is a more creative approach to the process of manufacturing the curb with their hands. If this product should be a small size, you can do it with the photos. This option is the perfect solution to decorating a child's room.

The most suitable materials for the independent creation of this part of the wall are:

  • Postcards or fragments paperboard;
  • Textile materials, and also a fluorescent colored sheets of paper;
  • Self-adhesive film.

Modern designers are also used to create an unusual border wallpaper old magazines, posters and covers of old records. The result will be entirely dependent on the imagination and effort decorator.

How to glue wallpaper border on: features of the application

Before gluing the curb is recommended to check for flaws, it is better to see the whole tape. Then you need to take care of cleaning the surface of the wall of dust, so sticky will be more uniform.

Should not start pasting border until dry wallpaper. Indeed, in contrast to the dry, in the wet material the band will not hold well.

Before mounting curbs wallpaper recommended to check the whole tape for defectsBefore mounting curbs wallpaper recommended to check the whole tape for defects

When selecting an adhesive for this product is recommended to give preference to the glue, made on the basis of acrylic. Because it can be used without dilution with water. Plus with a tube in the kit is a special applicator brush and the glue is very resistant.

The whole process of pasting the walls for wallpaper border is easy. However, you need to take care of a perfectly flat surface. It is also recommended to use the building level. Use a pencil and mark the height of the level you need to mount the product. It must necessarily be the same everywhere.

After that you should break up the roll into pieces of desired length. Then, each of the products are placed face-down to apply the adhesive. recommended web folded in concertina (when the inside side is coated with a glue) to facilitate the process.

It remains exactly make the strip to the wall smooth and good. When smoothing is better to move from the middle of the curb toward the edges. It is important to ensure that the canvas is completely stuck.

Important! Each strip the curb should be combined with the previous one. In the corners of these products necessarily glued overlapping.

Pasting of wallpaper borders (video)

Wallpaper border has for decades used to decorate various rooms. Apart from the fact that this product is used to accentuate a specific area in the room, with its help it is possible to hide small defects of the walls. With self-manufacturing of curb possible to achieve the most unexpected decor options.

Borders for wallpapers (photos)

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