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Bench upholstered capable of giving the bedroom chic and expensivenessBanquette upholstered able to give a chic bedroom and dorogoviznyDizaynery believe that the stool of the kind of furniture that gives the room a unique charm. Fashion trends are such that this piece of furniture is once again becoming popular as it was many decades ago.

Stools Bedroom: what they need

Benches are simple in design, without a graceful curved legs and beautiful upholstery. But in the bedroom, in contrast to the hallway, simplicity is not always desirable. Even stool can set a mood room. Well, the purpose of it is not as narrow as it might seem at first.

What is needed in the bedroom stool:

  • It serves as a place of storage of clothes you take off before going to bed;
  • Soft, comfortable and more comfortable substitute stools;
  • Padded stools plays a role - for example, serves as a sitting place in front of the dressing table;
  • The link in the design of the room - sometimes it can connect parts of the room in color, texture or style.

Bench is a very practical piece of furniture, as it can be folded or things to use as a padded stoolsBench is a very practical piece of furniture, as it can be folded or things to use as a padded stools

Many places will not take it. If you use it often and not always it is stationary, you can use the stool on wheels. Such furniture should be easy. Well, if you have decided on its permanent location, you can take a heavier product - with wrought legs, for example.

Banquette Sleeper: A Practical Option

This option is not yet so widespread, because this little stool pomassivnee usual. Most likely, there is a variant of stools with backrest, resembles a large old-style sofa. In wooden legs (or metal) back to a solid, without folding.

Banquette Sleeper is a small sofa, where guests can spend the nightBanquette Sleeper is a small sofa, where guests can spend the night

Of course, not correct to call this furniture benches, all the same it is a sofa. But if you mean it this furniture, it is appropriate in the bedroom, especially if the room size allows this. This is very good against the wall harmonizes with bedroom suite of the same style.

Bench in the bedroom with his hands: a variant of an old coffee table

Giving new life to old things are always interesting, and this case is of the same series. If you have a beautiful, but with a long life traces of a coffee table, you can not throw it away, and try to turn into a banquette.

Materials will need the following:

  • Just an old coffee table;
  • Two-inch foam;
  • Thick wool;
  • stapler;
  • Plywood half inch in width, cut to size;
  • The cloth;
  • Grinder;
  • aerosol;
  • Glue;
  • Paint;
  • Primer.

To bedroom interior looked harmonious color stools and beds should be the sameTo bedroom interior looked harmonious color stools and beds should be the same

Coffee table need to wrap, foam, wool and cloth. Do it only with the top of the table. Fabric need to sew and to the bottom. You cut plywood, if you want to - leave rounded edges. And work with this plywood piece. The layers are placed as follows: own table, plywood, cotton, fabric.

It is important to treat the old table correctly. To paint on a surface is better to keep, you need to do grinding. Shlifuete legs, the side surfaces, whereupon all gruntuete. Wait until everything is dry. Paint the table with spray paint in the desired color. Typically, for a good uniform coverage need three layers.

Stylistic differences banquettes in the bedroom

Matter what style decorated bedroom, and the choice depends on banquettes design. For example, the classic style. Banquettes suitable for strict implementation with not bright monochromatic upholstery. The colors in the fabric should not be bright. Legs shaped stools should be combined with the legs of the bed.

If the bedroom is decorated in the style of Provence:

  • Bench must be refined accessory made of quality material;
  • Furniture need to artificially wear out;
  • Carved legs usually well polished or covered with wax;
  • These stools are well combined with wicker seats and light wooden lacquered legs.

In the classical interior bedroom fits forged stoolIn the classical interior bedroom fits forged stool

Banquettes in the art deco style - an expensive pleasure. This is sure to fine woods, high-quality leather, forged parts. Wooden members are typically coated with black lacquer. Good looks and a white stool for the bedroom of a gold (can be silver), leather seats with rounded corners and a straight wooden legs.

Bench in the interior eco-style should be made strictly from natural materials and looks somewhat resemble the elements of nature. Today makes an interesting stools from plant materials using a weave.

Beautiful, interesting look on the little stools or include the long fur rugs. Gentle, intimate, comfortable - what is needed for the bedroom. Examples of the photo proof.

How to choose a banquette in the bedroom (video)

Bench - is a stylish bar, is not mandatory, but a very nice piece of furniture. He is good in the bedroom in any interior style, if properly selected. Importantly, stool should not interfere, and find exactly his place.

Have a nice choice!

Examples of stools in the bedroom (photo interior)

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