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Bedroom in the Japanese style contains a minimum of decoration and looks laconicallyBedroom in the Japanese style contains a minimum of decoration and looks laconically Bedroom - this is the most cozy and atmospheric room in the house. Careful attention should be paid to the proper organization of space. Through the introduction of the smallest detail can dramatically change the appearance of the room. East direction can improve the energy of the room in which man finds his salvation after a hard day's work. It was in this room you can fully unwind and relax both body and soul.

Bedroom design in the Japanese style: important points

Eastern philosophy is aimed at unification of the soul with nature. That is what lies at the heart of Japanese minimalism are being actively implemented in the interior. Only a few basic colors, simple and uncomplicated shapes and natural materials - so you can briefly describe this design direction.

To arrange a bedroom in a traditional Japanese style, you need to really love the culture of this country. When making a room with their hands do not need to rely solely on the photos, it is important to consider some rules.

As decoration for the bedroom Japanese-style themed paintings are ideal and painted fansAs decoration for the bedroom Japanese-style themed paintings are ideal and painted fans

Key aspects that characterize the Japanese style in the bedroom:

  1. At the heart of the eastern direction is minimalism. It manifests itself in the color combination of the furniture, the use of accessories. The negative energy accumulated in the room, will stay there because of the large number of subjects. So avoid clutter in the room.
  2. The functionality of the bedroom. It is necessary to correctly enter the room furniture (bed, wardrobe, mirror, bedside tables - this is the minimum of necessary) so that the space was crammed. If it is impossible to place the desired organic design turns overloaded and as a result, there is a violation of the first item in the list.
  3. Harmony with nature. The priority of the use of only natural materials. On a subconscious level, natural colors and textures contribute to full communion with the body and soul.
  4. Rapid transformation of the room. As is known, the Japanese houses have a unique feature: they are like a house of cards, consist of panels, easily transposed to another location. In fact, one room can be transformed in a few others. It is this principle should be followed in urban apartments.

With regard to the last point, about the dramatic changes in space, as in Japanese homes, and can be no question. But there is a great alternative - the use of sliding interior doors and partitions. They are used for zoning of space and perfectly delimit space.

No colorful flowers in the room with a Japanese style. Bright and flashy shades adversely affect human health, without giving really relax and enjoy the room. Only the gentle, calm, pastel colors.

Bedroom in the Japanese style: recommendations for finishing with illustrative photo

Any room design includes exterior trim of three components: the floor, walls and ceiling. The right combination of materials and colors makes it possible to make the interior unique and exclusive view of the chosen style.

Great solution is to use the wallpaper with the image of cherry blossoms in the bedroom, made in Japanese styleGreat solution is to use the wallpaper with the image of cherry blossoms in the bedroom, made in Japanese style

When finishing facilities adhere to the following rules:

  1. The floor should be made of wood. In that case, if funds do not allow the use of natural materials, linoleum suit with imitation wood.
  2. The walls are made of air and light, thanks to the installation of curtains made of rice paper. In real use of such materials is not feasible due to the performance of flats (temperature changes), so they are perfectly replaced with the image Mural bamboo or wood paneling. The modern solution - processing by a wall monochrome cloth.
  3. The ceiling must be perfectly flat and smooth. To achieve this effect, you can use the stretch ceiling. Modern technologies allow to apply the canvas image. In particular, suitable for the bedroom photo corresponding to the eastern theme to the max to recreate the interior of the bedroom.

If you follow all of the above conditions, then using the correct accessories and furniture get a very romantic bedroom, which will never be bored two loving hearts.

In order not to clutter the room tables, get a small bedside table. It is convenient to be located belongings, and he will not get in the way.

Bedroom interior in the Japanese style

Careful attention to lighting. Bedroom - a place for privacy and relaxation, and hence excessive amount of light is not the case here. If this room is used as a living room, then you should consider separate coverage, implemented by a switch.

Bedroom in the Japanese style is perfect for a low bed without legsBedroom in the Japanese style is perfect for a low bed without legs

As for furniture, it should be functional, but at the same time not pretentious and simple. Since the Japanese sleep on the floor on a small mattress (futon), and the modern design is reflected. Low bed without legs perfectly fit into the interior. Several bedside tables and a small cupboard - what do you need for a comfortable life? It is worth noting that the furniture should be as simple forms and natural wood.

Designers trying to exactly recreate the bedroom in the Japanese style in Russian apartments, resort to install a special design - a platform on which the mattress is placed. Visually, it appears that the bed is on the floor.

If all registration is subject to strict use of only natural materials, this also applies to the choice of curtains. They perform a protective function rooms, nooks hiding from prying eyes at all times. Curtains should be light-proof, but consistent with the overall design and be in one color with the walls and ceiling.

Photo bedroom Japanese-style with their hands: the east the atmosphere in the apartment

In any design, great attention is paid to detail. For example, add the necessary attributes, emphasizing the oriental culture when you make a bedroom in the Japanese style. It may be a fan, swords and daggers, fastened on the wall, talismans and statuettes, large dolls on the shelves. Even the bed linen can be purchased in the relevant subject with the image of characters.

Japanese style is well suited for small bedrooms because it involves the use of a minimum amount of furnitureJapanese style is well suited for small bedrooms because it involves the use of a minimum amount of furniture

Embodying the bedroom in the Japanese style, do not forget to add in the room details such as:

  1. Small artificial waterfall or aquarium. Water - a symbol of the money supply inflows, so very often these items can be found not only in oriental design, but the bedrooms and from the other direction.
  2. Houseplants. It is recommended to buy a present, a bonsai - bonsai. But few people can find the time to care for these plants, so it is best to do the usual potted flowers.
  3. Pictures with Japanese characters. A full view of the outside of the room is created by adding a picture of cherry blossoms or traditional characters.

Accessories, which must also be present in the Japanese interior - scented candles. This item is not listed in the general list, since not everyone is pleasant aromatherapy. But spreads the smell of candles is able to soothe or customize for a romantic evening, depending on the flavor.

Light bedroom Japanese-style (video)

Japanese style, though not having a lot of fans, is still used for the transformation of apartments of Russians. Reasons for the choice is given not to the benefit of the design bedrooms, simple - lack of dimensions for the realization of ideas and the high cost of natural materials. A small room is not really suitable for the Japanese style, because design suggests spaciousness and freedom.

Bedroom design in the Japanese style (interior photo)


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