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Modern wall - is a beautiful and multifunctional furniture, which is perfectly suited for the living roomModern wall - is a beautiful and multifunctional furniture, which is perfect for using gostinoyS furniture walls partition off a room, it can be stored, and various accessories. The walls of the modern designers are stylish, multi-functional, practical. Design for the hall in 2016 differ significantly from those sold in the Soviet era. Products become more attractive, creative, and they can be bought under the order.

Furniture wall in hall

Case furniture should be chosen not only according to their own preferences, but also in a manner appropriate to the interior space.

Thanks to modern technology it is possible to order the wall of different sizes, as well as:

  • forms;
  • species;
  • Finishes.

Options on how to select a style can be a huge amount, but there are few of the most popular of all.

Picking up a stylish wall of the room, consider its size and colorPicking up a stylish wall of the room, consider its size and color

style solutions

  1. Classic style is the most popular. Classic style furniture is massive, creativity, as well as ways to trim. As a rule, for manufacturing such furniture used natural wood, MDF panel or veneer. In classical wall cupboards can be seen, closed-type shelves and drawers, dressers and of course a bar.
  2. Country style is very different from the previous one as a feature of such furniture in that room, furnished with it, the situation resembles a small house in the village. The style is very calm, nice and it preferred by many people. old-fashioned interior items look very unusual and beautiful. It is now possible to buy accessories of the same style to the room looked full, harmonious and unified.
  3. In third place in popularity are high-tech, modern and loft. To use this style walls chipboard and MDF, and as the decor web of plastic, metal, glass and veneer.

Modern wall - it is original and exclusive products that can make the room comfortable and cozy. It is worth noting that the choice of a wall depends very much style and if you pick it up incorrectly, the room will look ridiculous.

Selection wall of roominess

Naturally, the most excellent furniture is the one which can not only decorate, but also benefit. It is not enough to competently install the furniture, you need to purchase a thoughtful piece of furniture that will accommodate a considerable number of items and accessories. Furniture factory, you can order a wide variety of wall of spaciousness, but the product should not be large, that is not acceptable.

An excellent solution for small living room will be multi-functional and spacious wall unitAn excellent solution for small living room will be multi-functional and spacious wall unit

Large sets can be installed in a spacious living area greater than 40 m2.

Standard rooms compact size living room occupies one of the walls, and that is not the whole, but only a part of it. It is this arrangement will make the room more graceful, elegant and stylish. Designers are advised to buy a wall not to store a lot of things, but in order to place the statues, books, memorabilia figurines and more. Small wall is much more practical, since they can be moved around the room, rearrange to another place, or do disassembled into parts, if you buy a modular design. Now it is possible to combine the living room and kitchen, and therefore buy products with a bar, a mini-bar, as well as a shelf under the TV and additional small tables.

How to choose the wall of the room in her area

There are varieties of so-called wall of the hall, which can be selected according to certain characteristics. The most important thing - is that the design is fully consistent with the room, as in a large room look very bad products in the style of minimalism, and, on the contrary, for a small room should not choose large home furnishings.

To expand a little room, you can pick up the wall furniture with glass insertsTo expand a little room, you can pick up the wall furniture with glass inserts


  1. For small rooms is perfect design, which has open shelves and hanging cabinets. This design increases the visual space and looks elegant, stylish and elegant. Perhaps the addition wardrobe, but on condition that it will be a lighter shade.
  2. In order to visually enlarge the space in the room, you can set the wall with a mirror or glass cloth. The glass can be as opaque and transparent, in principle, will not play a big role. It is important to remember that if the wall with transparent doors, respectively, in order to be perfect.
  3. An excellent choice for compact rooms are considered to be contrasting shades for a wall. Top should be lighter than the bottom, which will help expand the space.
  4. For large lounges can acquire beautiful angular modular walls, since they can be placed around the room rather than as a single composition.

The spacious living room central part of the wall can be much brighter than its additional elements, even if they are small in size. This color scheme helps to increase the size of furniture and to increase the space in the room.

wall color selection

Choosing furniture for the bedroom, living room or any other room in the apartment, it is necessary to pay attention to its color. That depends on him the fact whether the product combined with the interior of the room, and whether to decorate it. Initially, it is to determine the order, which requires the purchase of the wall. If it is necessary only to store items, you can select the product compact and roomy. If you want to set for the decoration of the premises, in order to place it in jewelry, photographs, and other items, it should be attractive, original and luxurious. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise it may turn out drain.

Always pay attention to the color of your walls, because it should harmoniously complement the design of the roomAlways pay attention to the color of your walls, because it should harmoniously complement the design of the room

It should be noted that the wall color can affect:

  • Psycho-emotional state of the household;
  • Mood;
  • Comfort.

Hue is very important, because dark colors make the room cluttered and accordingly constrict it. White considered trendy wall. They can decorate any interior completely, regardless of style. Very popular shade wall Wenge and oak.

Basically wall-slide fabricated in such colors. The most original is considered bleached oak or milk.

If the pile wall set in a dark room, it will be impossible to achieve the desired effect. Set of blue can be called quite rare and mostly such furniture installed in the rooms in Art Nouveau style, or does in children's rooms.

Beautiful wall for the living room (video)

In conclusion, if you decorate the hall in a particular topic, it is much better to give preference to modular structures, as they are multi-functional and extremely comfortable. Unusually elegant looks black wall in a bright room, making the room visually widens and above what is required in compact apartments with small dimensions.

Modern furniture wall (photo)


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