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Equipping the hall, special attention should be paid to its functionalityEquipping the hall, special attention should be paid to its funktsionalnostInterer hall must first be based on convenience and only then on the fashion trends and looks. What is this assumption justified? Obviously, what is beautiful is not always convenient, and, increasingly, the beauty will only get in the way as the members of the household and guests. It is worth thinking about the process of collection of cases, if the inconvenience it will complicated and tightened, and the return of the person will have to spend about half an hour to put all things in place. This situation is quite unpleasant and sometimes makes cleaning postpone the next day thereby litter the hallway.

Perfect ergonomics begins with an entrance

In order to properly allocate space, we should start by making a clear plan for the location of the drop zone.

Designers are advised to distribute the functional zones in the following order:

  • Shoe rack should be at the front door, in the same zone must be placed shoe place, which is decided depending on the size of the corridor. This can be as a special sofa, and most ordinary ottoman;
  • With regard to the hanger, it should be placed at arm's length from the shelves for shoes. Thus to bring a necessary thing, a light jacket and umbrella will be much easier;
  • Shelf for small items can also be placed near the place for shoes. They can store all the necessary accessories, keys, bags and purses.

Before proceeding to the design of the entrance hall are kindly requested to make a plan of arrangement of furniture setBefore proceeding to the design of the entrance hall are kindly requested to make a plan of arrangement of furniture set

Mirror in the hallway indispensable attribute, its placement is very important. It is best if it will take its place at the hanger, thus allowing complete its image before going on the street and look at themselves when they return home.

With regard to the overall seasonal clothing, the storage, it is best to purchase a narrow closet. This is ideal for saving space, as its doors do not take up too much space. In addition, almost every closet has additional shelves and drawers, it will significantly save space by unnecessary details.

In order to make a perfect corridor should have an idea of ​​exactly how a person arrives in the home.

The usual situation includes:

  • Placing a bag or package;
  • Removing headdress;
  • Take off your shoes;
  • folding clothes.

When the person leaves the room, he makes the same action on the contrary. Thinking of his future interior hallway, you should consider each sequence. In the case of non-compliance, will have to do too much movement. Scientists have proved that the execution of unnecessary actions leads a person to the crowd that as a consequence of increases fatigue and reduces efficiency.

Trendy lobby and a selection of furniture for them

Realized repairs, and has already become an entrance in their own cozy and beautiful. But the coming installation of furniture. To corridor became functionally convenient, it is necessary to select only high-quality, the best and the right materials. When buying furniture is better to read the reviews of previous customers to find good advice, as well as browse through more than one directory. By the choice of furniture must be approached very seriously, because every piece will play a role.

Excellent interior will look stylish small wardrobe with bedside tablesExcellent interior will look stylish small wardrobe with bedside tables

As for the area to house the shoes, the idea of ​​her situation are endless, they begin with the usual stands, end tables with special folding boxes. As to the latter, it is considered more advantageous. These cabinets are placed next to several absolutely any shoes.

Next to the storage place should be located for convenient place obuvaniya. Special requirements for him no, but the process should be not only convenient, but also do not cause desire to tighten the process.

Location outerwear includes several options. It may be a few hooks to hang seasonal clothes, and installing the cabinet, which is required to be in clothes that do not need at the moment. To choose the most fashionable wardrobes is not necessary. Enough to appeal to practicality. At the moment, manufacturers of furniture offer a lot of unnecessary things. Extra accessories, hooks and shelves will contribute to a clutter of unnecessary junk and other residential attributes that are quite out of place in the hallway.

Clothing of large sizes, especially in the cold season is able to nullify all the perfect design and cozy hall will lose its form. Consequently, the individual leads closet for the storage of such things is a must.

Comfortable halls: the path to the ideal

The corridor is a room that unites everyone in the house. As a consequence of the perfect interior - is the one that is in harmony with the whole house. No wonder they say that the repair should end it in the hallway, because the choice of style depends on the overall design of the house. If the rooms are decorated differently, the hallway should choose something neutral.

Hallway small furniture is better to choose a lighter shadeHallway small furniture is better to choose a lighter shade

In order to achieve the ideal of the interior should be used neutral colors, in this case, may come as a cold and a warm range of colors.

Cozy hall will happen if in its design to use warm colors. Then home, a warm atmosphere will be felt from the first minutes of stay. Developing a matter of convenience, it is best to remove unnecessary items interior, as a corridor to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Besides comfortable lobby is not obtained if the entrance will meet a huge carpet with a colorful ornament. Such accessory deprives hall raisins.

As for the scenery, then a certain balance must be observed in this matter, will not lead to an overabundance of good. Interior perfectly decorate a large vase, but it must be defined and the right place. So, for example, its location at the threshold will only lead to a handful of shards.

The combination of beauty and light

The ideal entrance hall - a well-lit hallway. If you notice that the main light source is not enough, compensate by spotlights and wall lights. Love twilight? Organize several individual switches, it is advisable to place them at opposite ends of the hallway. This will enable switch on the light at the time when it will be more necessary. Also, this method will always illuminate the dim light of the corridor. Just do not forget about the correct choice of lighting fixtures, they should ideally be combined with the room decor.

Special cozy atmosphere can be created with the help of high-quality lightingSpecial cozy atmosphere can be created with the help of high-quality lighting

No matter how many rooms has a flat, perhaps it is a private multi-storey building - this is your cozy nest. It begins with a corridor on the overall impression of the interior. It is for this reason that design requires not only hard work but also a little imagination.

How to arrange a beautiful entrance hall (video)

Beautiful and at the same time cozy hall able to adjust to the goodwill of any guest, but as a consequence and a pleasant chat in a comfortable environment. Remember that you can create the perfect entrance hall, even with the help of a specialist, drafting, perusing the finished photo. However, according to the cozy, performing every whim of the owners can only be done by yourself.

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