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Purple color of the wallpaper looks elegant, rich and colorfulPurple color of the wallpaper looks elegant, rich and krasochnoFioletovy color is considered quite complicated in the design application, because it combines several types of psychological caramel. Designers in the interior of the room is recommended to use only the color purple as an accent. With only one wall can be identified using a similar wallpaper. When making a room purple wallpaper, it is worth doing the floor is very bright, even white, as well as in the room should have enough natural light, because otherwise it will seem quite grim.

Modern purple wallpaper in the interior: photo ideas

Purple wallpaper used for decoration of the walls in the interior look very beautiful and unique, but they need to be able to competently combine with other shades to get a complete picture perfect.

Purple wallpaper perfectly with:

  • Light colors;
  • Bright saturated colors;
  • Calm neutral shades.

Purple wallpaper perfectly with white furniture and light color of the floorPurple wallpaper perfectly with white furniture and light color of the floor

The most elegant combination of purple color turns white, but bright iridescent colors can transform and radically change the interior, making it more piquant and picturesque. Very carefully should be used like wallpaper when you make a bedroom, because they will look pretty bleak in a large space. It is not necessary to use violet wallpaper for nursery and office. The winning option will design kitchens and dining rooms in purple tones. In addition, it will be interesting to look and living room, especially if that would be well-matched accessories.

Beautiful wallpaper with purple flowers

Modern creative wallpaper with purple flowers can become a real decoration and complement any room. They are able to be a real highlight of the interior and will serve as background for design furniture and other accessories.

They look equally good in every style used and are a true ornament. Wallpaper with purple flowers are best used for papering one wall that will accent.

Wallpaper with purple flowers become creative and colorful solution for the design of the roomWallpaper with purple flowers become creative and colorful solution for the design of the room

It is not necessary to paste over everything completely wallpapered walls with purple flowers, because they will create a depressing and oppressive atmosphere. The rest of the wall is a wallpaper paste over self-colored.

Purple flowers can be applied on any background, creating an original and vivid picture. If you want to make the room particularly refined and elegant, it is necessary to choose black or white wallpaper to put on them purple flowers. In combination with textile or enhancements can be achieved purple the marvelous effect and bring the interior of a luxury item.

Stylish dark purple wallpaper

Dark purple wallpaper in the interior requires a special approach and taking into account many different nuances. These wallpapers have recently begun to enjoy a very high popularity and demand among designers, because with their help it is possible to realize all the most daring and creative solutions and execute a room in the desired style, ranging from elaborate classical to modern pop art.

The most successful option would be a combination of dark purple wallpaper with black and white furniture, which will be with the best hand to emphasize the depth and richness of the color purple. Dark purple wallpaper help perfectly zoned premises, regardless of whether it is a large space or small room.

With stylish dark purple wallpaper can perfectly zoned premisesWith stylish dark purple wallpaper can perfectly zoned premises

If the room is too saturated with light and bright colors, the dark purple wallpaper will help her more shade and create the desired atmosphere.

When using dark purple wallpaper, you need to create a sufficient level of coverage. Also, dark purple wallpaper contribute to the increase of space, especially if such wallpaper paste over two opposite walls.

Interesting wallpaper with purple pattern

Purple wallpapers are considered a symbol of peace and tranquility. With their help, you can create a unique interior, which will be more calm, peace and inspiration.

Quite interesting and unusual look wallpaper white or beige color with printed pattern purple. Such wallpaper perfectly fit into the living room space. With the right combination of wallpaper with other furnishings, a living room will be more spacious, filled with special light and heat.

Using purple wallpaper will create a peaceful atmosphere in the room, calm and comfortUsing purple wallpaper will create a peaceful atmosphere in the room, calm and comfort

Very nice wallpaper will look with beige, purple, gold and silver pattern. The luxurious refined interior with expensive heavy curtains will look great purple wallpaper applied with the gold pattern.

This will give the room a special decoration of luxury, unique style and charm. If you need to expand the space visually raise the ceiling or, in this case, well suited wallpaper in purple stripes, which can be vertical and horizontal.

In the children's room purple wallpaper must be chosen very carefully. They should be as light shades. It is best to use a white or silver-colored wallpaper patterned with small purple or violet beautiful designs for a child's room.

Fancy UV Wallpaper "Underwater World"

Using ultra modern wallpaper "Underwater World" can feel like a real designer. An amazing and unique images of flora and fauna of the underwater world just fascinates and amazes with its magnificence.

Colorful and bright wallpaper Colorful and bright wallpaper "Underwater World" will appeal to your child

Desktop in a nautical theme to help bring its own flavor and give the opportunity to arrange a room in the relevant topics. Mural depicting the underwater world - it is a real alternative to the creation of a large aquarium at home. Incredible beauty of the underwater world will capture and amaze your guests. Everyone will be delighted with the beautiful residents of the deep sea, exotic fish, coral reefs and other vegetation on the background of transparent sea water.

Offshore unique storyline perfectly able to fit perfectly into the interior of any room, whether it be:

  • Bedroom;
  • Children's;
  • Kitchen;
  • Living room.

In addition, these wallpapers are ideal for the decoration of the walls in the public institutions. When creating favorable conditions for the contemplation of marine life and the water may well affect a person, helping improve mood and increase efficiency.

Interior room in violet tones (video)

Modern beautiful purple wallpaper can bring to the interior of the special beauty and uniqueness, the most important thing in addition to choose the right furniture, finishes and furnishings to provide a holistic picture.

Purple wallpaper in the interior (photo)


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