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Beautiful wall with wardrobe perfectly fit the interior of a modern living roomBeautiful wall with a closet-coupe perfectly fit the interior of a modern gostinoyK buying furniture to create a beautiful design in the room should be approached with extreme care. In case of an error the family budget could be seriously affected. This acquisition, it is quite a profitable choice not only for spacious living, but also for those apartments, which are in addition to the hall no longer have rooms. Taking into account the last version of such a wall, it is quite compact and cost-effective solution. Standard wardrobes rarely adorn the living rooms with modern design, but this wall, perfectly fit into the interior.

Wardrobe and wall in the living room: how to place

Before you go buying walls need to define the living space. How it can be arranged. If a lot of places, the right place for the cabinet, you can determine how often do, in front of the window in the front side. However, it is possible, if the wall is modular and can be positioned along different trajectories.

wall accommodation, in the presence of which has a wardrobe, living room depends on its structure and size.

Designers recommend placing a wall with a wardrobe along one wall of the guest roomDesigners recommend placing a wall with a wardrobe along one wall of the guest room

If it was spacious, place the wall at the long wall, occupying its entire area. Yes, of course, with this arrangement, sufficient space is lost, but you can compensate by setting a mirror that will greatly increase the room.

If possible install the wardrobe in this perspective, there is no way you can order a corner cabinet that looks like a triangle. This option will not only look great, but also skradet the territory of one of the corners of the living room.

The wall of the compartment for a living - make invisible installation

To cupboard seemed less catchy to the eye, it can be hidden in a niche of the hall. There are times when it is necessary to make such an installation cabinet, so that it seemed hidden. Well, if there is a niche with a living room, so you can make an embedded model of the cabinet at the same time without affecting the strong change of the room layout. Likewise, you can build a wall and, if you pick the right size. Photos of options can be viewed in the shop catalog.

Originally hide large closet can be in a special nicheOriginally hide large closet can be in a special niche

Next detail that should be paid attention to is the facades. They should ideally be combined with the design of the walls. More specifically, in this situation you have to give up linings or cornices, which are often used to decorate the front of the cabinet. Any decoration will automatically draw attention to the closet. If you want to decorate the wall, it is best to use the same material as that used for on the cabinet doors.

Wardrobe - advantages and disadvantages

It is impossible to claim that the fashion for such walls and wardrobe out, on the contrary, it is getting more and more popular as not only design changes, but the model is fully upgraded.

Considering the functionality and capacity of data cabinets, they are very popular.

By wardrobe benefits include:

  1. Making cabinets is possible in all variations, it can be both angular and housing, so radius and straight models. Based on this range, you can find exactly the type that is ideal for the living room. such different materials are used for manufacturing the cabinet doors.
  2. Due to its spaciousness and functionality of this panel allows you to allocate space efficiently. Attention from this cabinet to divert easy enough to use a mirrored facade, which also help to visually enlarge the room.
  3. This cabinet is very capacious, it is possible to store not only clothes and shoes, but also household appliances, as well as other necessities.

closet advantage is that it is not only functional, but also can easily complement the stylish interior of the guest roomcloset advantage is that it is not only functional, but also can easily complement the stylish interior of the guest room

Besides all these positive aspects, you can specify another one, which is undoubtedly very important. Having a niche in the living room, which can not use for other purposes, it is easy to close the wardrobe. He also perfectly hide any unevenness of the wall.

Of course, nobody is perfect designs, respectively, and this has its drawbacks. The wall will look big and massive. Although it is only in the event that the owner of the wrong choice made in the direction of color and design. If it happened, it is necessary to transform the room other possible ways.

In addition to the shortcomings with wall wardrobe can include the following points:

  1. razdvizheniya system doors can very quickly come into disrepair, very often it happens, if the entire cabinet was originally mounted or incorrectly installed on an uneven surface;
  2. If the cabinet has large dimensions and it requires additional mounting lighting fixtures, this will bring extra financial costs;
  3. razdvizheniya system doors and rails need to be cleaned regularly, as the whole structure will become worthless without it.

Taking into account all the shortcomings can be said that they are easy to avoid. Simple cleaning and chores are no longer delivered to the problems.

Functional characteristics wall with wardrobe

Wardrobe, part of the wall can accommodate absolutely anything. Next to this suite perfect fit home theater, home decorative items, books shelves.

Functionality of such a wall due to the fact that all of its sections, and the modules are combined.

Further decorate wardrobe door can be beautiful drawings or patternsFurther decorate wardrobe door can be beautiful drawings or patterns

Besides its functionality includes the following positive aspects:

  • This cabinet is dominated by the department for storage. He not only has a central office, but also the highest possible for a greater capacity;
  • It has no unnecessary additional elements;
  • Qs linen drawers and shelves;
  • A greater percentage of the product is made exclusively from natural raw materials.

On a par with the internal equipment cabinet is always important, and appearance. It is this point plays an important role in the living room interior. Such furniture is always decorated. In this use mirrors, colored or matte, graphics, gloss, and other materials. The range of choice is big enough.

To cupboard looked exquisitely original patterns can be used, which are represented on the mirrors.

When the façade is very often used laser engraving, jewelry skin, bamboo, frescoes, but the most important thing is to make the correct choice of decoration for wardrobe perfectly fit into the interior. It all depends on whether it is necessary to hide the wardrobe or to make it the main focus. should not be done all of the elements with bright walls. If you choose this piece of furniture should be allocated only one thing special tint.

Modular wall with a wardrobe in the living room (video)

To summarize, it should be noted that the walls of the acquisition with the wardrobe, this is a winning option, not only for small apartments, but the studios, lofts. Lounge, a business card of any host, because there spend most of their time. It is this piece of furniture will help cope with many challenges. Having problems with irregularities, architectural errors, this acquisition will help to fix them, as well as significantly save the family budget in the sector of storage space. But the most important thing is making this furniture in the living room cozy and comfortable.

Details: wall in the room with the wardrobe (photo examples)

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