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Bedroom in the attic - it is not only original but also practicalBedroom in the attic - it is not only original, but also praktichnoSpalnya loft-style - it is original, cute, romantic, interesting. Like anything it's called, but do not take a room-floor bedroom. Take unusual ideas as a basis for registration, or vice versa, put at the heart of the charm of simplicity, and enjoy the space for sleep and rest.

Bedroom with roof window: ideas and options

It is very important how many windows in the attic, and how they are arranged. Well, when the window on the front, and sometimes two windows. If the windows only roof, then there is a bevel openings in the roof - even with a small area by tilting the lighting is good, and the room will gain a spatial perspective.

The more the attic gables and window, the better: they will increase the visual size of the room.

Large roof window will visually enlarge the space of the bedroomLarge roof window will visually enlarge the space of the bedroom

If the skylight, you are not so concerned about its design - can leave just as it is. But also due to quality coverage you can experiment with color, not afraid of the dark shades for a small bedroom.

Design ideas bedroom in the attic: the classic trends

Interior attic bedroom can be made in any style - if a small house, attic ceiling sheathe clapboard. If you are using this material, the best style of these bedrooms - country or provence. And if the room has beams, it is only in aid of interior conviction.

If you want a loft in a wooden house made into a rustic style, it can be carelessly plastered walls. But more often still done the same linings that complement well-chosen accessories.

A great option would be a bedroom in the attic, decorated in rustic styleA great option would be a bedroom in the attic, decorated in rustic style

Bedroom in the attic in the style of Provence, or country

If you have the basis of country or provence, you should:

  • Revisit the many design options attic bedroom in this style - photo gallery will give you understand which direction to go;
  • The bright tones of the walls and floors are preferable, you can take a light-colored wallpaper with a smallest pattern;
  • Wallpaper with a large pattern or design with geometric shapes (still in vogue in the 2017th) does not fit in the mansard bedroom, lay not the same;
  • Delicate curtains, lovely linens, a variety of vases, paintings, flowers, rustic rugs gentle tones - beautiful traditional Provencal signs;
  • Small attic will look more interesting in this style - it will distract decor and fullness on the size;
  • In particular, work with the window, it can become a focus throughout the room.

Finishing in general must either detract from tiny attic, or emphasize the singularity and originality, which can boast of this floor.

Provence style in the bedroom monsardnoy emphasize the uniqueness of your roomProvence style in the bedroom monsardnoy emphasize the uniqueness of your room

It may be an option when the attic are two bedrooms. If they are symmetrical to each other, and place them better in the same style. In a single, but it does not mean that the same way. In any case, registration of the floor (the attic and can be considered on the floor) in the same style - it is always a sign of good taste.

Bedroom Design: Loft-2017, modern ideas on the selection of furniture

If this is a bedroom, the internal center of its uniquely bed. The modern approach more waives that the bed is the only piece of furniture.

Tips for selection of furniture:

  • bed design can be anything, but the bed always be low, on the futon on the podium give up, but very low bed to remind that this attic, which is not very good.
  • The value depends on the headboard wall height and angle. If you are installing a bed under the window, then it will depend on the height of the window sill. Without a headboard, you can only do if it is replaced by a window.
  • Other furniture is chosen according to the type and style of the bed, taking into account other features of the attic.

For attic bedroom is best to choose low furnitureFor attic bedroom is best to choose low furniture

It is also believed that the furniture should be low. For example, a low coffee table, a low chair, dresser, the dresser low.

High dining table or desk, you can put in the attic bedroom, only in the case of the attic under the sloping roof with a very small angle. This premise of regular mail will not be different.

How to put the bed in the attic bedroom

Since this is the main part of the interior, the question worth discussing. The best option - placing the bed to the lowest in the attic wall, because it is believed that hanging over your feet ceiling will not be as scary as an overhanging roof over your head.

Headboard against the wall bed should occupy a central position - or in relation to the length of the wall or to the gable, it does not matter. If you move the box to the center, you break the symmetry of the room. Bed - the main element of the bedroom, and it will destroy the structure of the displacement situation.

The bed should be placed on the center of the room, as well as other items puts the wallsThe bed should be placed on the center of the room, as well as other items puts the walls

Place the bed along the inclined wall can only be in the room for two children, where the bed is placed symmetrically at each other.

The worst option is not present, than one window on the front, which is located opposite the bed "in the legs." The light will seem distant and fuzzy, and the walls, hanging from both sides, will make the situation oppressive. That is to sleep in a room can be, but to sleep all the time - in any way.

A better option when the bed headboard to the long wall mounted so that the window on the front were on one or two sides.

Design a bedroom in the attic (video)

For a country house attic bedroom - a good solution. Its location ensures privacy and a certain romantic and sophisticated form of walls and ceiling will add originality. And most importantly, any style, any color, any interior mix is ​​possible.

Successful solutions!

Options attic bedrooms (photos)


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