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Suspended structure hide defects and ceilings give the room elegant appearanceSuspended structure hide defects and ceilings give the room trim vidKonstruktsiya suspended ceiling system can be different in length and width, area and kind of finishing. Suspended structures on the ceiling give the room a good view, hide imperfections and provide a cozy environment.

What is suspended ceiling

false ceiling device represents a frame which is fastened directly to the ceiling and to the walls, followed by finishing frame.

The basis of the ceiling serves as the frame, which is fixed to the ceilingThe basis of the ceiling serves as the frame, which is fixed to the ceiling

Suspended under the ceiling trim design has several advantages:

  • Hide irregularities in the ceiling;
  • It allows you to hide and isolate the wiring and other engineering subjects;
  • It plays the role of thermal insulation and sound insulation system in place;
  • It allows you to create any design and architecture of the ceiling to divide the room into zones.

To the suspension systems may be attached drywall, fabric, plates and slats, plastic, tape tension and other decorative materials. Suspension system consists of bearing guides, lateral guides, the angular moldings, suspensions, screws and dowels.

Suspension system Ecophon and ecophon focus is the acoustic-type system. It is made of galvanized steel frame on which the assembly is held sound absorbing slabs, which are made from ductile glass.

Suspension system ecophon focus can be installed in any room, it can be soundproof, hidden and open. Suspended ceiling Knauf design has excellent technical characteristics, its components contain profiles, guides, screws and dowels. You can order on an individual project design, with all the components, they will be ready to install in a specific room.

A feature of Ecophon ecophon focus and suspension systems are a good sound-absorbing characteristicsA feature of Ecophon ecophon focus and suspension systems are a good sound-absorbing characteristics

For each type of finishing materials must be carefully selected material suspension system, guided by the level of maximum load on 1 m of the ceiling, to the weight of finishing materials did not exceed the maximum allowed. Excessive loads acting on the suspension system may result in deformation of the structure and to the collapse of the ceiling.

The main structure of the suspended ceiling

Ceiling suspension system is mounted on a metal frame in which slats are provided for finishing facing materials, like the pictures.

The metal frame has hangers that help you adjust the height of the ceiling over the entire area.

The primary fasteners in the frame are metal hangersThe primary fasteners in the frame are metal hangers

There are several types of suspended ceilings:

  1. Suspended ceiling on metal rails. Construction of suspended ceiling rails mounted on a metal frame by means of dowels and screws, the angles are adjusted suspensions. Rack design for ceilings are best suited for use in long and narrow rooms, because Reiki is hard enough to reduce or add them to the length of the joints with a cut will be granted, if painted slats may paint peeling. Easier to work with ready-made materials. This design differs moisture resistance, durability. In the space between the ceiling and rough rack, you can install additional ventilation equipment.
  2. Constructions false ceilings of the mineral fibers is secured to the unfinished ceiling on the metal frame. Plates are introduced into the frame and fixed.
  3. Ceiling slabs. The design of a false ceiling can be formed of plates of different materials: mineral fibers, metal, drywall, styrofoam. Plates are mounted to the frame or are introduced into it being fixed side moldings and notches on the front side.

Any ceiling design makes it possible to install additional vents and the ventilation space between the rough and suspended ceiling.

suspended ceiling design provides for air ventssuspended ceiling design provides for air vents

Minimal space between the roughing ceiling and false ceiling frame should not be less than 2.5 cm.

The metal frame fastened to the ceiling and walls depending on the shape of the future construction and decorative materials used. Supporting rails suspended structure fixed to the ceiling on the suspension tongue a certain level, and the transverse rails and are fastened to the ceiling and to the supporting rail. Corner moldings create visual space between the wall and the ceiling.

Feature of the device ceiling of GCR

The apparatus of the false ceiling plasterboard over different strength, has good acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics.

Multilevel ceiling plasterboard allows an zoning premises, has a complex structural frameworkMultilevel ceiling plasterboard allows an zoning premises, has a complex structural framework

The false ceiling can be:

  • Sibling when the device has a continuous surface without transitions and trims;
  • Multi-level, when the combined number of transitions;
  • With the frame closed by the GCR;
  • Modular ceiling with open frame.

The device is suspended open ceiling is used to divide a room into several zones. It successfully obtained if the set multi-level design.

Root mounting false ceiling is necessary to install a ceiling hanger, which is then mounted main bearing profiles are connected to one another and extenders.

When the frame is ready, you can start finishing gypsum sheets. drywall fasteners are starting from a corner, calculate materials needed so that the joints of falls on the carrier profiles. GCR fastened with screws to the metal frame, piercing metal profile. After installation of drywall, plasterboard shpaklyuyut joints, sheets painted with latex paint.

Mounting frame for suspended ceiling (video)

Mandatory compliance certificates for suspended ceilings

Before installing suspended ceilings, it is necessary to ensure their quality, to check the certificate of conformity for use in residential and office buildings.

High-quality materials and the experience of the master will be a guarantee of reliability and durability of the suspended structureHigh-quality materials and the experience of the master will be a guarantee of reliability and durability of the suspended structure

It is important to match the requirements of GESN:

  1. Materials should be environmentally friendly;
  2. The framework must be sound, free from defects;
  3. The frame must match the type of materials, maintaining the maximum load without deformation frame system.

Construction work on the installation of the ceiling must be done by masters, which guarantee the quality of work, guided ENiR, but considering all precautions and appropriate skills, suspended ceiling installation can be carried out independently.

The use of non-certified materials used in the construction is strictly prohibited for suspended ceiling constructions. Such materials are not tested for quality and may threaten life and health of their owners.

The choice of materials for ceiling (video)

Design suspended ceilings can be different each firma- manufacturer offers a wide range of starting and finishing materials. This facilitates the installation of a suspended ceiling and provides an opportunity to carry out repairs on their own, without the involvement of specialists. 

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