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Corner wall for the living room - a practical version of the original furnitureCorner wall for the living room - a practical option original mebeliOdnim of the most practical options of furniture for the living room walls are angular, they allow you to combine multiple items into one whole, due to this there is a significant space saving and interior acquires integrity. The modern market is full of this kind of furniture can be found on the wall of every taste and color, and if not approached any one option, to the customer service is always a company offering to order furniture on their own wishes and design, this gives an exclusive project.

Corner modular wall in the living room, modern trends

The classic version of the finished walls may not always coincide with the parameters of the room, so manufacturers offer to stay on the modular versions - they consist of several parts that can fit in any size room. The design of these components is made in the same style, so combine them together will not be easy.

Modular angular wall consists of several parts which can fit into the room of any sizeModular angular wall consists of several parts which can fit into the room of any size

Experts explain the advantages of modular furniture in front of the usual classic:

  1. Modern modular seating can be installed on their own, without inviting for this specialist work and saving money.
  2. One of the most powerful advantages over conventional modular furniture cabinet - is its compactness, even white interior decorations will add nobility and style.
  3. Modular furniture can be tailored to their needs, establishing any number of cabinets with drawers in the living room or hall, for any details, and in any style.
  4. Furniture purchased in advance can be supplemented with additional units, gradually buying new.
  5. When a major failure of one of the wall components is not necessary to change the whole composition, and can be purchased separate fragment that fits into the overall ensemble.

Often only with the help of modular furniture can be solved the problem of non-standard size room.

Modern corner wall for the living room

Using the corner of furniture saves space in a small apartment and a good use of every centimeter of space. If we add cunning and use a specific range of colors, it is possible not only to efficiently use the room, but also to expand it visually.

Angled walls include two types: hull (in the form of the finished product, which is solid) and modular (wherein each item is sold in a particular embodiment and is convenient in combination).

 Modern buyers are a number of requirements to obtain the most appropriate to their design and tasteful furnitureModern buyers are a number of requirements to obtain the most appropriate to their design and tasteful furniture

Living room furniture can be purchased in any style:

  1. Classic - he has always been synonymous with luxury, elegance and talked about good taste of the hosts. Such furniture is different rigor lines, rich decorations and the use of natural wood for its production. Price range of this style is quite high, so you have to afford not to everyone, but it is an investment well worth the money and effort. Classics never go out of fashion with, and complement it with some modern details becomes quite simply, turning the interior into a modern and adding flavor to it.
  2. Modern style combines some of the details with classic, high-tech, minimalist and electricians. When using this style allowed a bold combination of colors, furniture and decorations.
  3. Minimalism - it prefer to busy people who use the premises exclusively for relaxation, this contemporary party-goers and travelers as well as businessmen and office workers. This style is characterized by clean lines, black and white colors, slightly diluted beige shade and almost lack of decor items.
  4. The walls of a Japanese-style characterized by naturalness of materials, bright colors, which emphasize the brown tint. In this style, there is practically no symmetry, allowing the imagination run wild and get relax.

Modern buyers are a number of requirements to obtain the most appropriate to their design and tasteful furniture.

First of all, the angular walls should be as functional and roomy, so that they could accommodate a large number of things needed in everyday life and take up much space.

Beautiful design and use of high-quality and safe materials for its production costs are also on the first place. Most apartments and houses have small children, who may be injured on a sharp corner and breathe in the harmful formaldehyde vapors.

The pros and cons of angular walls

Angled walls as well as any type of furniture has positive and negative sides.

is a plus:

  1. The ability to effectively use those portions of the room, which often remain empty. When separate purchases of furniture, in most cases, the corners are empty, while the version with angular wall you can place some decorative items, or put pictures.
  2. In these kinds of furniture can be effectively put all things - seasons in one box, and often used in the arc.
  3. If you choose the right style of corner wall under the shade of the walls and the interior, it becomes almost invisible, does not burden the room.
  4. By purchasing a corner wall, you can easily hide the defects or errors space planning, in this case it is better to consult an expert and find the most profitable and effective option.
  5. One of the advantages is the diversity of the corner wall designs - the buyer to select for itself the optimal variant.

By purchasing a corner wall, you can easily hide the defects or errors room layoutBy purchasing a corner wall, you can easily hide the defects or errors room layout

In addition to a large number of advantages, there are small and disadvantages of this kind of furniture.


  • corner wall for small and low rooms are not suitable, they are able to visually reduce the room settings and create a tight and uncomfortable atmosphere;
  • If the presence of the owners a small living room, it is better not to acquire a corner wall, a straight, or limited to a certain individual pieces of furniture that will fit the style of the room and complement it.

Often a standard wall includes such divisions - TV, small open section for storage of objects of decoration or small things, drawers, hidden niche in which is placed a small equipment.

Overview of built walls in the living room

The most economical option is to purchase an embedded wall, so as not to make the wrong choice, experts recommend doing similar furniture to order, then all options will perfectly fit the niche in the room. Also a big plus is that it is the customer determines how much it will niches, drawers and jewelry on the future of the product. The purchase option to put up with the fact that the manufacturer has conceived.

Corner wall of the living room option 21 (video)

Acquiring embedded corner wall, you can save a lot of space in the living room, and hide not only things, but also small appliances - irons, vacuum cleaner, which is always not enough space. 

Modern angled walls to the living room (photo)


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