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Without smooth walls quality repair is not possible, in principle,Without a smooth high-quality repair walls becomes impossible printsipeNerovnye walls - how often you can hear this phrase from the lips of those who are engaged in repair. And how sometimes you want to create in your home a unique comfort and style that will please the eye and become the envy of others.

Any finishing and decorative material have to stay on a level surface. After all the walls in the apartment occupied by not only its greater area, they are always in sight of others! Better not to ignore this kind of irregularities, and to deal with them all that they can.

The line the walls under the wallpaper: two main methods

Small defects and irregularities of the walls can be hidden by using wallpaper with a pattern. Then these small and subtle "blots" builders will not be visible to anyone. But here if the apartment has an uneven wall, the waves and the curvature, the unusual wallpaper there will not be enough.

To equalize the wall are typically known materials - drywall and plaster.

Plasterboard, for the moment, for heavy artillery surfaces whose roughness ranging from 5 centimeters or more. After making smooth wall using drywall and pokleit wallpaper on them, the result will not wait long. Walls, aligned with this technology, look over evenly and smoothly. Just something and willing hosts. A job is simple: plasterboard plate must be secured to the frame profiles of metal.

With the help of gypsum boards can get perfectly straight walls, but a useful space of the room is reducedWith the help of gypsum boards can get perfectly straight walls, but a useful space of the room is reduced

Of course, one can not ignore the advantages of this method:

  1. When aligning the walls in such a way before the work is not required to clean the surface from dirt or old wallpaper.
  2. In addition, for the plasterboard can always hide communications or materials to install heat and sound insulation.

Of the minuses drywall may be noted that the alignment of the walls of this material space of an apartment may be slightly less.

The plaster is somewhat more complicated. The process itself should be called a complex and laborious, so also before the start of the entire surface must be cleaned of dirt and dust, cover the walls with primer and only then deal with the most important - line the walls. Of the advantages of this method can be noted that the plaster will not "eat" area of ​​the apartment as the previous material.

But the negative side of the plaster are available:

  • Long cooking surface to the spray mixture;
  • Time consuming process before gluing;
  • At work and at its end in the apartment remains a large amount of dust and dirt that just does not save time.

The choice is always remains with the owner, use the drywall or plaster if the wall curves. But the main thing is only one thing - this is a positive result and the length of use!

Materials for leveling walls under the wallpaper

Before you begin the process of lining the walls, you need to prepare all that is necessary for this work. Before starting to prepare the necessary work space, put on the clothes, which is not afraid to be dirty.

Now, what can be useful to make the wall smooth with your hands? Having at hand all the necessary, any person to easily do everything correctly and accurately.

The choice of materials and tools depends on how walls levelingThe choice of materials and tools depends on how walls leveling

When the process of alignment of the walls will need:

  • Dry mortar;
  • Thick plasterboard panel;
  • Construction spatulas of various sizes;
  • Roller and brush;
  • A tool for surface leveling - the rule;
  • Material for surface cleaning.

This is the necessary minimum, which is always useful to master not only the alignment of the walls alone, but also performing other construction works.

How to align the wall under the wallpaper and technology options

Acquainted with what is usually equate the wall, it's time to get down to business. Naturally, the alignment of each variant has its own technology and it is strongly recommended to comply.

Dub wall plasterboard

  1. To begin, you must determine the size of the walls and how many drywall required for the job.
  2. Acquiring all the necessary material and having at the other tools necessary to get started with screwing screws into the wall, retreating 3-4 cm from the walls and ceiling.
  3. Next to the self-tapping screws need to tie a thread, pulling it.
  4. By doing the same thing in all the corners, turn the contours of the future of the sheet of drywall.
  5. Now, self-tapping screws can be fastened to the rails. Further, in the guide, installed in the floor and ceiling, are inserted into the rack rails at a distance of 40-50 centimeters.

Do not forget that the guides need to rasp to the height of the room.

It is extremely important to correctly calculate the required amount of drywallIt is extremely important to correctly calculate the required amount of drywall

Solidifying the resultant frame operation continues. plasterboard sheets need to be fixed to each rack.

Installing drywall on such technology will wall that after two coats of plaster and a primer layer can safely paint or wallpaper paste over beautiful, it will be even and smooth.

Technology leveling plaster walls

  1. Before you begin the process, the walls should put in order, that is to clean them from dirt. Primed surface clean.
  2. This work is conducted to strong pour mortar. Wanting to get a perfectly smooth wall, can not do without having to install the flashing lines.
  3. These reechki mounted on opposite sides of the walls.
  4. Further, according to the technology of this embodiment, dilute cement mixture and cause its large strokes construction spatula between Beacon reechkami.

Immediately before the plaster is necessary to prepare the wall, namely: to clean from dirt and coat primerImmediately before the plaster is necessary to prepare the wall, namely: to clean from dirt and coat primer

Special construction object - the rule necessary to smooth wall surface, which was covered with cement mixture. It should be done, until the wall is smooth and level, in accordance with the installation of the flashing lines.

What wallpaper conceal irregularities wall

An uneven surface and wall defects can be corrected with the help of wallpaper. If you start a repair, hosts a small budget, then the easiest option for leveling walls will be double-layered wallpapers. These wallpapers are a few common denser and often are embossed. In addition, with this wallpaper it is very convenient to operate, as the material they are tight and are not expensive. The cost of one roll is about 150-200 rubles.

Next in the category of wallpaper, with which you can hide defects and irregularities of the walls are vinyl wallpaper. These wallpapers are not just compact and comfortable, their main advantage is the high strength!

Vinyl wallpaper are of various kinds:

  • Foams having no small thickness, by which can perfectly conceal irregularities of the walls of sight;
  • Hot stamping - such wallpaper except plate have the advantage, as mechanical strength, with which easily can be cleaned wallpapers;
  • Washable, unfortunately, this type of vinyl wallpaper is not recommended to mask the defects of the walls, as because of its shiny surface irregularities of the walls will still stand out more.

In the price category Vinyl wallpaper are giving way to a simple two-layer, and their value attain to the level of 750 rubles.

Liquid wallpaper will become a real lifesaver when you need a quick alignment of the walls with a minimum budgetLiquid wallpaper will become a real lifesaver when you need a quick alignment of the walls with a minimum budget

Non-woven wallpaper is also a great option to hide all the bumps on the surface of the wall. Dense fibers and embossed texture cope well with this task. Price per roll of wallpaper is - 800 rubles.

And the latest version of wallpaper for the walls and leveling irregularities are liquid wallpaper.

Liquid wallpaper, due to its composition, fill small cracks and damaged surfaces, hiding all the unwanted defects as "excellent".

But with deep irregularities and greater curvature they can not cope. As the cost of these wallpapers occupy an honorable 4th place as part of the cost of liquid wallpaper ranges from 900 rubles and above.

How to align the wall under the wallpaper (video)

Leveling uneven walls in the apartment with his hands can be the strength not only experts in their field, but also those who are just beginning to deal with these sorts of things.

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