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Suspended Metal panels have excellent appearance and high reliabilityMetal suspended panels have beautiful views and are highly nadezhnostyuMnogie people prefer to install metal panels on the rough ceiling. They look very attractive and has high strength. In addition, metal ceilings are easy to install even for a beginner. In order to establish an iron ceiling you need to set the crate of aluminum profiles and carefully prepare the base surface.

Suspended metal ceiling Albes

Rack ceiling "Albes" is the most popular. This is due to the fact that such structures are made of high quality materials, but have a low specific weight.

Suspended ceilings "Albes" can be installed even in the bathroom. Such designs do not take up much space, and does not deform under the influence of changes in temperature or humidity. 

Pinion Pinion "Albes" ceilings have dust properties

Install the ceiling panel "Albes" should be in the following sequence:

  1. First, you need to fix line trim. Fixing is done with dowels.
  2. Attach the hangers with metal anchors.
  3. Place the bracket profile. Remember that it must be perpendicular to the rails.
  4. Then proceed to the first panel assembly. It must be attached to the carrier profile.
  5. Install the remaining panels similarly.
  6. Check the evenness of the structure. If you notice that secured at least one panel is uneven, it is best to disassemble the entire structure, and make installation again. Dismantling design begins with the removal of the panels and the supporting profile. Only then can you remove the hangers and corners.
  7. Install lights.

Collect metal decorative ceiling

Manufacture decorative ceiling for the bathroom or living room, you can use the cluster perforated panels. In addition, data can be easily installed panel and possess anti-dust properties.

Before set inlaid metal ceiling, it is desirable to degrease the surface of the base. It is worth noting that to install the structure, you will need not only the wall profiles, but also special perforated tape.

Perforated panels help hide various defects on the base surfacePerforated panels help hide various defects on the base surface

decorative ceiling installation technology:

  • Fix the line trim with dowels.
  • Set the guides and fix them with screws.
  • Attach the hangers.
  • Place the tape on top of the crates. Fix the panel with screws for metal.
  • Install lights.

How to install metal ceilings in the bathroom

The bathroom can only be installed aluminum plates. This is due to the fact that the ordinary steel is subject to corrosion. 

Before starting the installation, it is necessary to carry out the wiring. Remember that all wires should be isolated. Also, before installation it is desirable to align the base surface and to eliminate cracks in the walls and ceiling.

Significant plus aluminum panels - ease of care, and a small proportion ofSignificant plus aluminum panels - ease of care, and a small proportion of

How to install aluminum plates:

  1. Set the stringers on the ceiling.
  2. Then lock the guide screws.
  3. Secure the bulkhead profile.
  4. Cut the aluminum panels using a hacksaw.
  5. Fasten the first panel in the center of the room. Remember that the plate should fit snugly to the stringer.
  6. Obsheyte panels whole crate the same way.
  7. Fix the panel with screws.
  8. Check the flatness of the ceiling. If you notice that there are differences, adjust the level of the ceiling with screws in some parts of the structure.
  9. Install lighting.

Metal panels for the ceiling Cesal

Metal siding Cesal from the company "Alkonplast" is in great demand due to the relatively low price and beautiful appearance. In addition, Cesal panels can be used for installation of tie-lighting systems or ventilation.

For mounting panel thickness is desirable to use not more than 0.5 mm, as they have a low specific gravity. Also, before starting the installation, take care of the selection of the best guides. Experts recommend to give preference to the guide of galvanized steel.

Metal «Cesal» panels are quick and convenient for this clearance ceiling in different roomsMetal «Cesal» panels are quick and convenient for this clearance ceiling in different rooms

Installation Technology rails Cesal:

  • Do the walls of the holes for dowels.
  • Install the trim area and fix it with dowels and screws.
  • Attach the hangers using anchors.
  • Fix guide. In order to secure their evenly pull the thread between the line trim.
  • Secure the rail to rail.
  • Surplus strips cut with a knife.
  • Install lights and decorative molding.

Mounting cassette metal contemporary ceiling

Install ceiling cassette is a snap. One day before the beginning of the installation you need to place the material in the room. This is to ensure that the material is a little stretched. Also, do not forget to close the window, as under the influence of low temperature fixing materials and tapes can be deformed.

Before installing the ceiling cassette degrease and apply it several coats of primer. Then apply on the rough surface of the markup. To put it accurately, you need to use a laser level.

Installation is carried out in this order:

  1. Perform wiring and other communications in the ceiling void.
  2. Secure line trim by means of mortar or screws.
  3. Install the hangers and secure with screws
  4. Install guide.
  5. Check the evenness of the guides. If they are located exactly, secure overflights in additional guides.
  6. Obsheyte frame cassette panels.
  7. Install lights.

Mounting Suspended cassette ceiling (video)

Metal panel - a unique material that can be used for decoration of any room. Steel or aluminum is used to make slats. If you have the option, it is best to use aluminum panels. They are more expensive, but are more durable and not prone to corrosion. Furthermore, aluminum slats have a low specific gravity. The steel panel is useful if you want to decorate the ceiling in the living room or kitchen, as under the influence of moisture such rails can be deformed.

Metal ceilings (photo)

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