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a new generation of acoustic ceilings can boast that they weigh less foamA new generation of acoustic ceilings can boast that they weigh less penoplastaAkusticheskie ceilings - a sound-proof system of new generation. In contrast to the same foam or mineralnovatnogo fibers it weighs much less, has a perforated inner portion, and that contributes to the absorption of sound waves.

What is acoustic soundproofing ceiling

Acoustic Attenuation operates an absorption air waves (which occur due to sound) and vibrations into heat by dissonance. In this case, the resulting energy is transformed into heat. No, it will not affect the overall temperature of the room, since we are talking about heating in a matter of millidegrees.

Acoustic ceilings include a wide assortment and reasonable pricesAcoustic ceilings include a wide assortment and reasonable prices

The outer coating of such panels - ornamental. Can emulate a like a normal tissue, and glossy film, the same foam, whitewash or even ceramics.

Their key advantage:

  • easy installation;
  • very low weight of the final construction (less than suspended ceilings);
  • High efficiency (acoustic sound absorbing panel as well as the 10-cm layer of foam);
  • finite covering ceiling obtained absolutely smooth and resistant to static loads.

But such systems as of Clipso, more noticeable and moisture protection function for rough ceiling. It will also be important when they are installed in apartment buildings.

Acoustic panels for the ceiling: the benefits

So-called acoustic panels are unique in that they are extremely convenient to mount. They are multi-layered, consist of a heater, gidroplenki, sound insulation, as well as the front panel bezel. Design - not collapsible, easy installation. These panels, for example, the company produces Knauf. They are widely used in the arrangement of the acoustic rooms, for example, in cinemas, in recording studios. They are mounted on a conventional profile frame as a false ceiling (the only difference is the location of cross sections).

The panels have a good level of sound and heat insulation spaceThe panels have a good level of sound and heat insulation space

Advantages of acoustic panels:

  • a high resistance to static load;
  • easy installation;
  • sandwich construction that provides optimal sound insulation;
  • relatively low cost.

Where can I use acoustic ceiling Ecophon

Acoustic ceiling from Ecophon, in the words of the manufacturer, is ideal for decorating insulation in industrial areas where coverage is necessary to provide optimum resistance against aggressive environment.

Ecophon acoustic ceilings, from a design standpoint, the global leader are-Ecophon acoustic ceilings, from a design standpoint, the global leader are-

Examples of using:

  • dining kitchen;
  • factories for the production of household chemicals;
  • freezing warehouse (for storage of food, including food);
  • those rooms where the ceiling also need to install the electrics (air conditioning, lighting).

And last but not least - made such a built-in speaker, including the Russian Federation. Previously, it has supplied Vitebsk (Belarus), but high demand among potential customers has led to the construction of a factory in Russia. Due to this the cost of these products significantly lower than foreign analogues. However, the manufacturer took care of the visual component of the proposed acoustic panels and coatings. For example, in emulation Hygiene line applies a textured surface. This option can also be used in the arrangement of residential premises.

What types of acoustic ceilings

The principle of operation of virtually any acoustic profile can be described as the same - is perforated textured surface, the type of cell. Naturally, such a material can be mounted on the wall. In some cases, it is recommended to use? For example, if the insulation is performed in the same room that already has an external insulation. And instead of being fastened inside the foam plates 10-15 centimeters thick, it is better to take advantage of thinner acoustic panels. It is worth noting that the sound insulation on the basis of the same foam "eats" not a small part of the living area, which is extremely undesirable in the bedroom small apartments.

The rest of the acoustic ceiling is divided into the following types:

  • with hinged panels (coatings);
  • with built in rough ceiling panels.

They differ among themselves, in fact, the only place to place insulation. Recent more conventionally referred to as "sound-absorbing screens" are cheaper, but have a rough front side. That is, they should be used in those cases where the top is planned to consolidate the false ceiling of the same drywall or foam panels.

Built-in speakers in the ceiling: the benefits

It is believed that in the traditional apartments is better to mount the embedded speakers. It is a conventional mats with perforated inner side of the PVC (at least - made of cellulose and other materials).

Built-in sound-absorbing screens allow you to perform any top finishBuilt-in sound-absorbing screens allow you to perform any top finish

Advantages of embedded sound-absorbing screens:

  • More occupy less space than hinged variations screens (including the panel);
  • can be mounted directly to the ceiling of the blister;
  • durable (over 30 years old may be used);
  • have water-repellent properties;
  • are very cheap;
  • allow to perform any top finish.

Such materials are presented in the form of fabric with invisible perforations. Per square meter is about 250 thousand punctures on special laser equipment.

As a result, a sound wave is not repelled, in the case of basalt soundproof panels, namely, absorbed and transformed into heat energy.

 Usually sold recessed absorbing screens in rolls, the width of each of which is about 5.1 m, length - adjustable. There are mats that are combined with reinforcing materials, which also contribute to strengthening the foundations of the ceiling and protection against aggressive chemicals, environment. Naturally, these ceilings may be used for laying in the attic (for decorating residential attic).

Acoustic ceilings: reviews after use

Published on the discussion forums feedback strongly support the fact that the acoustic ceilings, screens - is the best way to ensure high quality sound insulation of the room.

Feature of acoustic ceilings is easy to install and affordable pricesFeature of acoustic ceilings is easy to install and affordable prices

At the same time, these materials are presented not only in the form of panels, but also fabrics, mats. But work on the principle of identity - the absorption of sound waves due to a perforated surface.

The main differences from the traditional acoustic ceiling soundproof panels:

  • lighter weight;
  • smaller material thickness;
  • a simple mounting scheme;
  • may be used on the walls;
  • low cost.

Acoustic ceiling wood fiber (video)

It allowed their combination with other construction materials, including drywall, siding, whitewash, paint. On sale is the so-called decorative acoustic panels, which have a textured front part. With them, in general, all is simple - they can be mounted directly on the draft (major) ceiling without further finishing. This material is not only to isolate premises from the noise, but also to protect the ceiling surface from dirt, moisture. 

Acoustic ceilings (photo)


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