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Due to the wide variety of ladders you can easily find a suitable option in any interiorDue to the wide variety of ladders you can easily find a suitable option in any interior with beautiful stairs unable to take care of a spectacular conjunction of several levels in modern apartments or private homes. However, it is important that such an arrangement was successfully incorporated around the design, because the staircase in the future will be the face of all home owners and the subject of pride.

A beautiful staircase in the house: types of construction

Many owners prefer to present in the interior of the room a staircase that would lead to the 2nd floor. And we use special boosters internal structures.

Stairs with curved elegant lines fit perfectly into the interior, designed in the style of high-tech or modernStairs with curved elegant lines fit perfectly into the interior, designed in the style of high-tech or modern

There are several varieties of the above types of ladders:

  1. On kosour. This option is considered a popular and safe due to the fact that easily fits into any stylistic theme and size of the room. Additionally, the design leading up, characterized by high strength. As a method for fixing steps, it depends on the number attached to the base beams. There are broken lines, straight and spiral stringers. ladder form on kosour is different, that allows you to create an original design for the independent production of the pattern, and even use the light rail.
  2. On the string. The exterior staircase data look like works of architectural art. In addition to the decorative features of such a product has a complicated structure, inserted into the grooves. If the room is used a classic style, this option would be the ideal solution.
  3. And rails. These ladders are decorative metal products. During installation, the design is attached to the wall, and to bind all the parts needed bolts or pins. Therefore, even if the impression that such ladders light, actually the structure can hold a lot of weight.
  4. Spiral staircase. Often to connect the 2nd floor with the first set of original spiral staircases. In them there is a special stand, and convenient handrails and steps.

The shape of the screw woodwork is round, square or octagonal.

Convenient staircase: steps sizes

Good step - a mandatory part of any staircase. Moreover, their thickness, width, and shape can be different.

A place where to put the foot is called the tread and the vertical rear part of the article - the riser.

Prior to the calculations it is recommended to solve the problem with the height to which it is planned to establish the structure and to determine the number of stages.

Steps should be made of such size that it was comfortable for the elderly to climbSteps should be made of such size that it was comfortable for the elderly to climb

Stairs are:

  • Standard form;
  • Have non-standard sizes.

The width of the standard steps -. Approximately 70 cm This size allows easy and quick recovery. As for the stairs with a width greater than 1.25 m, on them are free to move two people together. Do not underestimate the role of the size of the steps, because they determine the climb to the second floor, as well as the rate of descent. Frequent step increase recovery path, and for the high require additional efforts.

It is not recommended to use the narrow steps that lead to injuries. In addition, better make sure that this part of the design was not very wide. For non-standard steps should include the unusual staircase in which steps sizes are characterized by an unusual form. Often, custom designs are used when opening under the stairs is small and it is impossible to carry out the installation of the standard model.

How to make easy lifting ladders: the choice of the angle of inclination

Before we engage in the manufacture liked ladders options should take into account some of the requirements to the product. The slim design is set if the crack under the structure is small and there is no possibility to choose another option, but this staircase will be uncomfortable. With regard to tilt the ladder to the standard models used in the slope of 45 degrees. When calculating the angle you need to know the height of the ceiling in a room and have an idea of ​​the length of the sole construction.

Choose the angle of inclination of the ladder should be, depending on its height and personal preferences of the owners homeChoose the angle of inclination of the ladder should be, depending on its height and personal preferences of the owners home

Tips masters, using which it is possible to make calculations angle:

  1. The maximum angle of inclination. For residential construction norm is the angle of inclination of 30 ° to 45 °, for Extra - up to about 75.
  2. Comfortable angle. If the angle of inclination of 45 - this is the most convenient ladder, but it is worth to be alert to the possibility that the products bulky. Some owners prefer to make the tilt angle of about 36, but at least the option is considered to be compact, but such an uncomfortable stairs.
  3. The ideal angle of inclination. The most ideal angle of 30-45 is considered, but such a convenient slope can not be used if there is not enough room space.

The smaller the angle of inclination of the structure, in order to move on it will be dangerous, and the larger the angle of inclination, the staircase will gromozdche.

Top ladder made of wood: characteristics

With the help of properly selected wooden ladder can successfully close a dedicated under her doorway. This material has many positive characteristics, so be it design input or design located inside the building to pick up beautiful and interesting solutions will not be difficult.

Wooden stairs leading to the second floor, it is recommended to build constructions using half-pace.

Stairs made of wood look good in a classical settingStairs made of wood look good in a classical setting

There are differences according to the type of fastening of the stairs made of wood in the house:

  • Odnokosournye where the end stage is attached to the wall and its opposite part is attached to the stringers;
  • Dvuhkosournye, where both ends are fastened to the stringers stage or to the string;
  • Bezkosournye, wall mounted, only one end of the stage, while the second remains unsupported.

Top wooden stairs should have a width of not less than 80 cm.

Good ladders: particularly metal structures

The perfect solution for decorating modern apartments are considered beautiful and original staircase of metal. These structures are able to withstand heavy load and have a number of positive properties.

Therefore, in addition to the use of such products in the flats, metal stairs set in private homes.

Ladders metal frame goes well with wooden stepsLadders metal frame goes well with wooden steps

It is separately highlight the advantages of using this design in your home:

  • Due to its good strength ladder will last a long time;
  • It is possible to realize original and unusual idea of ​​using a combination of straight and curved lines;
  • I have no problem with the choice of the most suitable form of construction;
  • Metal products are available.

To prevent corrosion must be handled with special ladder anticorrosive coatings.

Create a beautiful staircase (video)

Many owners prefer to engage in construction of stairs independently. To do this, you must take care of the creation of the original project, carefully consider the sequence of work and patience. The result will be a beautiful staircase, emphasizes the benefit any home.

Design a beautiful staircase (photo in the interior)

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