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The modern design will provide an opportunity to organically combine the bedroom and living roomThe modern design will provide an opportunity to organically combine the bedroom and gostinuyuModnye trends in the interior vary from year to year. Some decorative elements remain unchanged, some - are undergoing major changes. In order to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends in the interior, the activities of the need to carefully monitor the professional designers, which directly influence the formation of style. Design a bedroom-living room picture modern ideas of 2017 will allow to implement bold and innovative ideas, using different design techniques.

Bedroom, living room in the style of Provence

Provence style continues to be at the peak of popularity in 2017. It is called a provincial style. The name comes from the name of the southern region of France. It is popular for its remarkable nature. Provence associated with the countryside, comfort and closeness to nature.

Provence style now gaining immense popularityProvence style now gaining immense popularity

It is noteworthy that this style in the interior is widespread and has become popular not only for the design of country houses, but apartments in large cities.

The bedroom and living room, decorated in a rustic style, will be filled with romance, coziness and comfort.

Features Provence style bedroom and living room:

  • For decorative use specially aged interior. The walls are shaped in a rough style, leaving them rough and plastered surface.
  • The walls can be plastered uneven, they are allowed decorative cracks and roughness.
  • Paul decorate flooring, natural stone, decorative tiles. For decorating the floor can not be used linoleum and carpet - they do not comply with this style.
  • Decorating textiles room. Window blinds decorate simple without drapery. Tables covered with tablecloths, embroidered with their hands or simulating manual work.
  • Interior draw up in pastel shades.

Provence style is associated with comfort, comfort and simple style. However, it is saturated with decorative elements, which are its distinctive features: antique furniture, braided rugs, handmade jewelry.

Scandinavian style, living room, bedroom: How to make the right

Scandinavian style impresses with its ease and comfort. He is not replete with luxurious decor, its advantage lies in simplicity.

Scandinavian style is gaining in popularity. However, it is important to know the proper design specifications and its inherent characteristics.

Scandinavian style is suitable for those who like simplicity with tasteScandinavian style is suitable for those who like simplicity with taste

When the design of the room is important to pay special attention to the selection of the color palette and the selection of materials for the interior.

Features Scandinavian style:

  • The use of pastel colors: white, beige, light gray, light blue, light green, light brown.
  • Using only natural materials: wood, metals, stones, ceramics, glass, cotton, flax, fur, leather.
  • Using a simple and practical furniture. Furniture is usually made of a light type of wood. It should be compact, not to take up a lot of space.
  • The use of large windows. This style is valued natural lighting and light-filled rooms. For registration window using light, transparent tissue types.
  • For Scandinavian style characterized by restraint in decoration.

Correct design of the room creates an atmosphere of ease and comfort. The walls are usually decorated with family photos, paintings and mirrors, shelves - wicker baskets and vases with flowers.

Unusual and simple bedroom-living room: Loft

Loft style does not lose its popularity in 2017. This style means freedom in space design without limits.

The room is decorated in a loft style can combine several styles in the design space.

Unlimited flight of fancy ideas and inherent loft styleUnlimited flight of fancy ideas and inherent loft style

It can be a wall of brick, concrete stairs, pipes and blatant fashion appliances, metal elements and design mirrors.

Style Features:

  • The absence of partitions, open plan layout. Using the zoning like the primary separation space.
  • The design uses industrial elements of decor.
  • A special feature is a combination of old and new style.
  • Furniture is not only used for its direct purpose, but also performs the function of zoning premises.
  • The décor use a variety of posters, graffiti, abstract paintings.

Style inherent simplicity, lack of decor. All items should be strictly functional.

Trendy bedroom-living room in a minimalist style

Minimalism - quite controversial and complex style. The room is decorated in this style should be simple, comfortable atmosphere. The space should be organized as simply and correctly.

Minimalism - a style for those who most appreciate the comfort and convenienceMinimalism - a style for those who most appreciate the comfort and convenience

The room has a minimalist design is left to chance. Therefore, things storage system allows you to free up space, creating an atmosphere of airiness.

A model room, decorated in a minimalist style, you can call the room in Japanese style. Decorate the room when it is possible not only in the Japanese style, but also in classical, ethnic, urban. The main thing - the right accents.

Features minimalist style:

  • The use of compact, simple and multifunctional furniture.
  • Careful use of decorative elements. On the walls hang a few paintings or photographs, shelves decorated with a minimal amount of statues or pots of flowers.
  • Judicious use of textiles. For window decorations fit blinds or roller blinds.

With this style of space is left free, it is organized rationally, there is no clutter of furniture and unnecessary things.

Modern design living-bedrooms: what to look for

To choose a style for the soul, you need to become familiar with the characteristics of each. After selecting a style it is important to explore the space of the room, its size, the level of illumination.

Modern design bedroom-living room provides plenty for every taste solutionsModern design bedroom-living room provides plenty for every taste solutions

style independent choice can be quite challenging. The best solution is to seek help from professional designers who can help in the design of the room.

To make a living and sleeping properly, it is important to identify the main trends in style, which must adhere to.

What should I look for when the interior in any style:

  • Furniture;
  • Lighting;
  • Making the walls and floor;
  • Decor;
  • Textile.
  • Zoning space.

Fashion trends this year allow arrange living room or bedroom in a style that is most suited to the type of room, as well as to your personal tastes landlord.

Bedroom and living room in one room (video)

Modern trends in the design of the room allow you to purchase a room in a wide variety of styles. Modern styles continue to be at the peak of popularity. These include - Provence, minimalism, loft, Scandinavian style. To properly arrange the room in any of these styles, it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of each style: use of furniture, lighting, textiles, décor, interior items.

Design a bedroom-living room (photo)


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