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Furnished our apartment, many people prefer to opt for this gypsum boards, as they are universal and quite ductileFurnished our apartment, many people prefer to opt for this gypsum boards, as they are versatile and quite plastichnymiVoobsche drywall is a versatile material that is used in various areas of construction and finishes, is very popular, both among ordinary citizens and large developers of apartment buildings. It is used for wall cladding, creating partitions, ceilings, and is also used as a good soundproofing material. As with any type of material, gypsum board is divided into two main types: GCR stands for gypsum board, as well as the transcript of GVL - gypsum sheet. 

What is the difference of the GCR and gypsum fiber board

To understand the difference, and the difference from the gypsum plasterboard sheets, it is necessary to consider the material from which they are made, and what properties have not prostchitatsya to the budget, look at the prices for GCR and gypsum fiber board.

This lists the main characteristics of the FCL sheet:

  • It is made of building paper and the set gypsum mixture;
  • Acquires the desired shape when wetted with water;
  • It does not require pre-treatment before use;
  • It is recommended to cut only transversely to the integrity of the reinforcing paperboard;
  • Eliminates excess humidity;
  • Lighter weight;
  • Sound absorber (preferably with thermal insulation);
  • flame retardant;

Benefits GCR sheets is that they fire resistant and lightBenefits GCR sheets is that they are fireproof and light

Lovely competitive characteristics that present the material in the lead.

Note: GCR sheets have a greater range and variety of materials on the market than GVL. Due to the low cost of production, such material will be much cheaper than gipsovolokno.

But let's not forget that there is also moisture resistant sheets, based on the characteristics you will notice the difference between the GCR and gypsum fiber board. They also have their own a number of advantages. Let us consider in detail.

Characteristics GOLS sheet:

  • Instead of using cardboard waste paper pulp;
  • Increased fire resistance and zvukopogloschaemost;
  • Perhaps cutting in any direction;
  • Not ductile (in contrast to the FCL);
  • Uniform composition;
  • Heavier than the GCR;
  • More expensive than the gypsum board.
  • increased strength

Definitely say which drywall or gipsovolokno choose is very difficult.

What better GVL or GCR

The basic characteristics of GCR and gypsum fiber board, take a brief verdict. Firstly, it is necessary to decide on the purchase purposes of a sheet. And to know exactly what are the kinds of GCR and gypsum fiber board.

GCR and gypsum fiber varieties: 

  1. GKLA - acoustic gypsum board, used as a final lining of soundproof panels. Unique design, having increased density of the sheet is hung acoustic properties;
  2. GKLO - fire-resistant gypsum board. In its manufacture is applied thick, flexible laminated paper and gypsum refractory base;
  3. Gypsum plasterboard - water resistant plasterboard sheets.
  4. GVLV - gipsovoloknity moistureproof sheet having excellent moisture protection, due to processing two sides hydrophobizator and antiseptic.

There are several kinds of gypsum boards, which should be chosen taking into account the features of the room, where they will be usedThere are several kinds of gypsum boards, which should be chosen taking into account the features of the room, where they will be used

If you do focus more on quality and at the same time the budget allows to translate your ideas, then it is better to buy gypsum sheets (gypsum fiber board), as their density is much higher and is equal to 1250 kg / m³, thus increasing the strength of the walls and partitions. Another of the advantages of GOLS is that it is homogeneous in structure and cutting it is possible to use any cutting tool without damaging the edges of the sheet, at the same time as that of the drywall cutting damaged structure and form jagged edges.

Hung GOLS strength is achieved using additional adhesives additives defibrated waste paper pulp, which gives material reinforcing properties.

If your choice was towards the low cost and simplicity of your pans, it is safe to take ordinary plasterboard (GCR). Despite the low cost of such sheets have its advantages, at what it is easier to work, because it is lighter in weight, the sheet can be given a different shape (pre-moistened), and generally better to use them is not the most critical projects, and apply the GVL.

If the decoration of the walls or partitions to use the FCL device together with insulating panels, it is possible to achieve good sound insulation.

Each type of drywall is unique in itself, but if you look at the broader market of building materials, it is possible to find species like gypsum board and fiber. Gypsum board can be manufactured with the additional additives, giving it improved sound insulation and fire protection.

What is different from the GCR GVL

Gypsum board (GCR), wherein the gypsum is not pressed compacted cellulose is less durable than GOLS. The rigidity is much higher in fiber substrate than GCR better bend and acquires the desired shape, and the GVL is not designed for curved designs. We conclude in favor of fibrous sheets. Based on years of research, plasterboard and less durable exposed to humidity.

It's worth noting that often during transportation or unloading of drywall, it is not rare break and crumble under high vibration.

As GCR and gypsum fiber board are environmentally friendly and safe for healthAs GCR and gypsum fiber board are environmentally friendly and safe for health

In terms of environmental impact and the impact on health of GVL greener than the FCL, as over time the plaster loses its original structure and is transformed into a free-flowing substance that adversely affects a person's breathing.

Tip: when you purchase it is desirable to check the degree of environmental friendliness of drywall, which is specified in the datasheet for the product.

If we take into account the practicality of the use of GCR and gypsum fiber board, the first will be more versatile in use, it is suitable even for insulating floors, with thermal characteristics and serve as its foundation. As for conventional gypsum board, it has no heat insulating properties, excluding its use with thermal insulation.

Manufacturers and mortar stores offer shoppers discounts when you buy in bulk drywall, you need to consider when buying a large number of sheets.

Comparing the prices of one or another form of gypsum boards, gypsum fiber sheets that clearly will be a half or even twice the price. Today, the average market price of the GCR is from 100 to 350 rubles apiece, depending on the size and thickness of the sheet, and the price of GOLS ranges from 200 to 550 rubles per sheet. It is also worth considering that the size of drywall sheets may vary.

Recommendations for use drywall plasterboard

If you've never met such a material, then read the key recommendations when dealing with plasterboard. They are not so much, but they will allow nezhopustit typical and common mistakes.

In order to firmly secure the gypsum board to the ceiling surface, it is better to use high quality screwsIn order to firmly secure the gypsum board to the ceiling surface, it is better to use high quality screws

Among them are:

  1. GCR cut with anything not worth it, there is a special marking gauge cutter, which while cutting edge does not damage the work sheet;
  2. For processing a hole in drywall, it is recommended to use a roughing rasp;
  3. Chamfering is better to use the edging plane with two cutting blades Drywall;
  4. Fastening sheets to produce better metal screws with a pitch of 20 to 35 centimeters, and that the fasteners are not stuck out, to fasten screws countersunk head;
  5. When you create inside and outside corners of drywall, it is better to use metal corners with holes on their further plastering and finishing;
  6. After mounting a sheet of irregular shape, it is advisable to dry the wetted surface by means of the dryer construction.

Yet, some of the types of drywall to choose up to you. If the job requires responsibility, quality and durability of the object structure and also the budget allows, the choice will be in favor of gypsum sheets. Well, if you decide to build your vacation home, the manor and even a bath, it is advisable to use conventional GCR sheets. This will save money, and the result will be almost identical.

Application sheets GCR (video)

In conclusion, in kindergartens and schools are frequently used drywall, namely its kind GKLO (refractory), which is safer than usual. Generally, the drywall can be used for various purposes, but its main use is the decoration and creation of unique designs.

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