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Fashion trends leave their imprint on the wallpaper manufacturers offer consumers each year all their new colors and designsFashion trends imprinted on wallpaper year manufacturers offer consumers all the new colors and their design resheniyaModa changes and changes our lives. Now it is not enough variety of scales, you want something stylish, fashionable. Solution to this requirement is the work of designers for a variety of brands, which are not only watching the fashion trends, but also for practical reasons, yet it is not just a matter of taste, but also the ability to use the material.

Wallpaper design for dark room

An experienced designer will not be difficult to navigate on the model of how the wallpaper will look at the overall picture of the interior, but the lover, most will need to deploy a roll, to figure out how it will look. After all, in practice it turns out to be otherwise, the wallpaper may like while looking at them in the cabin, and the enhancement of the effect due to the distribution of the sheet-by-sheet, prints with a print, and now the effect is quite different.

When finishing poorly lit rooms it is desirable to choose light wallpaper is visually expand the boundaries of the premisesWhen finishing poorly lit rooms it is desirable to choose light wallpaper is visually expand the boundaries of the premises

If you follow some of the advice of professionals, this work would be completely feasible:

  1. If the room is dark and you want to improve it, by making lighter, it is reasonable to give preference to lighter tones that will reflect light and increase the intensity.
  2. Speaking about the texture and prints, even small glowing specks may provide the benefit and further reflect the light.
  3. If we are talking about a one-room apartment, opt for bright colors will be most appropriate, and in addition, to visually enlarge the space.

Wallpaper in a studio apartment: design ideas and their implementation

The task is not an easy - to choose the right wallpaper for the room, which is a part-and living room, and bedroom. Will have to consider many factors to make the room not only habitable and beautiful, but also cozy.

The use of different colors wallpaper will divide a large room into functional areasThe use of different colors wallpaper will divide a large room into functional areas

The walls attract the attention, whatever the situation. Not be able to divert attention from the walls, the view will inevitably seek to address the corners of the room. Therefore it is necessary to be extremely careful when choosing wallpaper for a studio apartment.

A large number of options:

  • The bright textured wallpaper will make the room bright and airy;
  • Combined walls - wallpaper uniform texture with different prints will help to avoid the routine and identify the main areas in the interior;
  • Wallpapers and matte-colored wallpaper will create the illusion of space and bring variety and flavor.

When choosing wallpaper for a studio apartment, often stop at the design with the characteristic small figure, this option creates a sense of greater space, while the large drawing room narrows.

To date, very popular to use wallpaper with bright patterns on one of the four walls and the use of plain wallpaper on the other walls. With this approach, it is very often the wallpaper pattern in common their furniture. Because designers are asked to choose wallpapers and textiles with a single print. This has a special glamor.

How to choose wallpaper: the material and its characteristics

In addition to color and pattern are of different wallpaper texture, such as paper, liquid, glass, non-woven, vinyl and etc.

Talking about the material, think about the fact that the wallpaper looked good, well have been glued and never retreated. Therefore it is necessary to go into their specifications.

Or non-woven wallpaper with non-woven wallpaper base, glued much easier and faster than other types.

At ease stickers wallpaper affect the quality of their foundation. Often it happens that the choice of wallpaper, the buyer pays attention to their external characteristics and practicality, choosing in favor of wallpaper with a longer service life than that of paper.

Liquid wallpaper applied equally well to build both classic and futuristic interiorLiquid wallpaper applied equally well to build both classic and futuristic interior

Liquid wallpaper are good because they allow to embody the most daring design ideas. This decorative material can be used for decoration of one of the walls, and for the registration of the entire room. Method of applying liquid wallpaper requires a certain skill, and in the case of choosing this material, it is better if the walls it will be applied pro.

Very creatively can turn the process of decorating the room, the choice of the special wallpaper "under painting". This makes it possible to not be limited to one color, and create a completely unique architectural design of the apartment.

Also useful information and technical features of the wallpaper can be found on our website, where a wide selection of wallpaper of any texture.

Zest interior: how to create a wall design wallpaper

There are many variations and combinations of colors different textures to each other.

Mural - modern and popular option wallsMural - modern and popular option walls

Here are the most spectacular of the walls with wallpaper design techniques:

  • With the use of complex textures, such as the skin (e.g., imitation crocodile), graffiti, reproduction;
  • Using metallic wallpaper;
  • Isolate and enrich a desired space can be via photowall;
  • Creating interior painting with the frame of the molding and wallpaper.

Wallpaper can be combined in different ways: vertically, horizontally, in a niche, highlighting the main areas in the room.

color variants

It should be remembered that cool colors visually enlarge the space, while warm narrow.

Wallpaper dark warm colors visually narrow space, therefore, recommended for use in the spacious and well-lit roomsWallpaper dark warm colors visually narrow space, therefore, recommended for use in the spacious and well-lit rooms

Very common colors in the selection of wallpaper in small dwellings are:

  1. Gray and beige - a universal color that make the room look wider and brighter;
  2. The black - reliable color to highlight form and division of space into zones, but its excess is not conducive to waking state;
  3. White color - contributes to a state of rest, pure white color is rarely used in large quantities;
  4. Red color, in its application in the interior is similar to the black, but rather has a very strong effect, as opposed to the black and therefore rarely used in the bedrooms.

Plenty of opportunities, one has only to imagine, but there is certainly a suitable material.

Which style to choose

The range is wide, for every taste and in any style:

  • High tech - very practical, it favored mainly for the repair of premises with high traffic;
  • Classicism - a win-win the test of time;
  • Pop Art - trendy, practical, convenient, it allows to unlock the creative potential and enjoy the freedom in the choice of colors;
  • Ethnic - makes it possible to create an atmosphere of exotics, to fill the life of unusual things and to realize the most daring fantasies.

Regardless of the purpose of the premises, give the interior wallpaper highlight and accentuate his styleRegardless of the purpose of the premises, give the interior wallpaper highlight and accentuate his style

Wallpaper, like nothing else in the interior, able to take on a key role in approving style. Allow economically distribute the budget for repairs. Choosing the baroque style or creating a Japanese-style room, the wallpaper is already alone will solve more than 50% of the whole problem. This material is indispensable to create an interior that epoch, such as imitation murals and Greek ornament, Romanesque and Renaissance.

Design of apartments and their choice of wallpaper

Sometimes the object of repair becomes the room, the walls and the corners of which, uneven so that it is visible to the naked eye. In such cases it is necessary to come up with the easiest way to solutions.

Wallpapers, due to its characteristics, is the ideal tool for correction of errors builders.

Due to the delicate design, wallpaper able to divert attention from any geometrical imperfections. Textured wallpaper are able to create any desired effect. Textured wallpaper, for example, under a brick, will help to implement the most unusual ideas.

Modern wallpaper for the walls: the interior design solutions

Designer considered wallpaper, texture and design to the pattern which had a hand in the designer. To realize the artistic part, you need to know the needs, tastes and history. And not just to know, but also to think ahead as to manufacture and transport of material takes time. Not just be an artist to create bestsellers among the wallpaper, you need to be a pro, you need to be a designer with a capital letter.

Designer wallpaper made use to create the most rich and luxurious interiorsDesigner wallpaper made use to create the most rich and luxurious interiors

 Because the major manufacturers, attracted to the work of famous interior designers to do as much as possible sales and receive only the best reviews.

The main thing that distinguishes designer wallpaper from any other - is the presence of features, some raisins, as well as relevance, compliance with the basic trends. Proof of this, the need for the designer to confirm the uniqueness of his work.

Wallpaper in the interior of the apartment perform a very important role, because we should proceed on ideas, not on pleasing pattern. Often, after the repair is completed, they begin to realize that a mistake, choose a favorite, but not with the desired function figure. What seemed nice on the shelf, it was not suitable for the interior, so you should consider the design as a whole.

Wallpapers for a room at the cottage or country house

In contrast to the well-equipped apartments, where the wallpaper retain their original freshness for many years, in the country sometimes have to do the repair in a couple of years. The reason is moisture and dryness, or other circumstances. When choosing a wallpaper, it is necessary to give preference to those that are more resistant to moisture, do not fade and easy to clean.

To furnish a room in the holiday house is well suited wallpaper in the style of ProvenceTo furnish a room in the holiday house is well suited wallpaper in the style of Provence

But as for the design, the choice on the contrary, is much broader. There is appropriate and the style of Provence, and the ability to ignore all standards and implement the most optimistic, positive ideas. Colors are best to use light, ornament can be bright or very bright. Everything has to create an atmosphere of celebration of life. The time will give preference to small ornaments and flowers. While leaving the white walls is not: it is rather to make the space more cold and uninhabited. White walls favorably emphasize furniture, because it creates a feeling of emptiness and view tends to consider the contents of the room. Beautiful wallpaper easily distract attention from an ordinary situation and fill the atmosphere of the room color.

Design of modern wallpaper (video)

A simple change of wallpaper is able to change the room beyond recognition. Equally important choice is best done with the soul and does not skimp on comfort and an atmosphere of their own comfort!

Design wallpaper (photos)

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