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Stretch ceilings help give exclusivity and originality, even such a small room, like a corridorStretch ceilings help give exclusivity and originality, even such a small room as koridorKoridor - a problem area for many apartments and houses. Unfortunately, the layout of apartments often structured so that the corridor is a pathetic piece of space on which to fit a few pieces of furniture. The ceiling will help to solve the problem with the design of the area. If you want to learn how to refine the corridor with the help of a stretch ceiling, see below.

Suspended ceiling in the corridor: room design

Usually, people do not pay special attention to the design of the ceiling in the hallway, with an emphasis on other areas. However, this corridor is the first part of the apartment, which gets people. Therefore, it is important to consider the design of the space.

Suspended ceiling in the hallway should flow into the interior of the room itself and make it even brighter and more beautifulSuspended ceiling in the hallway should flow into the interior of the room itself and make it even brighter and more beautiful

From the rest of the hall is distinguished by the following properties:

  • small space;
  • the inability to install the chandelier, only spot lighting spot or lamps;
  • complex form of premises, including the possible angles, twists;
  • the relative neutrality of the style of the room.

Stretch ceiling is easy to satisfy all these requirements. The truth behind every corner in the corridor will have to pay separately, but you will avoid problems with cutting ceiling tiles, as well as the ejection of the ceiling. Stretch ceiling is perfectly flat, and installation takes less than one day. Professional work does not leave traces: no dust and dirt in the room will be.

Design ceiling in the corridor should be the life of the most thought out, because it is a corridor creates the first impression of the whole apartment.

How to install suspended ceilings in a long corridor

A long corridor is very well executed with the help of a stretch ceiling and appropriate lighting. The main task for the stretch ceiling in this room becomes a visual extension of the space.

For long corridor is better to use light colors nyatyazhnyh ceilings and lighting do evenly across the ceiling areaFor long corridor is better to use light colors nyatyazhnyh ceilings and lighting do evenly across the ceiling area

The following techniques will help create a sense of volume in a long corridor:

  1. The glossy surface. Qualitative gloss reflective ability is almost comparable to the mirror surface. This effect is very beneficial if you want to expand the space. Furthermore, the light from the lamps, reflected in the surface is doubled.
  2. Place several spots along the length of the corridor at equal distance from each other. This will make the correct accent in the room.
  3. Never hang volumetric lighting; chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps large leave for other rooms.
  4. Ceiling made a few shades lighter than the walls, will also expand the space.

Be extremely careful with the choice of furniture. Stop preference to small cozy lockers. High furniture cluttering the already small space.

How to arrange the ceilings in a narrow little corridor

If submitted for registration of the corridor is very narrow and small, the ceiling can also help cope with this situation. Stop the choice to light glossy surfaces without figures and projections.

White stretch ceiling will be just the perfect choice for a small corridorWhite stretch ceiling will be just the perfect choice for a small corridor

Here are some original ideas that will help to diversify a small narrow corridor:

  • Original lighting. In addition to the spots will look great light ribbon or entire light panels located in the middle of a corridor or a few small panels along the length of the corridor. In general, playing with light save a little space, making it a cozy and lovely room in which it is pleasant.
  • The color of the ceiling. Very unusual and very appropriate to look bright contrast ceiling, combined with some elements of the interior (picture frames, strips of wallpaper, doors handles and so on.) Choose lighter shades favorite colors.
  • Stylish and original ceiling looks glossy black radical. Bright spots can help emphasize the elegance of dark coating. Reflective properties will help to remove the effect is masked by the dark.

Please note that only high quality fabrics have a high ability to reflect light. Do not skimp on the company; famous brand - is the key to a reliable, durable and beautiful ceiling.

Two-level stretch ceilings in the hallway

Traditionally, a two-level ceilings in large rooms where you can let your imagination run wild and create a serious composition with the use of different textures, colors and patterns.

Duplex suspended ceiling will help to decorate your interior corridorDuplex suspended ceiling will help to decorate your interior corridor

However, currently developed techniques that allow to construct a two-tier suspended ceiling so that it will increase the visual corridor, decorate it, and provide an ideal location lighting.

What are the ways of arrangement of the two levels of the tension of the film can be implemented in a narrow space inline:

  1. In a small projecting corridor is possible to make a frame for the light darker glossy surface. This popular technique expands the space and makes the design more complete.
  2. Speakers squares located along the length of the corridor. Depending on the length can fit between 2 and 5 squares. Such designs may become a kind of platform for light compositions. Tape with colored LEDs will create the effect of a soaring ceiling and bright colors will make a luxurious and playful accent to the ceiling surface.
  3. If space allows your hallway, you can do the traditional wave of 2 or even 3 levels. The stepped roof - is a beautiful reception, suitable for a large rectangular hall.

Playing with the levels in the corridor, try to combine with the original matte surface gloss pattern. Photocopying or ready to cover with textured patterns - you decide.

Suspended ceilings in the hall and corridor (video)

Corridor - is a particularly difficult issue for those who live in the Khrushchev and other small apartments. But by using the right advice, and in consultation with a specialist, you will be able to achieve excellent results. After the installation of suspended ceilings and lighting you do not know your hallway! Do not forget to consider the arrangement of the furniture; schemes of the future of the corridor should be given to masters to start repairs. Be careful with the choice of the company! Only proven company will do everything in its class.

Suspended ceilings in the hall (photo)


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