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In the shops there is a huge choice of wallpaper, which will help you to create your own styleIn the shops there is a huge choice of wallpaper, which will help you create your own unique stilEsche not so long ago, a few decades ago the most popular finishing materials for the walls were paper wallpaper. The merits of the material weight, environmental friendliness, ease of gluing, reasonable cost. Now the choice is huge and the user can decide what background for future design he chooses. With a wide range of wallpaper it has the opportunity to create your own, unique, unique style.

Seamless texture wallpaper

Application of new technologies allowed us to use in the manufacture of wallpaper latest environmentally friendly materials. For example, such as jacquard, non-woven base, or a refractory material, which can be cleaned many times. This embodiment when finishing walls makes it possible to combine the environmental data with superior performance and aesthetic appeal. Material processed in a special way and is therefore durable.

Progress does not stand still and wallpaper appeared as the introduction of new technologies:

  • Synthetic and vinyl;
  • Moisture resistant and washable;
  • Embossed design;
  • With silk-screen printing;
  • Imitation of different textures.

One of the latest innovations is the wallpaper of natural materialsOne of the latest innovations is the wallpaper of natural materials

Seamless wallpaper for the walls are incredibly strong - this is their calling card. Seamless wallpaper products is also called - textile wall. The textile material can inject into the atmosphere of luxury premises, brightness, refinement.

Seamless, textile wall can have different basis:

  1. The paper substrate;
  2. Non-woven backing;
  3. Rolled cloth (roll width = height of the ceiling).

According to the method labels textile seamless wallpaper can be compared with the standard.

With the help of textile wallcoverings can create the most unbelievable, designer, stylish interiors.

The most popular and high-quality production are considered wallpaper Italy, however, and in our country launched production of a good finishing materials with different texture. The choice as always remains with the customer.

Modern embossed wallpapers for walls

The main representatives of the available material for the walls of steel embossed wallpaper for painting. 3D stop offensive difficult, most people now prefer to visit the theater with three-dimensional image. And this is understandable, the amount of charms, delights, awakens the imagination. The appearance of three-dimensionality in the construction - it's a brilliant idea. Embossed volume wallpaper for the walls have the general idea, and gives a special atmosphere of the room.

Wallpaper competitors are:

  1. Classic materials such as tiles, decorative stone. The disadvantage of this material is that it gives the room a cold, especially shades of gray.
  2. Stencil and drawing. A good idea is to create a volume on the wall with plaster and paint, however, to wallpaper, this technique does not apply.
  3. Plaster relief.
  4. Venetian plaster. Less material in a very high cost.
  5. Holography. The material is pasted on the wall, and while it does not pritroneshsya visually be observed volumetric image.
  6. Fiberglass. The material has a bulk front surface which is painted and carefully looking at the wall is sometimes difficult to understand which coating is applied to it.
  7. Embossed wallpaper classic. It is these wallpapers on the basis of paper, nonwoven fabric or vinyl can create a 3d effect. This option is the most accessible and aesthetic.

Embossed wallpaper beautifully decorate your room and complement its original designEmbossed wallpaper beautifully decorate your room and complement its original design

Embossed wallpaper have a number of advantages.

The first advantage is that before applying the material on the wall, there is no need to align the work surface.

Wallpaper glue is easy, no need to paint. Third, the wallpaper are incredible design possibilities, they just wanted to touch, volume effect fascinates and delights. Finally, the material has a standard width of half a meter, and is presented in rolls with a width of 106 mm, which makes it possible to obtain a result as little as possible joints.

Texture of wallpaper for the walls: types of relief wallpaper, gluing technology

Embossed wallpaper can be divided into several types. Each of which has its advantages and disadvantages of non-essential, so materials for finishing the room always find its admirers.

So, embossed wallpaper are:

  1. The coated layer of material which gives relief. Conventionally, as such a coating serves chips.
  2. Coated mastic, a predetermined exciting pattern.
  3. Wallpapers glubokovoloknistye. Three-layer, aesthetic and very solid.
  4. Vinyl Non-woven. This type is the most popular, as introduced to the market a wide variety of drawing. The material is very durable.

Attention! Experts warn that it is not embossed wallpaper fiberglass, they should not be confused.

Embossed wallpaper pokleit not be easy, because working with them is easy and simpleEmbossed wallpaper pokleit not be easy, because working with them is easy and simple

Embossed wallpaper does not require painting and texture of the surface is not as regular. Also, experts say some of the features in the work with the material.

Embossed wallpaper glue should only specialized adhesive for heavy wallpaper.

Before pasting material on the wall, the inner surface of wall-paper it is necessary to soak the glue and leave for fifteen minutes in a calm state. Before applying the webs on the wall surface must be prepared. Stick blade should be back to back, as the thick stuff. Press the fabric can not be a roller or trowel, only a soft brush suitable for this. When smoothing is prohibited stretch fabric, otherwise, after drying will be a gap in the joints. If relief wallpaper include painting, then do it should not be more than 10 times. And finally, all works must be carried out in the warm season, the room should not be a draft and should be a normal moisture content of about 80%.

Textured wallpaper characteristics and application in the interior

The choice of textured material is so wide that the user can choose an option to your liking for any room in the house. Textured wallpapers hide uneven work surface and with them very easy to work with. Another advantage of textured material is the ability to create a seamless design of the walls.

Textured wallpapers are environmentally friendly materials, so they can be glued even in the children's roomTextured wallpapers are environmentally friendly materials, so they can be glued even in the children's room

The benefits may also include:

  • Environmentally friendly;
  • aesthetics;
  • breathability;
  • Absorbability.

In addition, texture, eco-friendly wallpaper does not cause an allergic reaction, which makes it possible to place the material even in the nursery. Glue this type of wallpaper is not particularly difficult.

Work with the material is a pleasure, but not masters recommend to place the wallpaper with a pronounced relief in small rooms, as it visually reduces the space. If you plan to combine patterned wallpaper and simple, it is important to respect the harmony.

The basic pattern wallpaper (video)

Types of textured wallpaper on the market and a lot to get the desired result from the repair is better to get acquainted in detail with each of them, as a result of picking up the perfect option for your repairs.

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