Zakarniznaya ceiling lights LED tape: a unique lighting

12 October 2017

Ceiling cornice - the best technological solution for LED backlightCeiling cornice - the best technological solution for LED ceiling lights LED podsvetkiZakarniznaya tape capable of harmoniously complement the traditional lamps or even completely replace them. This light is effectively converted the room will create a special mood and atmosphere.

What is the cornice on the ceiling plasterboard

This type of lighting is mounted advantageously on the ceiling plasterboard. Self ledge which LED strip is embedded, is a conventional skirting board with blank within the cavity. The tape can be attached to it in several ways.

Advantages of such a backlight:

  • efficiency;
  • originality;
  • easy installation;
  • cheapness (tape is much cheaper than the most simple variations chandeliers);
  • it can be adjusted.

The only difficulty with LED backlight zakarniznoy tape - is the need to add structure controller and power supply, since such light can not run through a standard 220 Volt network with alternating voltage.

LED strip used as zakarniznogo lighting, creates the illusion of the scattered light flux in the roomLED strip used as zakarniznogo lighting, creates the illusion of the scattered light flux in the room

The easiest option - to hide all of these components of the same oil paint Ceiling.

A cornice, in turn, is fastened to the ceiling by means of glue. It is best to use a polyurethane, which does not damage the structure of the material and protects the same drywall from moisture.

Polyurethane cornice ceiling: the benefits

Polyurethane moldings are convenient because they are resistant to moisture and can thus protect the entire paved through their electronics. Also, this material is quite effective heat dissipation, which plays an important role in the use of LED backlighting. Zakarniznaya lights, hidden behind it, will be scattered evenly over the entire area of ​​the room.

And thanks to the fact that the polyurethane cornice weighs very little, it is allowed to mount even on the double-sided tape. Of course, not to do so, but he did not create the burden on the false ceiling.

Cornice backlit ceiling visually expands the area, if the tone is made in the ceiling coverCornice backlit ceiling visually expands the area, if the tone is made in the ceiling cover

Advantages of polyurethane moldings:

  1. low weight;
  2. it is possible to replace ceiling moldings;
  3. dissipate heat well;
  4. they are usually fastened on the perimeter of suspended ceilings, where to hide all the electronics will not be difficult.

Option: cornice ceiling foam

Cornice from foam - this is one of the cheapest options for ceiling mount hidden LED backlight, but we must remember that it is insulated. Accordingly, the tape is allowed to complete with a weak power LEDs, where there is no need to upgrade the cooling for normal lighting. As the ceiling of the polyurethane foam is recommended to strengthen the glue, no screws and screws, not to mention the laying of metal profiles. And yes, they are quite flexible that, if necessary, allows you to mount lighting for a particular model.

In order not to break the foam profile, it is recommended to merely wet the mixture of water and alcohol. And you can do and that is easier - to order a cornice for a given sketch. Fortunately, this service provides a whole lot of companies.

Polyurethane moldings - lightweight and durable, simple to install, are used to set the LED backlightPolyurethane moldings - lightweight and durable, simple to install, are used to set the LED backlight

Pros pripotolochnogo cornice from foam:

  • low cost;
  • sound insulation effect (triggered if the eaves will act as a plinth, and laid on the perimeter of the room);
  • ceiling does not create additional workload.

But keep in mind that the material is not quite steady or moisture or mechanical damage. Therefore, for example, in the bathroom with the help of illumination of this type will not work to build - it pretty quickly goes down, or he will turn black cornice of mold and mildew.

Decorative cornices to the ceiling of wood

Decorative moldings can be made from almost any material, but is most often used for this purpose is a tree. Ceiling this is a pretty big load, so the base is attached directly to the profile on which the whole or tension mounted plane. That is, the wooden eaves should be nailed to the main ceiling or create a stable mount on the wall. They can also be used as a hidden niche for curtains. As a rule, attach them only for high ceilings front of the window. There also is not a big hole in the 10-15 cm, where he placed a cornice. Visible is only a part of his face.

Foam cornice virtually weightless, so easy to install on any type of surfaceFoam cornice virtually weightless, so easy to install on any type of surface

These types of moldings are quite expensive, however, they considered the best in visual terms. They can be a decoration for any interior, regardless of the overall design. Wood - a kind of unique decor.

Responses also indicate that zakarniznoy backlight is ideal - it is the wooden eaves.

But there are also some disadvantages:

  1. high cost (as mentioned above);
  2. installation complexity (simple glue - do not do);
  3. there is a need varnished the entire visible part of the eaves;
  4. High weight;
  5. When installing the driver partially disassemble the finished false ceiling.

Option: cornice plaster ceiling

Currently gypsum rods are not used for setting zakarniznoy illumination with LED ribbons. For the most part, because of the fragility of this building material, as well as its fragility. It is able to absorb moisture, after which the hue becomes slightly darker.

Plaster cornice ceiling has good water absorption, it can be used in rooms with high humidityPlaster cornice ceiling has good water absorption, it can be used in rooms with high humidity

If so, and put plaster cornices, it is better to replace them they plinth, that is, to use the combined model.

When choosing a tape for this type of cornice should be remembered:

  • he had a bad heat dissipation, so it is best to apply the tape to the minimum permissible power;
  • the room definitely need additional lighting - chandelier;
  • insert easily damaged by mechanical action.

Connecting the LED strip in the ceiling cornice

The tape itself in the cornice is attached to a conventional double-sided tape. The main thing when laying to prevent it twisting. Contacts at the end of the tape is specially marked. Plus - it's red wire, negative - black (usually not necessary, so you should also consider the markings on the tape itself). All of this is connected to the controller and the power supply (some of them used a proprietary connector, so something to mix - will not work). Feed belt, usually 12 volts. Heating - up to 40-60 degrees. If the temperature rises above, then it will affect the longevity of lighting. A repeated dismantling tapes are usually not possible. By the way, if confused, and file plus - minus, and vice versa, nothing happens and the tape will not be affected - this can not be afraid.

Scheme mounting LED strip in ceiling plinthScheme mounting LED strip in ceiling plinth

When assembling the backlight zakarniznoy wiring is routed over the rear portion to the plinth. Naturally, it is better to perform it at the stage of attachment or mounting tension ceiling to it in the future did not take even a partially disassembled.

When choosing an LED ribbon should be aware that they are different:

  1. by color (the main advantage of the LED - the ability to use the full range of colors);
  2. power (calculated per meter);
  3. LEDs on planting density (the more - the better, because the light is uniform);
  4. the thickness of the tape itself (not play a role here, which embodiment to stop).

Mounting zakarniznoy backlight (video)

Total, the most difficult thing in the arrangement of the ceiling hidden lighting - is the choice of the cornice and the understanding of the connection principle. Do it all with my own hands - not a problem. And that is important - lighting is very economical.

Zakarniznaya ceiling lights in the interior (photo)

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