window decoration in the living room in a modern style: 7 Ideas

window decoration in the living room in a modern style: 7 Ideas

12 October 2017

Good decision window decoration in the living room will be a combination of several areasGood decision window decoration in the living room will be a combination of several napravleniyS a certain amount of regret in his voice designers are forced to note that the design of the window in the living room in a modern style is often associated with a lot of errors. Trying as close as possible to fulfill all the requirements of a particular style, homeowners do not even want to think about it, as appropriate. Perhaps there is a more favorable option? Professionals say that usually it is necessary to some extent to combine several directions.

Beautiful living room decorated in a modern style

The main thing - to make a conscious first step, after which it becomes easier. Do not spoil the basis of preliminary preparation will help design the room. If it's a new building, it is necessary to push off from the window. It is located opposite the entrance a group or assembly - it does not matter because it emanates from him natural light. First of all, attention is drawn to the shape of the little window.

Standard rectangular embodiment with a wide sill closed decorated cornice, blackout curtains and curtains without prints. More complicated is that the decor is associated with non-standard size or shape of the window.

Curved windows fit bright textilesCurved windows fit bright textiles

 In this case, the following ideas can help:

  • Curved windows require bright curtains, incorporating playful colors;
  • If they are deep-set, in this case it is necessary to think about installing flower boxes, as well as the curtains with a pattern;
  • Roller or conventional blinds are suitable for rooms where the openings are located on a busy street or on the south side.

Wall design in modern living room

Room area and the selected style - two factors that determine the color scheme for wall coverings. Since it is necessary to be careful, otherwise the window will be "alien" does not fit into the interior of the body. Better to start with a common stylistic decision. Classical trend involves the use of subdued colors such as burgundy or beige. When it comes to style loft or a modern, preferred cool colors without prints.

It is important to remember that the walls do not have to choose just the right color, but also the texture of the wallpaper.

Restrained colors in the design of the windows are inherent in the classical styleRestrained colors in the design of the windows are inherent in the classical style

Unspoken rule reads as follows:

  1. If the room is 2 windows, it is better to give preference to constructivism. Lack of furniture create a depressing feeling of the people in the room. The space needed to take so that the eyes gradually slid from one element to another. It begins near the window if it is located opposite the entrance of the group.
  2. Proponents of contemporary style will pay attention to the cold tones, complemented by a small warm spots.
  3. country direction focuses on the soft colors that complement the color scheme of furniture.

Modern design of large windows in the living room

Professional approach to design includes a mandatory preliminary analysis of the situation. When it comes to a spacious living room with a massive little window, it is necessary to take into account the predominant color in the room and the amount of natural light. For rooms overlooking the south side, it is recommended to use a lightweight fabric attached to the eaves. In this case, the cornice itself is in sight.

The main thing - to make it on the darker tone of the windows, while the eaves accentuate the visual boundaries of the room. If desired, it is possible to mount the mechanism responsible for automatically opening and closing blinds. In addition, it is possible to issue lambrequins.

Dark ledge in bright living room visually delineateDark ledge in bright living room visually delineate

In the living room, where space is not so much beautiful all help draw the following option:

  1. With a significant amount of light entering the room, it is recommended to use bright shades, complemented by a cornice open;
  2. If the room already has a lot of decorative elements, it is best to use a solid-color prints without curtains;
  3. The use of curtains, including smooth color transitions, allows you to visually raise the ceiling in a small room;
  4. Geometrically incorrect box will help to decorate plain curtains, made in neutral shades.

The functional aspect of design in the living room window

Common sense, it is necessary to ensure the reliability of installed windows. It is necessary to check whether the existing window or something, which is scheduled to buy, suitable for use in specific climatic conditions. Information of this kind is always placed in the description of the specific model. There are no bad windows - are properly matched.

When choosing a window to the living room you should pay special attention to the quality of glassWhen choosing a window to the living room you should pay special attention to the quality of glass

It will help avoid any unpleasant surprises Accounting degree of proximity to the radiator window. The closer, the higher the thermal stability to be.

Qualitative glazing provides a microclimate, implying the circulating air in a specific pattern. If it is due to the constant proximity of the heat source is broken, it does not avoid the formation of condensation.

In addition to these recommendations for selecting an aesthetically pleasing and functional windows, identifies a number of others:

  • locking system in the open and the closed position must not allow the free "fall";
  • The tightness of the closing / opening of the window is checked by means of a lighted match, which should not repay even a slight draft;
  • New windows always have at least a double layer;
  • Abandon the purchase is necessary in the event that the seller does not provide warranty service.

The most beautiful views of the design of windows in the living room (video)

Just as the eyes are the mirror of man's inner world, the window - a reflection of the essence of the room. In this regard, it is necessary with due care to approach the issue of its decoration. It is not necessary to rush to extremes, because the excess curtains or plants on a window sill just as dangerous as the lack of such. Into account the need to take the geometry of windows, its length and the amount of incoming light through it. Do not forget that good design means keeping the stylistic features of the room.

Examples of the design of windows in the living room: modern ideas (photo)

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