Which side to mount the drywall to the wall: 4 Board for proper installation of the GCR

Which side to mount the drywall to the wall: 4 Board for proper installation of the GCR

12 October 2017

When installing drywall is important to correctly identify the side of the sheetWhen installing drywall is important to correctly identify the part listaGipsokarton is an easy, affordable and versatile material that is loved by many builders, as well as fans of improvised repairs. Work with GCR is easy, but some people experience a number of difficulties at work with GCR. One such difficulty is to determine the front and rear of the gypsum board.

What distinguishes the front side of the back of the drywall

Once and for all solve the problem with the definition of the back and front sides of a sheet of drywall, you need only look carefully sheet. On it there are signs that tell which side is screwed to the wall, and which should serve as a front.

Labeling is always located on the back side of a sheet of plasterboardLabeling is always located on the back side of a sheet of plasterboard

The features of the front side of the FCL:

  • On the front side of the sheet there are no factory marking. All this you will find only on the back side.
  • The color, which is pasted face of the sheet of drywall, and plastered on the side edge of the sheet.
  • The front part of the FCL has a slightly different chemical composition. In its composition contains a high percentage of cellulose, which ensures a minimum flow of finishing materials.

Consider carefully plasterboard sheet before working. Proper mounting will ensure comfortable operation and long service life.

Which side of the right mount waterproof drywall

Moisture-resistant drywall is indispensable for the installation of the walls or the ceiling in the bathroom, steam room or sauna. For kitchens also sometimes use water-resistant drywall. This will make the coating more durable, and its operation will take place without fear of damaging the surface of excessive humidity.

In moisture-resistant drywall obverse lighter backIn moisture-resistant drywall obverse lighter back

To understand which side tie water-resistant gypsum board, consider the following tips:

  1. Both sides of a moisture-resistant material have a greenish tint. But the front part of a few shades lighter.
  2. Wrong side can be distinguished by rolling, as the sides slightly narrowed towards the edges.
  3. The front side has a surface such that it can be attached substantially immediately after tile installation.

Moisture-resistant drywall is not resistant to water, so the direct impact of water is not allowed. Only moisture can harmlessly coexist with moisture-resistant drywall.

How to fasten drywall frameless method: the necessary materials

To work on screwing drywall sheets was easy, you need to stock up on all the necessary materials.

Frameless method of attaching drywall is only suitable for flat surfacesFrameless method of attaching drywall is only suitable for flat surfaces

What materials and tools will be needed when installing drywall frameless way:

  • drywall;
  • The dry mixture;
  • The capacity for the dry mixture of plaster;
  • painter's knife;
  • generally;
  • The hammer of rubber;
  • Roulette;
  • Level;
  • Putty knife;
  • fishing line;
  • Jigsaw.

Frameless method is suitable if the base wall almost perfectly flat.

How to fasten drywall to profile: instruction for beginners

Once you have decided on the right side to work with GCR, you are ready for installation.

Initially mounted profile and laid communicationInitially mounted profile and laid communication

As sheets of drywall are screwed (step by step instructions):

  1. Must first build structure of the profiles. Take for this markup.
  2. Fasten the rails to the base surface.
  3. Screw profiles on the guide.
  4. Place the frame on the isolation, communication or anything else that is provided by your project.
  5. Attach the drywall using self-tapping screws elongated. Standard steps is considered to be 30 cm between screws.

Proper positioning of the sheet will facilitate further work with GCR.

How to fix the drywall (video)

FCL put easy, if you know all the rules. Work done for the glory, make your home or office is really nice, progressive and cozy. Learn how to put the drywall, and any interior fashion delights will be under force.

Examples fixing plasterboard (photo)

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