What wallpaper are better suited for the kitchen: 5 rules for selecting

What wallpaper are better suited for the kitchen: 5 rules for selecting

12 October 2017

Beautiful and practical wallpaper in the kitchen, you can choose your ownBeautiful and practical wallpaper in the kitchen, you can choose samostoyatelnoVybor wallpaper in the kitchen does not have to be a compromise between practicality and aesthetics. Combining everything is possible, without sacrificing anything. Usually the choice is constructed as follows: on the personal preferences of superimposed impressions scanned range in the store. I am looking for the most - if found luck. But thanks to the internet the choice is more accurate, since any collection of photos can simplify the selection of wallpaper. You can already see exactly how they look in the interior.

What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen: selection criteria

Before you go to the store and choose, you need to consult on all counts - whether fit your favorite wallpaper the kitchen, and what options are all worth watching.

When choosing wallpaper, pay attention to their quality and main characteristicsWhen choosing wallpaper, pay attention to their quality and main characteristics

To choose the right wallpaper, keep in mind that:

  1. Wet cleaning of the kitchen is often carried out, and therefore it makes sense to glue wallpaper washable only. Thus today you can buy not only washable wallpaper, and so-called super washable - they can not just wipe with a cloth, and even brushing.
  2. Dense wallpaper, that is durable, will last you longer. So even if you choose a very dense pokleit wallpaper, dirt they accumulate will be much slower, because they are not porous.
  3. High light fastness - another requirement to the choice of wallpaper, as otherwise they will burn out very quickly in the sun.
  4. Water vapor permeability - another important quality wallpaper, so the kitchen walls dry out quickly, and it's good for the indoor environment.
  5. And, of course, always refer to the labeling of the product, if it is a "wave" icon, indicating that the water resistance of the material. And if there is a "wave and brush" icon, it means that the material is resistant to mechanical damage.

How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen: the basic principles of color selection

Nuances gluing is not as scary as the elections themselves wallpaper. Namely - the color, pattern, ornament, color. For many, it's a real headache, people think, and whether these are suitable wallpaper for kitchen sets, and does not change whether the size of the room visually, if you want to, for example, pasted on the wall of blue wallpaper.

Before buying wallpaper is necessary, first of all, decide on their colors and textureBefore buying wallpaper is necessary, first of all, decide on their colors and texture

selection principles are simple, but they should be aware of:

  • Always a major figure visually reduce the room;
  • Small drawing room gives the opportunity seem more spacious;
  • in the form of stripes intersection geometry can create the illusion of continuity of the space;
  • The vertical pattern visually raise the ceiling, so that the kitchen will appear above;
  • Horizontal stripes and horizontal pattern wallpaper visually expand the kitchen, but it will reduce its height;
  • The diagonal lines that adorn the wallpaper will make the kitchen more dynamic, instilling in her the energy of motion;
  • Texture wallpaper can supposedly create the room a new dimension.

The main rule - after papering the walls with wallpaper, the kitchen should definitely pleasing to the eye. You should not be out there tired, the color should not be oppressive, aggressive. Because you have to be careful with the red, orange, dark colors.

Options for the kitchen wallpaper: you can choose

Simple paper wallpaper clearly not fit. Gone are the days when they decorated the walls of the kitchen, but there was no other choice. Simple paper wall is not fit even for a spacious kitchen, even for the kitchen, where there is little prepared.

An excellent option for the kitchen facilities will be vinyl wallpaperAn excellent option for the kitchen facilities will be vinyl wallpaper

Options for the kitchen wallpaper:

  • Impregnated Paper - and this is another option, waterproof spray makes paper wallpaper very different solution;
  • Paper wallcoverings vinyl layer - they have only one drawback, they can stick only to a very smooth, perfect wall;
  • Wallpaper from the foam vinyl - not the best option, since the vinyl layer is not very durable, and its durability is not high;
  • Vinyl - Pick up that option vinyl wallpaper that their density is high, if you touch a detailed roll, and he rushes to the kitchen these wallpapers do not exactly fit;
  • CD-vinyl - it can be washed, rubbed with a brush, and even a scratch, excellent and durable material;
  • Non-woven vinyl wallpaper - a good option, do not crumple and do not rush, do not swell, and even hide small defects of the walls;
  • Vinylic under painting - if you are fickle in their desires, should pay attention to this option.

Also suitable for the kitchen such as a silk-screen printing options and fiberglass wallpaper.

Beige kitchen: what to choose wallpaper for the harmonious way

The beige atmosphere good "feel" themselves will be blue or blue. If you want to focus on a beige headset, you can choose the wallpaper with black fotorisunkom. The space comes to life and becomes visually a little wider.

Very often, for the design beige kitchen choose plain wallpaper or wallpaper can be combined, but it is desirable, in tones of one color. To the room was fresh and lively, combine wallpaper.

Kitchen in beige color is best to choose plain wallpaperKitchen in beige color is best to choose plain wallpaper

Tone on tone - not the best option, furniture merge with the background, and that it was beautiful, it is necessary to have a special education - a very fine line between elegance and "deaf" decision.

What wallpaper are suitable for black-and-white kitchen: Options

For black and white kitchen design, you can choose thick wallpaper with the possibility of applying their own drawing. You get yourself a stencil, and create an image in the kitchen - it is very fashionable today.

Wallpaper with a large pattern can not be used are not all the walls of the kitchen - only in a certain area. Almost perfect look such fragments in the dining area.

For black-and-white kitchen, choose thick wallpaper with original patternFor black-and-white kitchen, choose thick wallpaper with original pattern

Today, many are not afraid to use white wallpaper, washable so quite easy to care for. Black as wallpaper with white pattern used too fragmented.

Maintain the black-and-white kitchen scale, but if you want to add a third color, even if it is not in the wallpaper. With this task perfectly cope, for example, red or purple chairs curtain. And Wallpaper - background - let too will be either black or white, or black and white.

How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen (video)

Wallpaper in the kitchen - it's background, and the decor, and the practicality and dynamics. They can "make friends" with each other pieces of furniture to make the space and solid, organic.

Have a nice choice!

Beautiful wallpaper in the kitchen (photo)

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