What Topiary of coins fit best

What Topiary of coins fit best

12 October 2017

Topiary of the coins looks good in the interior, especially in the hallwayTopiary of the coins looks good in the interior, especially in the hallway Topiary of coins - it is small, but the original trees, which are based on natural or artificial materials. All the elements are chosen depending on the individual preferences and fantasies. Use a tree of coins can be as a decorative pattern or money talisman. According to Feng Shui is the decoration brings joy and happiness into the house.

How to make a topiary of the coins with their own hands: a step by step photo

Topiary of the coins are made quite simple, it is enough to acquire certain materials. They depend entirely on the ideas of the author. The basis of ornamental trees, various elements can lie.

To manufacture a tree of coins you need to take the following materials:

  • The ball of foam of small diameter.
  • Coins.
  • Aluminum wire for the barrel.
  • Braid.
  • Gold beads of different diameters.
  • Green fabric.
  • Artificial leaves.
  • Flowerpot.
  • Glue.
  • Cylinder with a paint golden brown.
  • Alabaster.

Coins Topiary use any, as they are all evenly exposed staining (very good looks golden color)Coins Topiary use any, as they are all evenly exposed staining (very good looks golden color)

As additional tools are: pliers, needles, pencils, scissors and glue gun for distribution.

The first step is to make the stamens of floral wire, it is done through the use of wire cutters. At one end mounted bead is yellow, the other - red. On the tree of the coins will need only 3 stamens. Then you must make the tree branches, there will be two. To do this, use floral wire, but the ends are worn red beads, which are attached with an adhesive.

The obtained stamens are fixed on the ball of foam. Then you can start to decor coins. Around one element installed several stamens. Free space is filled with coins. It recommended in the third and subsequent rows to set them at an angle. Thus, pasted over the entire ball of foam. Importantly do not forget to leave room for the trunk. It is made of thick wire with pliers. To him primatyvayutsya branches, and the barrel is attached to the bowl. It is further desirable to engage with an adhesive.

As the workpiece is perfect sphere, cut from the foamAs the workpiece is perfect sphere, cut from the foam

From decorative ribbon of green color must be cut into small flap that wrapped the finished barrel. It can be further decorate with beads.

Then the pot is taken and made cover for him. From inside it is necessary to paste over with a cloth. Then attach the gold braid on the outside and decorate with beads. At the bottom of the pot is laid granules, it can be as stones and coins. Then it is filled with plaster, diluted with water, and is inserted into the tree. When it hardens, laid on top of the coin.

Topiary of coffee and coins - a simple decoration apartment

In recent years, Topiary gaining huge popularity. This is due to the prevalence of Feng Shui, and people's desire to own decorating her own apartment. Topiary perfectly complement the interior of the apartment and bring good luck. At the heart decorations can be based coffee beans and coins. This will create not only interesting, but also fragrant decorative element.

To make Topiary need to arm yourself with the following elements:

  • Styrofoam ball.
  • Yarn.
  • Castle with lightning.
  • Coffee beans.
  • Spray paint.
  • Plaster.
  • Small coins.
  • Wire and round cable.
  • Brown acrylic paint.
  • Glue.
  • Brush to paint.

The original solution is to mix the coffee beans and coins supposedly look out a kind of pocketThe original solution is to mix the coffee beans and coins supposedly look out a kind of pocket

First create the trunk of a wire, which is decorated with brown yarn. Then harvested pot, which is filled with diluted alabaster. It is inserted into the barrel and sent a few hours in a quiet place to harden. Meanwhile, it is necessary to decorate the tree itself.

Ball of foam wrapped with brown yarn and stick a coin on it. At fixed locking adhesive, it is desirable to arrange it directly under the coins. This part of the tree you need to paint with gold paint. The rest of the seal should be coffee beans. The resulting decorative element is fastened to the trunk.

Now we need to, you need to decorate itself trunk colored paper and beads. Alabaster should also cover, for this purpose, cinnamon sticks, coins or bills crappy.

Topiary create money out of coins with their own hands - not a difficult task

Topiary is an interesting ornamental tree that can be made from any decorative elements. To do this, not necessarily to buy something, it is sufficient to look around in your own apartment.

To decorate the bottom of the well fit any cloth dyed in the desired colorTo decorate the bottom of the well fit any cloth dyed in the desired color

Making money tree with their hands implies the use of the following elements:

  • Plaster.
  • Wire.
  • Shell out of the pistachios.
  • Pot.
  • Golden paint.
  • Decorative ribbon.
  • Coins. 

Each Topiary is applied step by step guide. The first step is to create a tree trunk. To this is taken thick wire, which is wound decorative ribbon, threads or colored. Then in a pot filled with diluted alabaster and inserted into the base. A few hours, the composition solidifies. Meanwhile, it is necessary to decorate the main part of the tree. The ball of foam can act as her. It must be pasted coins and shells. If desired, all painted in golden color. When the upper part will be ready and plaster dries, it is possible to connect these two parts.

The result is an interesting decorative feature of the apartment. Create beauty is not difficult, it is necessary to follow a master class and do everything according to the description.

How to make a topiary of coins improvised

Production topiary quite uncomplicated process. Suffice it to acquire materials at hand. This can be a plastic or styrofoam ball, coin, grain coffee, glue, wire and slightly ornamental elements.

What is needed for the production of decorative wood:

  • A wish.
  • Savvy.
  • Fantasy.
  • A little time.

It looks great trunk, branching, which suspended someIt looks great trunk, branching, which suspended some "money balls"

Plastic or foam ball can immediately be decorated coins. Its pre-wrapped yarn of any color. Coins and coffee stick in any sequence. There are lots of master classes, which involve the use of any materials is not only, but also arbitrary tree decoration.

When the upper part is ready, you can do the base and the decoration of the pot. The barrel is made of wire, which is decorated with beads, beads, ribbons and fabric. This element is inserted into the pot, into which you can pour plaster for stability. The final point is decorated with coins, ribbons and beads base of the tree. Create a decorative element can be for a day.

Master class for creating topiary of coins (video)

Topiary always been popular, but today their peak activity is recorded. This is due to an interesting appearance and minimal cost to manufacture. Create a money tree decoration under the force of each, it is sufficient to acquire the necessary elements and spend a little time. 

Topiary of the coins in the interior (photo)

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