What should be an entrance into the hall: 7 components

What should be an entrance into the hall: 7 components

12 October 2017

A stylish foyer, you can make your own handsA stylish foyer can be done by rukamiKoridor in any home is the hallmark of the entire premises and therefore it must be issued maximum quality, beautiful and comfortable. In order to precisely reception could produce great impression on visitors, have a lot to try to arrange it at the highest level.

For corridors hallways

Entrance hall or in other words, set in the hallway - this is the best way to not only create an interesting interior, but also the formation of space for outdoor clothes, shoes and accessories. As a rule, modern lobby - it is set, in which there is a place for things to each member of the family and of course for the guests.

The acquisition of the hallway - this is a very important step, which should be approached responsibly.

As the functionality of a dressing room should be comfortable, practical and spacious.

Headsets in the hallways should be not only beautiful in appearance, but also functionalHeadsets in the hallways should be not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional

If you plan to install a large entrance hall which will accommodate not only the outer clothing, but also the rest, then it necessarily needed items such as:

  • Barbell;
  • Bryuchnitsa;
  • boxes;
  • shelves;
  • Obuvnitsa;
  • Hanger for accessories;
  • Galstuchnitsa.

ready lobby

The room corridor - this seemingly modest space, which can be issued only simply and without special bright accents. In fact, the hall can be changed beyond recognition, if carefully considered arrangement.

The main problem is the many corridors:

  • The absence of light;
  • A minimum of space;
  • Virtually no comfort;
  • The irregular shape of the room.

Transform the corridor it is possible, if we pay attention to the weaknesses and make them strengths.

For this:

  1. You need to make enough lighting. If there is no window opening, it is necessary to use light finishing materials, a set of bright colors and of course do not forget the presence of artificial light sources.
  2. To hallway was convenient to operate, it must always be the order, both inside dressing room and around it. It is not necessary to install extra interior, even if enables squaring. A lot of pieces of furniture creates the effect of the lack of taste in the household.
  3. It should be free to optimize the quadrature or in other words, zoning room to each of the households did not experience discomfort when training camp in the morning.
  4. There must be a special compartment, hooks or shelves for storage details. For example, it will look in an original creative hooks for umbrellas and keys, a shelf in the form of hands under scarves and gloves, and the like. Do not forget about the hook for bags and packages.
  5. The room should be decorated in the same style, ranging from flooring and finishing suite and small decorations, but in limited quantities.

Ready hallways can be purchased in a furniture showroomReady hallways can be purchased in a furniture showroom

At present, there are several options as to what to buy fashion prihozhki.

For example:

  • ready;
  • Under the order.

For those who wish to save a considerable amount of money it is right for the finished version of the dressing room, as the low-end models, modern factories offer a huge number, respectively, in order to identify the problem will not be. To purchase enough to see the directory, pay attention to the size that will fit the size of the corridor and of course take into account the price. Ready prihozhki may be top class.

The price of the product depends on:

  • design;
  • the manufacturer;
  • decoration;
  • material;
  • Zoning of the interior space;
  • bundling;
  • Accessories.

The choice of course is on the buyer.

Set in the hall: the choice of the subtleties of

Set in the hallway means is not enough, but before you decide on the size, model and color, you need to scrutinize the level Illuminability premises. From light it depends very much and if he will be dim, faint and inadequate, it is likely, even the most chic set will begin to look dull, gray and quite interesting.

The best option is to install spotlights coupled with the main plane chandelier.

Choosing a set for the hall, paid tribute to the attention and coverageChoosing a set for the hall, paid tribute to the attention and coverage

For your convenience, the hall should pay attention also to:

  • Ventilation so as not to accumulate moisture, dryness, as well as unpleasant odors, which are often found in the shoe;
  • room planning and placement prihozhki;
  • Selecting the depth of the headset.

Experts believe that the optimum depth of any embedded or housing enclosure for the corridor to be not more than 80 centimeters. The advantage should be given drawers and compartment door system. The optimum rod length is 100 cm, since a larger size will require extra support. If the room is equipped with a modular piece of furniture, it is best to choose a checkerboard arrangement that looks unusual and original.

Radius lobby to the hallway

At present very trendy radius are considered public and private dressing rooms. They can hardly be called a budget, because they need to invest in a solid.

The high cost of such products is understandable, because:

  • To use the latest operating system;
  • Modern technologies are used for manufacturing;
  • For the construction of necessary only quality and durable materials.

Radius vestibules have a fairly large number of advantages.

Radius hallways do not take up much space, but they are very roomyRadius hallways do not take up much space, but they are very roomy

In particular:

  • The presence of the original and beautiful design;
  • The lack of simplicity;
  • Unusual shapes;
  • The curved façade;
  • Opportunity to make an unlimited number of bends;
  • roominess;
  • compactness;
  • The ability to set in the corners between the doorways;
  • The opportunity to disguise the shortcomings of the room, for example, uneven walls and ceilings;
  • Effective and solid appearance;
  • Large variety of species, since it is possible to order and buy housing, embedded and modular.

It is possible to combine the sliding sash to swing.

Trendy lobby to the corridor: the latest trends

Everyone has their own idea of ​​what should be the entrance hall, for example, modular suspension, the body, the skeleton, and the like. The most important thing - it is if you want to stick to contemporary style and build your room as comfortable and cozy, it is worth to follow the fashion trends.

Today is fashionable to be installed in the entrance hall sets light shadesToday is fashionable to be installed in the entrance hall sets light shades 

There are a few guidelines you can follow to make a very attractive corridor:

  1. Who it is considered to be very fashionable to install light headset, since they are not only visually expand the space and lighten the room, but also allow to soften the look, sometimes small and awkward spaces.
  2. If the room with small dimensions, it is strictly forbidden multilevel plasterboard ceiling, because it reduces the space visually. It is better to give preference to the glossy stretch ceilings and it is desirable juicy shades.
  3. In 2017 become very fashionable wall panels that need to pick up the tone with a dressing room, and vice versa, but they should not merge with each other.
  4. The peak of popularity - is the presence in the accent door wardrobe. It can be decorated with stained glass, artistic painting, photo printing and other decoration options.
  5. No less popular today to decorate not only the prihozhku, but also the corridor, and natural stone, and preferably in light colors. The stone may be natural and imitation.
  6. Making the front may be liquid wallpaper, vinyl-coated and metallized structures. Also suitable optimally and decorative plaster.
  7. If the headset is adjusted for finished interior, it should be much lighter than the floor.

Choose hallways need of durable and desirable natural materials, as they look solid and will last for a long time without loss of adequate quality.

Beautiful entrance hall into the corridor (video)

Practical hostess always give preference to such furniture, for which it is convenient to take care of and she did not deteriorate under the influence of soap and chemical solutions. It is important before purchasing to see various images and examples.

hallway corridor design (interior photo)

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