What kinds of fasteners for drywall

What kinds of fasteners for drywall

12 October 2017

Plasterboard is mounted on a metal or wooden frame with the aid of special fastenersPlasterboard attached to a metal or wooden frame by means of special fasteners Using drywall is so common that there is hardly a family who never thought about the construction of plasterboard structures at. With GCR aligned walls, made ceilings, interior partitions and even indoor. Of course, and fasteners required for the profile, which is the frame construction.

Screws Profile: drywall fasteners

And import and domestic manufacturers are guided by the same standards. These parameters are traditional. For example, metal screws have a diameter in mm: 3.5; 3.9; 4.2; 4.8. The length of these screws varies from 16 mm to as much as 152 mm.

Dimensions of screws for wood will be almost the same. You choose those screws that are appropriate for the frame - metal or wooden crates. Another question is how to screw the screws in drywall.

Screws are small profile and affordable priceScrews are small profile and affordable price

In order to screw the screw, you need a screwdriver with different nasadochkami for different sizes of the same fasteners. Also need the Phillips screwdriver, tape, or a small magnet.

If you are attaching drywall screws to the wall, start with the marks on the dry plaster in areas of future openings. Just do it in advance, in the course can also make mistakes. Step will depend on the load on the material - from 20 to 70 cm.

Suitable fasteners for gypsum board: it is better, screwdriver or screwdriver

When you put a screw on the nozzle, attach the mount to the intended point. If the screwdriver is used, it is desirable to twist the screw at maximum speed, well when it enters the plate half, the speed decrease to a minimum.

Features screwing screws:

  • If you are working with a screwdriver, do not press excessively on the handle very slowly tighten;
  • Screw screw correctly the most difficult in the last stage, when there is nothing left at all - in fact quite the screwdriver force to board broke, and then fixing by no means provide a rigid docking GCR to the frame;
  • Nedokrutit will also be a mistake, the most reasonable - buy your screwdrivers good bit just for self-tapping screws, in her own axis is perfectly aligned with the axis of the fastener.

Attach the drywall using a screwdriver faster than with a screwdriverAttach the drywall using a screwdriver faster than with a screwdriver

The right thing, before twisting to read the manufacturer's instructions, it usually contains the optimal tightening force. It and expose the instrument. Not always and not all types of fasteners are screwed on the first try. But if you mount unscrewed, a new fixture in the old hole is screwed - in mounting such a problem.

Screws on wood: Does this sound like fasteners for gypsum boards

Not only the metal frame can be the basic design of the plasterboard wall or ceiling. In addition to the metal profile is often used wooden bars. Another question is whether to do a frame to the same ceiling.

Cons wooden frame:

  • Wood rassyhaetsya over time;
  • Wood also rots;
  • When the humidity drops crack or warp design;
  • Used wooden frame often for temporary structures.

If the frame for plasterboard is made up of wooden slats, you should use wood screwsIf the frame for plasterboard is made up of wooden slats, you should use wood screws

But if you decide to make the frame in metal rails and wooden bars, use wood screws. Which option is more convenient for you to decide. The issue of creating GCR-structures requires an unhurried approach: materials, design, project size, all require detailed consideration.

Here, everything has to be thought out to the smallest detail. It is necessary to elaborate a design plan, to imagine how it will look in the room. It is also necessary to make a drawing, and on it to perform all the work.

A popular fixture for plasterboard Molly

Fortunately for attaching drywall are used, and special anchors. This so-called "butterfly" and anchor "umbrella", and a dowel-nail for plasterboard. There are commonly known anchor Molly. Its mechanism of action - decompresses dowels. It turns out that when mounting it as it grips a sheet of plasterboard between the front and the rear portion.

It is said that the dowel molly - not the budget option. But the solution is uniquely successful if a high strength assembly is part of the mandatory conditions for repairs. Dowel Molly makes heavy loads - up to 35 kg.

Molly dowels can reliably fix the drywall, but they cost more than conventional screwsMolly dowels can reliably fix the drywall, but they cost more than conventional screws

Dismantling of the dowel without any problems, as well as the installation of:

  • Drill a hole of 8 mm in diameter in the place where the anchor will be attached;
  • In this hole insert Molly presses the rim with two prongs so that they have entered into a plump drywall (sliding anchor is not needed, there should be no rotation);
  • Then thread the screw until such time as the rear part of Molly podozhmet to GCR once pursed, the installation has been successfully completed.

Fortunately, a great choice. And you can stand a long time, choosing the right hardware in shelves. Stay on options from manufacturers who are proven. And it is not worth saving, if serious repair.

Types of fasteners for drywall (video)

When choosing hardware for drywall, be sure to consult with advisors. Tell me, for what specific purpose you need a plug, and an experienced consultant will paint you a possibility of potential acquisitions.

Successful work!


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