What is the ceiling is best done

What is the ceiling is best done

12 October 2017

The original ceiling will become a bright accent in any roomThe original ceiling will become a bright accent in any pomescheniiBazoy any room are the three components of the interior - the ceiling, walls and floor. Thus, any component of the space can be both background and accent element. It all depends on what the main problem bears interior, what disadvantages have to beat, and with what benefits to take advantage of. For example, small low room have a chance to turn into a cozy space thanks to the competent finishing the ceiling and the right combination of all the basic components of the room.

What ceilings choose a standard room

Ceiling largely determines the atmosphere of the room and the overall image of the room. To choose the right kind of ceiling covering the basic rules will help to construct the spatial composition, the main trends in fashion and artistic design tips.

For standard rooms the ceiling is chosen according to the degree of lighting and layout of the houseFor standard rooms the ceiling is chosen according to the degree of lighting and layout of the house

Factors influencing the choice of the ceiling:

  • Natural lighting of the room;
  • Planning and degree of artificial light;
  • changes in illumination of the room in summer and winter, respectively;
  • The height of the room;
  • At what temperature will be finish;
  • Planning, design and purpose of the premises;
  • The degree of the room humidity.

The degree of retention of heat, ventilation efficiency, duration of use - also depend on what is selected to decorate the ceiling. Now it developed a huge amount of ceiling options for any kind of room.

When choosing a ceiling determined by:

  1. design type ceiling coverings;
  2. Geometric ceiling outlines;
  3. Texture;
  4. The type and color of the material.

Designing begins with an assessment of the state of the room. You can make a few photos, to continue to visually choose the best interior ceiling coverings.

What ceiling reliability in apartment buildings

There are many criteria which determine the quality of the coating. Always preferably a material having a high performance and fire performance, eco-friendly, has additional advantages, as well as safe for the health. To determine what type of ceiling coatings reliably, it is worth to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the popular ways to separate.

Choosing a reliable ceiling, you should consider the quality of the ceiling coverChoosing a reliable ceiling, you should consider the quality of the ceiling cover

The ceiling can be:

  • plaster;
  • suspended;
  • tension;
  • boarded;
  • Tiled.

The easiest way to trim the ceiling - "raw" processing method. "Crude" way, because use different mixtures: plaster, putty, paint, whitewash.

Pros plastering materials:

  1. Do not change the height of the room;
  2. They have no concealed spaces where it can accumulate dust, animals, etc.

Cons plastering materials:

  • Sensitivity to moisture;
  • Low operating parameters (probability of cracks from drying out or the natural shrinkage of the house).

Tension coating are performed by means of special tissue or polyvinyl chloride films, pull-on profile.

Pros tension coating:

  1. Suitable for apartments, where there is a possibility of flooding from the top;
  2. Not allergic, because antidust have characteristics;
  3. Have a high water resistance.

Cons tension coating:

  • The low strength of the coatings to sharp objects;
  • Change the height of the room up to 5 cm

Suspended ceiling accentuate the beautiful interior of your roomSuspended ceiling accentuate the beautiful interior of your room

False ceiling of a structural framing base coated with various materials (glass, plastic, wood, gypsum board, aluminum).

Pros suspended coatings:

  1. High strength;
  2. Selection of coating material taking into account features of the room;
  3. A hidden space for communication.

Cons suspended coatings:

  • Change the height of the space of 15 cm;

Boarded ceiling coverings filed bearing elements, to basic ceiling, whereby the room loses up to 6 cm, which is smaller than in the grid system, but more than the tension during plastering and coatings.

The surest kind of ceiling coatings - is the one that is best suited for the room environment. For wet rooms suitable tensioning systems, and in the children's best to equip the ceiling with a solid foundation.

What material for low ceilings is considered optimal

A common problem is considered to be a small room height. But the low ceiling is not a fatal problem is not solved. Repair of such rooms is carried out based on some techniques that greatly smoothes the lack of ceiling height.

Ceiling tiles are optimally suited for low ceilingsCeiling tiles are optimally suited for low ceilings

At low ceilings give preference to such materials as:

  1. wallpaper;
  2. Fiberglass wallpaper;
  3. Ceiling tile;
  4. Plastering materials;
  5. Stretch ceilings.

The height below 2.4 m considers psychologically uncomfortable for living, so it is worth considering how many centimeters the room can "give" in favor of a ceiling cover.

When a small height of the room is important every centimeter. Therefore, preference is given to the material, which lowers the minimum ceiling.

Wallpaper and plastering material is allowed to keep the height of the living space, but do not align with the ceiling surface. Therefore, in some situations, it makes sense to use a plate or tensioning system, losing a few centimeters.

From a ceiling slab will be the most original

For registration use the low ceiling tile that slightly hides imperfections and keeps the height of the room. Tiles can be of different material, thus is capable of solving a number of issues, for example, to increase the sound insulation or to insulate the room.

Add originality to your ceiling, you can use the laminated tilesAdd originality to your ceiling, you can use the laminated tiles

Depending on the production principle of tile is divided into:

  • Pressed (extruded) in which polystyrene-based sheets. Tile has the lowest operating characteristics, so different brittleness and fragility.
  • Injection, which is obtained by sintering polystyrene. Tile is much thicker and has a previous deep drawing.
  • Extruded. The most durable and high quality tiles.

Depending on the design and type of ceiling tile surface is divided into:

  1. Laminated. Tiles with a special moisture-proof coating.
  2. Seamless. Tile has a special edging, so after watering the ceiling can not see the seams.
  3. Mirror. Plastic tiles having a mirror layer on the front side.

Mirror plates can increase the space and compensate for small height of the room. When choosing a stove is worth paying attention to the quality of the corners, the density and porosity of the tiles.

How to decorate a low ceiling in a private house

In a private home or, for example, in the country can also be a problem due to low altitude areas. To the ceiling in such houses after finishing seemed taller, you should consider some of the rules.

The low ceiling will look good with the extension of wall decorationThe low ceiling will look good with the extension of wall decoration

Useful techniques when working with low ceilings:

  1. Use of materials in light colors;
  2. Using glossy or specular coating;
  3. Renewals walls in the part of the ceiling.

If low ceiling there was a need to set up the stairs to the second floor, the best would be to install a spiral staircase or a ladder with as open a side view.

For private homes, you can use plasterboard panel or cover. The timber houses at installation such as a ceiling battens can use existing beams, winning the distance.

How to beat the dark low ceiling

Low room try to visually increase the ceiling by a light-colored finishes. White ceiling is considered the best. But if for some reason the room addition has a low dark ceiling, then the only solution is to arrange the lighting right.

The color scheme of the room in the same tone to help you beat the dark low ceilingsThe color scheme of the room in the same tone to help you beat the dark low ceilings

Additional original techniques at low ceiling coverings:

  • Set wide white plinth with a great sunset on the ceiling (it helps with low dark ceilings);
  • Properly install false beams;
  • Create elevation.

If a partially lowered a small part of the ceiling, then even if initially low ceilings total space of the room will be more. This extreme method at the expense of visual understatement of the ceiling makes the main ceiling higher.

It is also worth remembering that a large chandelier is unacceptable at low ceilings, so you need to consider the main and additional lighting of the room.

The choice of a ceiling for their home (video)

The low ceiling is not a sentence. It's just a characteristic feature of the room, which can be productive, while creating an attractive and spectacular interiors with a comfortable atmosphere.

Creative ceilings for for apartments and houses (photo)

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