What are the accessories used for the hall: 6 ideas

12 October 2017

Accessories hallway can be found in specialty stores or look for original items in the marketAccessories hallway can be found in specialty stores or look for original items on the market accessories hallway are quite varied, so choose among them a decent option in the cellar. The only question that I would like to see eventually. That is the purpose of the changes and should be placed as a basis for their work. Otherwise, you can not find a suitable decor, and the room will undergo very small changes. The problem should be placed as closely as possible! And then a positive result will not take long!

hallway decor: what to expect

Not defined at this stage, you can not try to move to the next, because it is unlikely to be crowned with success.

While in search of decorations for the hall, you need to clearly understand that I would like to see in the end:

  • Updated interior;
  • Bright accents;
  • Fangled stuff.

Number of accessories is large enough so that you can easily get lost in a hurry is not acquiring what is needed in their abundance. the algorithm should be very clear! Therefore, even the best pre-write down on a piece of your purchase. And, in any case, not to deviate from the task, listening to the exhortations ushlyh merchants!

Great solution is to use the hats as accessories for anteroomGreat solution is to use the hats as accessories for anteroom

At the moment, the following noteworthy decoration:

  • Functional shelves / racks, etc .;
  • Lovely figurines, household goods, etc .;
  • Elements of artistic style.

To say that it is better and what is worse, it is not possible without seeing the situation in the house. All you need to watch a particular event, seeing the overall picture of the room, as well as taking into account the wishes of the customer.

It often happens that even the best things is simply not in harmony with the current situation. Change it radically, of course, it is not necessary. But choose another object design certainly have.

Exclusive items in the hallway

Exclusive accessories today, as never before, are in price, so decorate their own home wants the vast majority of people. What is the secret of this success can not tell even the most outstanding designers! The demand of modern man quite unpredictable, so manufacturers can only adjust to it. However, there are the end result of effort? In case of registration of a corridor in an apartment - no.

Often used a painting or a vase to decorate the hallOften used a painting or a vase to decorate the hall

In particular, because:

  • Corridor - a place frequented by strangers, which is not desirable at once to see the wealth of the family;
  • Exclusive items require special care and rest, which is not always possible to provide in the confusion;
  • In the hallway and guests and hosts usually do not stay, so there put pride items are not worth it.

If you want to surprise the audience, it is possible to put a kind of dummy that looks quite presentable. Worry about its safety is not necessary. And that's pleasing to the eye it will definitely.

Most of the hallways is not possible to "roam", so it is desirable to be limited to a minimum of decoration. Let it be small, but very eloquent accents that will be asked in the house a positive atmosphere and allow your hands to revive the interior.

Ideas to decorate the hall: photo

One of the key trends of the modern world is the use of photos decor. Moreover, as family members, and quite neutral images. Such decoration - a real storehouse of positive traits!

Great decorative element for a classic hallway considered books placed on shelvesGreat decorative element for a classic hallway considered books placed on shelves

Which include:

  • Ease of execution of ideas;
  • The relatively low price;
  • Opportunity to do something nice for a loved one.

In order to make such a decoration, will only high-quality photos. Further, it is increased to the required size, retouched and printed out if required.

Remarkably, decorate the house can be one large photo or a whole collage of them.

However, experts strongly recommend the use of the image of small size, which look great in the overall concept. Large picture can decorate the room, but soon it will certainly get bored. Of course, it can be replaced, which would entail additional costs. And whether such gestures are necessary? House and its constant changes are unlikely to enjoy the owners.

How to decorate the hall with his own hands with a minimum cost

Easier and better all decorative installation is obtained from those who do live in the house entrusted. It is easier and much cheaper.

Multicolored hangers perfectly fit into the interior hallway, which is made in high-tech styleMulticolored hangers perfectly fit into the interior hallway, which is made in high-tech style

And in the flow can go:

  • Decorative plaster;
  • Favorite home furnishings;
  • Pleasant trifle.

Before starting work, you must draw up a rough plan of work, and preferably even cause changes in the paper in the head.

Stylish accessories for the hall (video)

Yourself can make a drawing different textures of plaster, paint or embroider a picture and even run it from the related items! Do not be afraid of experiments, if they do not bear the cardinal changes.
Accessories hallway are quite diverse in their purpose, form and style. Choose the appropriate option in the cellar, if you delve into the issue and really willing to implement it at the highest level. It is not necessary to believe that it would be too easy! However, not insured even the highest experts from errors. You need to try to eventually get the desired result.

Examples corridor decor in the apartment (photo interiors)

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