We use decorative stone in the entrance hall: 3 reasons for the decision

12 October 2017

Decorative stone is able to significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the hall and give it originalityDecorative stone is able to significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the hall and give it the original stone can fit perfectly into any stylistic decision, and? except representation? its main consumer properties are: durability, usability, easiness in maintenance. In this case, the calculation of artificial stone, not such a difficult task, it is possible to perform with his own hands, without using the services of professional artists.

Eco-friendly decorative stone in the hallway

For some reason, artificial stone for the decoration is most often used in the design of the corridor in the apartment? In this room there is accumulated a lot of dust and dirt that households and guests bring home from the street. Therefore, we clean the room more often than other housing premises. Decorating hallway stone for decoration - it is the perfect solution.

Yes, there is this building material is quite expensive, but they draw all the walls are not necessary, can be performed trim individual zones. Stone framing the entrance, the bottom of the vertical surfaces or individual items of interior will give any room style and originality make life easier for households, in terms of maintaining cleanliness and order.

Among the advantages of decorative stone should be noted its environmental friendliness and long service lifeAmong the advantages of decorative stone should be noted its environmental friendliness and long service life

The modern stone that has a unique antibacterial and dirt-repellent effect, is not afraid:

  • No liquid;
  • No abrasives;
  • No detergents.

Cleaned in a small hallway with the registration easily and ruin the finish without risk. Made of artificial stone for interior decoration of various colors, textures and shapes. Stone just treated as a lightweight and resistant to mechanical stress and chemicals, ensuring the longevity of repair.

The basis of the construction material, its versatility. Decorative tiles can be combined with any other type of decor. Facing blends well with the wallpaper, plaster stucco and tile. Making the wall with decorative stone - an effective and practical solution.

If you decide to carry out the decoration and place design decorative stone corridor, the most profitable to finish:

  • Stone corners;
  • Areas around the elements of decor or furniture;
  • niche;
  • depression;
  • Contact zone;
  • Areas set aside for shoes, clothes, accessories.

Decoration artificial stone can be performed on any surface, including, and relief from any building materials, be it concrete wall, masonry or wood panels. The only condition, before starting repairs, it is necessary to carefully prepare the wall.

Decorative stones in the hallway: types and features of the application

When you select a decorative stone, which is planned to lay out a wall in the corridor, it is important to choose the color, shape and texture. Options on the market are different. For example, light colored building material contributes to an increase in visual space, whereas dark colors saturate interior. So apply artificial tile is best in the hallways of the normal size, and then without fanaticism, because even large and well-lit room can be dark and uncomfortable, becoming a cold prison cell.

Decorative stone can vary in shape, color, and priceDecorative stone can vary in shape, color, and price

Depending on the production technology, the material can be divided into:

  • Crushed.
  • Crushed.
  • Sawn.
  • Mosaic.
  • Brick.
  • Tiled.
  • Fantasy.
  • Flexible.

Get involved in combining different types of artificial stone in the interior, especially in the small and narrow corridors, you can not. It creates huge risk too colorful, wild interior, which will put pressure on the consciousness of the residents and guests of the apartment house. Within one room enough for a maximum of 2 kinds of artificial material, or rather its elements.

The best option - the use of materials of the same type, but slightly different in texture and shade. This will give a chance to make the atmosphere of diversity, avoiding excessive vulgarity and lack of taste.

When choosing an artificial stone of the corridor, it is important to take into account the features of the lighting - it must be in harmony with the color palette of the decor, to emphasize the advantages of the environment.

Elegant and stylish design with a hallway with decorative stone

Paramount, what you should look for when choosing an artificial stone for the decoration of the corridor - is its color scheme. "Mood" stone is closely related to the quality, richness and direction of natural light. For example, in the case of general and not a small hallway, dark colors are not suitable - it is appropriate to use a bright, warm colors.

Wall, decorated with a decorative stone, looks great in the interior, which is made in high-tech styleWall, decorated with a decorative stone, looks great in the interior, which is made in high-tech style

For example:

  • Limestone.
  • Tuff.
  • Sandstone.

Apply decorative material as the basis for finishing the hallway, even if it is very large and with excellent lighting, it is possible, only if such a decision is consistent with the overall project design and the style housing. And at a cost of repairs in the hallway with decorative stone trim will cost expensive, so more rational to make only a few focus on the individual circumstances of the situation.

Framing a door or decoration of individual elements can be made as chaotic, and with the help of fragments of building material with geometric patterns and color transitions. If placed in the corridor a large mirror, you can frame it - it creates a feeling of aristocracy and add style.

Remember that when you make the corridor artificial stone, it is better to abandon the heavy lighting, and have a few small spotlights on the ceiling surface and vertical surfaces, distributing light evenly.

In this case, if the invoice is not a major building material in the corridor will look aesthetically pleasing to the outstanding areas of design composition, coarse building material is much better suited for the decoration of the area around the fireplace design, windows or doors.

Decorating hallway with decorative stone and wallpaper: photos and examples

Originally looks trim corridor space with artificial stone and wallpaper. Photos hallways with different variants of design surprise with their originality and perfection. Decorative stone gives any room style and originality. It is better to use as an accent to the existing design.

In classical hall well together wallpaper, made by a decorative stone with fixtures in the form of suppositoriesIn classical hall well together wallpaper, made by a decorative stone with fixtures in the form of suppositories

It is necessary to choose the building material, before embarking on a repair of the corridor artificial stone and wallpaper. Various versions of the decor make it possible to choose the best solution for the corridor.

The foundation stone, usually cement or gypsum, to which are added various safe dyes. Each of them has its pros and cons, so it is necessary to examine their performance prior to repair. If finances are limited, the stone can create his own. To do this, use special plastic or silicone molds.

Also required:

  • Building plaster mixture;
  • dyes;
  • Good mood.

Thus, the design comes out much more economical. Picking up the good stuff, or make it yourself, you can significantly beautify the hall.

Of finishes a lot of work with stone not difficult. Glued it onto the prepared surface on a special adhesive, which can be purchased in a specialty store.

Finishing stone hall (video)

With a little effort and get excellent results that will please the whole family and guests at home for many years.

Detail: decorative stone in the interior of the entrance hall (photo examples)

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