We think through the interior of the bedroom 15 square meters. m: photo and 5 styles

We think through the interior of the bedroom 15 square meters. m: photo and 5 styles

12 October 2017

Even in the bedroom of a small size, you can create an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and comfortEven in the bedroom of a small size, you can create an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and komfortaDlya create design ideas premises need to think carefully what you want to see in his bedroom. Use the room only for a holiday or even as an office? Do I need a desk, a double bed, cabinets, cupboards? I would like to make the room visually larger or use a bright and unusual decoration materials? In general, think long and hard to have. Below, we describe in detail how to properly design a bedroom and create a project and choose finishing materials and arrange the furniture.

Design bedroom 15 square meters. m

Once all issues have been resolved, the project, the scheme should be developed. Further turn of surfacing materials. In 2016, in a fashion different light building materials, as well as flooring. Do not forget the curtains or blinds, as well as the various decorative elements.

It should solve the issue of furniture, in the diagram it is necessary to portray as ideally would like to see her in the bedroom. Perhaps instead of a bed sofa is better to buy? Where to store things? The dresser or closet? All the nuances necessary to consider and to paint.

If possible, small bedroom is better not to pile furnitureIf possible, small bedroom is better not to pile furniture

Next you need to select furniture. If a lot of things, it is better to pay your attention to the closets. Otherwise, enough chest, where you can arrange a variety of decorative items, cosmetics mirror. Furniture should be selected from the bedroom style. Read more about them - below.

Which style to choose for the bedroom

The actual interior of the bedroom should not be very different from the overall design of the apartment or house. It is better if all the rooms are in the same style, for example, classic or modern.

An area of ​​15 meters is quite suitable for the interior of the following directions:

  • Minimalism;
  • Classic;
  • fusion;
  • Modern;
  • High tech.

Not necessarily to make repairs in a style that is now in the trend, you can create an interior that you rather see in his bedroom. Currently, the most popular destinations are minimalist and modern, which are focused on comfort and convenience, the room also should be light and airy. You can stop and pick any of these interiors, especially if you want to create a cozy and bright atmosphere.

For modern style should be selected bright wallpaper and floor, it is better to pay attention to wood.

Now quite popular are modernist and minimalist stylesNow quite popular are modernist and minimalist styles

The furniture should be functional, comfortable, and also better if it is done in bright colors: gray, white, beige. A large amount of light should be secured or with a wide windows with light curtains or using different fixtures built into the wall or ceiling and unusual lamps. Modern interior areas are fond of various unusual design elements, bright lamps, vases, tables of strange shapes and colors, all this is perfectly combined with neutral decoration materials.

In the classical interior is dominated by rich deep colors, beautiful expensive dark wood beds, furniture and burgundy tones of chocolate, plain wallpaper or with symmetrical interesting patterns. Cabinets also best to choose traditional forms and colors.

For people who love the brightness, you can use the fusion style. Wallpaper rich colors, e.g., orange, red, yellow, should be contrasted with light furniture. It can be installed in a bedroom a normal double bed with no frills and patterns, so as not to overload the room.

Disposition bedroom 15 square meters. m: photo, rectangular shape

Rectangular bedroom area of ​​15 m2 is standard for most buildings. In such a room fit all the necessary things, beds, cabinets, you can even put a coffee table or desk, chair, chairs. You can place some elements of the infant, such as a crib and toys. The bedroom can also be as a dressing room, you can install in a modern bedroom hanger or hide all the things in the wardrobe.

The rectangular bedroom can comfortably accommodate sufficient furnitureThe rectangular bedroom can comfortably accommodate sufficient furniture

The bed in the bedroom is better to put a rectangular headboard to the wall, it is undesirable to install it to the wall with a window. Dressing table as time is better to put closer to the window, so that the light is at the most comfortable angle. Cabinet or chest of drawers with all things rational place near the front door or in the corner. Chairs can be put against each other, put a small coffee table between them. Instead chairs and ottomans can be taken, which can be hidden inside the pillow.

Instead of a bed sofa is possible to purchase, depending on the model you need to install either in the corner or against a wall.

As pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom: Fashionable Room

Depending on the interior should be chosen and wallpaper. Different wallpaper glued in different ways. In such styles like fusion, modern, hi-tech, minimalism, you can use modern unusual materials, such as liquid wallpaper. You can even use one of the bedrooms are different shades and textures of liquid wallpaper.

The easiest method of gluing wallpaper is a beautiful location at the head or patterned materials, and use simple plain wallpaper in the rest of the room. Great if plain wallpaper will be the same color as patterned. If the room has ceilings, it will help to emphasize this effect lighting.

Wallpaper in the bedroom should be selected based on the interior of the roomWallpaper in the bedroom should be selected based on the interior of the room

However, you can just paste over the room self-colored or patterned wallpaper and the wall at the head hang pictures, photos, shelves.

Living-bedroom 15 sq. m

In a room of 15 m2 desirable to combine living and sleeping room, for example, if the studio apartment.

Layout options in such a case a few:

  1. In the room to put a bed and a small sofa. TV hung on the wall to save space. Instead of the sofa can be placed in the bedroom chair ottoman or more.
  2. If you do not want to put the bed, it can replace the sofa bed. The room can also accommodate another sofa for relaxing, and the second to use for sleeping.
  3. In the bedroom, the living room can be set up and folding chairs, tables, cabinets.
  4. Can be zoned space, for example in the living room part of the room to spread out on the floor carpet, wallpaper pokleit other.
  5. You can arrange the room as a normal bedroom, but add a wall-mounted TV and a wall.

If the bedroom and living room are in one room, it is best to divide the room into zonesIf the bedroom and living room are in one room, it is best to divide the room into zones

Attention should be given to models and sofas, they can be both angular and ordinary, but with different ways of decomposition: book, sliding, etc.

The design of the bedrooms with a small area (video)

In conclusion, it must be said that to create the design and layout of the bedroom - it is exciting, but also complicated, you need to pay careful attention to the details, find the right finishing materials and furniture. If we approach the issue comprehensively repair and slowly, then eventually you can get a beautiful and, more importantly, a cozy bedroom, which will make you happy for a long time.

Interior bedroom 15 square meters. m (photo)

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