Warm design living room with fireplace: 4 types of equipment

Warm design living room with fireplace: 4 types of equipment

12 October 2017

Fireplace lends coziness and comfort living roomFireplace gives the living room a cosiness and comfort Who does not want to bring a touch of warmth in your house or apartment? Live fire, no doubt, is the very warm, that is not enough, especially during the long winter evenings. A fire in the middle of the room - not the best solution, to put it mildly. It is better to do otherwise - to install a fireplace in the living room.

living room fireplace design ideas

The first thing you need to decide what to choose a fireplace. The range is quite large: all possible combinations and combinations. However, the main focus needs to be done on the type of fire, that is, how and what it stoked (important for the apartments, where to build the chimney is difficult).

Here are the types of fireplaces, there are:

  • electric heater;
  • Wood-burning fireplace;
  • Bio-fireplace;
  • A gas fireplace.

The first type of fireplace is powered by the mains. It is quite budget, so available to almost everyone. Only now the living fire he will not give - it is only an imitation, though very good. Wood-burning fireplaces - a traditional classic. The smell of burning logs and heat. The light from the fire filled the room comfort. However, a fireplace requires many engineering design of chimney removal, which eliminates the possibility of installing this interior items in the apartment.

An excellent solution is finishing the wall near the fireplace using natural stone or decorative bricksAn excellent solution is finishing the wall near the fireplace using natural stone or decorative bricks

The embodiment of modern technology - is Bio Fireplace. When burning a special fuel does not produce ash, smoke and smell, so it will be the place in a conventional multi-storey apartment houses.

Gas fireplaces work by feeding natural gas or liquid through the pipes. You need to be careful - the installation of such equipment may require permits various services. Another is to pay attention to the so-called false fireplaces. Burn them nothing, except that the candle put, and they are only decorative.

Themselves fireplaces built of fire-resistant materials. Most often it is gazoblok, brick and foam block. During the construction of the fireplace made of brick, it must be red - better keep the temperature. Interestingly, the brickwork is not necessarily finish, because it will look fine without it.

Fireplace in living room: design

The appearance of the fireplace depends not only on the total interior room, but also on the type of installation.

This can be:

  • Fireplace trim, when the rear portion is in contact with the wall;
  • Fireplaces island located in an open area and can have an overview of 360 degrees;
  • Corner fireplaces are ideal for placement in corners;
  • Built represent niche recessed into the wall at the very lining: such structures erected during the construction or major repairs of the house.

Electric fireplace looks good in the interior in high-tech or modernElectric fireplace looks good in the interior in high-tech or modern

An interesting development of the designers: it turns out, the corner can be not only a bed (and other furniture), but also a fireplace. This is especially important for the living room with a bay window. It is a protruding part of the house, which is a continuation of or inside of the room. Since the bay itself is a strong element of the interior, you have to try hard to fit into the style of the fireplace is not less strong. In such cases use soft and warm colors, as well as reduce the number of accessories (especially small), to a minimum.

Very interesting is the project with freestanding fireplace. Around it is possible to arrange a large circular sofa and enjoy the fire from any position on either side.

Living room with fireplace: Design

The choice of the type of fireplace can depend on further lining.

It is very important to choose the type of fireplace:

  • Open type (e.g., iron enclosure);
  • Closed type (with a thick heat-resistant glass door).

Materials for finishing a lot and they depend on it the kind and type. For example, a wood-burning open fireplace is not necessary to finish drywall, even fire-resistant - as they say, in order to avoid. For such an embodiment suitable natural stone. This option is not the cheapest, because correctly processed natural stone is not so easy to transport. The most frequently used marble or his exact imitation. Stonework gives the impression of impressive monumentality and reliability, as well as closer to human nature, which is especially important for a country-style interiors.

A fireplace can significantly save money on heating the roomA fireplace can significantly save money on heating the room

For closed fireplaces may be used metal - it will not be heated. Even woodcarving have in place. But fake fireplaces often decorated polyurethane products - moldings and bas-reliefs.

Can decorate a fireplace and plaster, particularly decorative. In principle, the finishes may be limited only by imagination of the designer or the premises owner. Fireplaces have long ceased to be just rectangular, they lifted off the floor, and even give unexpected additional features, such as the cabinet. Door fireplace are not usually decorate - except that only the handle. It makes no sense to apply pattern on the glass, because the fire you want to watch without interference. But this feature is - due to fire pattern on the glass transforms the room into a theater of shadows. Sam fireplace has long been used not as a heater, as well as the lighting, decoration and creator of the unique atmosphere. Some designers have long used the fireplace, consisting entirely of thick glass, as the light source.

The design of the living room with fireplace: photo and functionality species

The very same fireplace shelf can be used as an additional surface - it often make different decorations.

For example:

  • candles;
  • photo frames;
  • figurines;
  • Flowers.

TV hanging above the fireplace, you can give the interior a unique hallTV hanging above the fireplace, you can give the interior a unique hall

The space above the fireplace, too, often decorated with a variety of ways. Most often selected pictures and mirrors. It is interesting to look lights, decorated in the same style and color as the fireplace - as if they are an extension of the fireplace and fire. The chimney is also not ignored. Ordinary classic models changed stunning, but somewhat futuristic. Interestingly, the chimney can be a separate part of the interior in the house - it is decorated with artistic forging, paintings and bas-reliefs.

The inside of the fireplace, as well as the sidewall, can be finished with heat-resistant mirrors - visually fireplace will be more, and get more cozy light from the fire.

However, over the fireplace mirror in a beautiful frame, echoing the lining trim, it will look just as good. Raised fireplace designers and does turn into something incredible. For example, instead of the light from the fireplace leaves ... train. Most often cost less extreme versions, for example, light candles, books, tapestries and even broadcast as in a closet with the Pope Carlo - with a picture of the boiler on the fire.

The cozy living room with fireplace design (video)

Fireplace, which decorates the hall, will certainly one of the most important details of the interior. Enough to make a little imagination - the unique finish of the fireplace turns the room into a unique project. Do not be afraid to experiment - live fire definitely lift your spirits and bring to the house of comfort and warmth.

Design room with a fireplace (photo of the interior)

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