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Wallpaper will be a great alternative to traditional materilov for decoration of the ceilingWallpaper will be a great alternative to traditional materilov potolkaOboi for registration as a ceiling decoration - a great alternative to ceiling coating as at major overhaul, and in cosmetics. Modern wallpaper coating materials are inferior in quality and design originality other methods for ceiling finishes. Apart from the usual roll of wallpaper for repair suitable liquid or special ceiling, which is more dense and adapted to the horizontal surface.

Popular wallpaper for the ceiling: the main types of catalogs

Wallpaper advantageously associated with the material for the walls, but they are equally effectively applied as a coating on the ceiling. When this ceiling wallpaper has significant merits that are important under certain conditions of the interior.

Wallpaper for ceilings are qualitatively different from the suspended structures:

  • Low cost material;
  • Low cost for pasting services;
  • Simplicity of working with which a layman can handle;
  • The lack of special tools while working with the material;
  • Preservation of the height of the room, which is especially valuable with low ceilings;
  • The ability to paint and repaint the ceiling paintings.

However, it should be understood that the fabric wallpaper coating material are not universal, so there are limitations on their use.

The main plus wallpaper - low price, which significantly reduces the cost of repairs, however, has some drawbacksThe main plus wallpaper - low price, which significantly reduces the cost of repairs, however, has some drawbacks

Disadvantages of wallpaper:

  1. Fragility (material loses its original aesthetic qualities, on average over five years);
  2. Exposure to burn;
  3. Lack of moisture-resistant components, or a low level of water resistance, depending on the material;
  4. Absorb odors;
  5. Do not hide the considerable unevenness of the ceiling.

It should take into account all the features of this material, to eliminate the factors negatively affecting the cloth to prolong the life of the wallpaper and use their main advantage - the most diverse assortment.

Start choosing wallpaper is worth with the basic idea of ​​the premises and objectives, which will carry out the wallpaper.

Any specialty store has catalogs with photos of possible options for wallpaper, which helps to determine: what fabric best suited for future repairs.

Wallpaper on the ceiling: what to choose and what are the criteria to assess

The modern range of upholstery materials is impressive for its variety in composition, properties, and design effects, so they can be used in apartments, cottage and private homes.

Depending on the material are in the form of wallpaper:

  • liquid;
  • non-woven;
  • velor;
  • vinyl;
  • cork;
  • textiles;
  • 3 D wallpaper.

The main difference between all the types of wallpaper - a material that can be a fabric, synthetic or paper. Synthetic wallpaper, for example, vinyl, isolated minimal doses formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Therefore, in the bedroom and children's room is better to choose more environmentally friendly materials, even if the instructions indicated that the material conforms to the sanitary requirements.

Choose the wallpaper for the ceiling work will not make: the choice is huge, ranging from traditional paper wallpaper to exotic liquidChoose the wallpaper for the ceiling work will not make: the choice is huge, ranging from traditional paper wallpaper to exotic liquid

Velor wallpaper, often used for the walls, but they look perfectly and on the ceiling.

Features of wallpaper:

  1. Are velvety texture which is poured under certain lighting conditions;
  2. Have a protective coating on the burning out and fading;
  3. Absorb noise;
  4. Absorb odors, so not suitable for the ceiling above the working area of ​​the kitchen;
  5. Poorly cleaned.

Liquid wallpaper, so popular in recent years, have a microporous structure. A applied to the ceiling of such wallpaper is much more convenient than roller.

Characteristics of liquid wallpaper:

  • Fabric structure is not aligned surface before application of the wallpaper;
  • Wallpaper possess insulating properties and little sound insulating;
  • Have antifungal and anti-static composition;
  • Create a seamless surface.

Features wallpaper on non-woven backing:

  1. Suitable for ceiling, as glue must be applied to the surface, and not on the wallpaper;
  2. Wallpapers can withstand up to 10 colors on the color change;
  3. Mask minor irregularities and cracks on the surface;
  4. Do not soak, and tear-resistant;
  5. Resistant to abrasion.

Non-woven wallpaper proved as strong and durable materialNon-woven wallpaper proved as strong and durable material

Wallpaper vinyl-based:

  • Fireproof, because vinyl material will not support combustion;
  • Due to the structure of the air is passed;
  • Durable (up to 20 years of service);

Textile wall can be either on paper or cloth. This is the most eco-friendly and economical choice. However, textile wall stretch and get wet when glueing, which hampers their application to the ceiling surface.

3D Wallpaper - a special kind of photo wallpapers, which has a bulk effect. These wallpapers are practical care, because wash any detergents.

Background Cork least common material for the walls, however, such as a ceiling wallpaper coating will look excellent. Wallpapers on a cork-based is very heavy, so they are mounted on a special adhesive. Wallpaper has antidust and antistatic properties.

For one room, you can choose several kinds of wallpaper, for this combine the material with regard to their properties and characteristics.

Wallpaper for the ceiling paper

Wallpaper with a paper coating is a classic material which was credited and not serious. Domestic manufacturers produce special ceiling wallpaper, which, unlike the wall has a dense core. However, nowhere else in the world there is no such distinction.

Paper wallpaper can be:

  1. Simplex (single layer);
  2. Duplex (two-layer);
  3. Three layers.

Simplex wallpaper very short-lived and have low maintenance properties. Duplex wallpaper have a solid foundation, consisting of two layers of paper. Most durable and high quality wallpapers - three-layer, they have a very dense texture, hide minor surface irregularities easily interact with the adhesive, so the taping, and if necessary, dismantling of wallpaper, do not cause difficulties.

As a rule, special paper wallpaper for the ceiling are more compact structure due to its multi-layerAs a rule, special paper wallpaper for the ceiling are more compact structure due to its multi-layer

Design of paper wallpaper very diverse and rich. Wallpaper can be smooth matte or glossy surface, and can be structurally and grooved.

The main selling points of wallpaper paper-based - is environmentally friendly, due to naturally occurring materials, and breathability, which prevents the appearance of mold and mildew. Therefore, such wallpaper is preferable to use in the bedroom. But in the bathroom due to moisture such wallpaper does not fit.

White Background: what color the ceiling and choose the rules of combinatorics

Color ceiling wallpaper has played a key role in the interior premises. Domestic wallpaper designed specifically for ceiling, are exclusively white. This color is a classic ceiling surface, and the maximum is useful in small rooms with a low ceiling.

Advantages of a combination of a white coating with white ceiling walls are:

  • The extra-light space due to the reflected light;
  • In the visual enlargement of the room;
  • In a psychological sense of lightness, purity and freedom.

White ceiling perfectly combined with other colors, so you can pick up any wall color. If the room is decorated in a modern style or the avant-garde, it is possible to give preference to black or purple shades.

Plain white wallpaper will be an excellent alternative to whitewash or Stretch CeilingsPlain white wallpaper will be an excellent alternative to whitewash or Stretch Ceilings

In addition to standard domestic wallpaper you can buy imported wallpaper, painting mission to independently find the right combination. Through proper color combination can visually correct proportions room.

Popular color combinations of the ceiling to the walls:

  1. White ceiling - the walls of any shade;
  2. Beige ceiling - brown walls;
  3. Blue or turquoise ceiling - white walls.

contrast composition can be used, for example, green ceiling with white or yellow walls is bold combination, but with proper tonality create very energetic atmosphere except color combination style gradient in a room with a high ceiling.

Besides plain wallpaper can usefully use patterns on the ceiling. For example, the wallpaper strips can be glued to the ceiling along or across the room, depending on room proportions.

Most popular 3D wallpaper for the ceiling

Particularly popular wallpaper with surround effects, which, thanks to the innovative 3D technology creates a unique composition in terms of conventional apartments. Particularly impressive are the wallpaper on the ceiling look:

3D-wallpapers - an indispensable solution for rooms with low ceilings3D-wallpapers - an indispensable solution for rooms with low ceilings

Advantages of wallpaper:

  • Wallpapers expand the space, blurring the boundaries of the ceiling;
  • Polyester backing protects the wallpaper from burnout
    water resistance;
  • They have a variety of fluorescent wallpaper with a special coating, which creates a gentle nighttime illumination.

Bathroom suitable volumetric wallpaper with marine issues. The corridor will look spectacular with the image of the wallpaper murals. In the children - 3D effect of a sky with clouds or the starry sky. Hall like main room can be allocated to a huge voluminous flower on the ceiling.

Wallpaper on the ceiling (video)

Wallpaper as a ceiling decoration in high demand, as it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to arrange the ceiling surface. The main advantages of such finishes are low material cost and ease of installation, with which each handle.

Design wallpaper for the ceiling (photo)

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